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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reminiscing 2009

Wow!! We are now on the edge of 2009. It was the 1st year I said goodbye to boring school life routine and the year I first obtained full sense of freedom(to be exact, it's rotting) Leaving from routine means you will encounter more interesting, never-once-cross-your-mind, 'supernatural' things. Well indeed, 2009 is by far the most extraordinary time I had ever lived. And thanks to my blogging habits, I got to jot down some of the amazing stuff happen through out the year. I'm so glad that I learned to blog, thanks to Sharon and Calwin for introducing me Blogger. =)

Below are some HISTORIC moments happened in 2009.

(all the sentence below are link attached that direct you the related entry. XD)

*Rewind back to 31st Dec 2008*

How we countdown like mad crossing the boundary of 2008. SNOW WAR OWNS!!!

*Entering January 2009*

How I failed JPJ car test...

and passed it in less than 2 weeks!!

The video that took me days to finish. But FRIENDSHIP worth the work~

*February 2009*

I is slouched bak so I by tis ting to korek mai bodi.

*March 2009*

The day I couldn't believe my Bio getting A2. Wahla!!!

*April 2009*

My 1st time interview experience. Chicky interact interview doesn't count! XD

Participating in IU Camp as VERY IMPORTANT GUEST!! sort of...

*May 2009*

I iz sad bcuz JPA rijek me n the rayuan is Laffing Ma Arse Off!!

The time I fall in love with Japanese drama. *crying*

*June 2009*

Having C-R-A-Z-E-Y time at "Euro" Fun Park!!

A phone call that changed my life.

*July 2009*

Meeting my 'long lost' cousin bro, Joey.

A wonderful trip to Tempurung Cave and Sungai Klah hot spring with KBU seniors!!

My 1st time experience of celebrating my birthday in a karaoke room. COSTLY but PRECIOUS.

The Indoor Race that you need to run like hell. Indoor, no?

*August 2009*

Across year gap, taking part in birthday prank on a senior!!

Another exciting trip with seniors to Banting!!

*September 2009*

For the 1st time I wear baju Melayu and ending up as a human-sized SYRUP!! XD

How we say goodbye to Calwin and Yeeling~ Farewell my friend~

*November 2009*

Sending off my beloved KBU seniors with a video I made myself~

The Night of Changing Seasons. One hell of astonishing night!!

*December 2009*

The day I went ALL-NERD!!!

Celebrating Christmas. No Santa, no snow, no reindeer. Just wonderful friends!

Oh my god!! I can't believe there's actually so much of interesting things that could happened in just a year! I'm really really really glad that I recorded down all of them with keystrokes. It jotted down my very own life journey.

How wonderful it is, if one could have the chance to glance back on what they had experienced throughout their life, reading the words back and forth, appreciating every single part of their life expedition. No matter ups or downs, deal with it with a grateful heart so that you learned by bumping into obstacles, you will be more thankful for coziness. Life's beautiful~

A remarkable 2009. I'm lovin' it!

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas Eve Celebration.

Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!!

Just had a wonderful blast on yesterday night at my own house!

It was my 1st time to hold a party on X'mas eve, and I was very glad that Ying was so kind enough to bring her friends from church to sing carol in my house. Once again, thank you!

It was a BBQ party. We started roasting the chicken wings at around 7.45pm when almost all of my friends had came.

I was shocked by Niaseng's skill of skewering chicken wings. He can skewer the wing from its initial "Z" shape into a 90 degree meat stick. It even looks like a spinal cord. (the 1st wing from the left in the pic above)

The chicken wings were soooo delicious and mouth-watering. All thanks to KJ's mom's marinating skill. And also Eugene's grandma's homemade desert. Mmmmmm~~

Not to forget, my parents and my aunt for helping me setting up the party! =)

Around 9pm after everyone had done filling up their stomach, the carol sounded~

Ying together with the fellowship from the church had arrived at my house and started singing carol. Like I mentioned just now, this was my 1st time listening to carol on Christmas eve LIVE!!

Thanks to Ayrton, we can enjoy the carol over and over again~

Here's the vid,

Before the fellowship left, we took a BIG group photo~

Our very own Christmas carol~

After they had left, we began the Circle of Death. You all will start wandering, "What the heck!? Its Christmas! and all you want is death death death..." Chill folks! Its just the name of a game. No one was killed/slaughtered/roasted.

It is a game where you required only a deck of playing cards to play. Your are required to choose a card when it is your turn. Each card you choose represents different meanings and tasks. The only punishment is to drink something. If you are going for extreme mode, you can choose beer as the punishment drinks. As safety precaution, I used coke as substitution that night. =)

The ultimate punishment of this game will be inflicted on the person who gets the last 'K'. We played 2 rounds, Eugene kena 1st followed by me. Gosh! Imagine drinking a mixed of Soya, Jambu and Chrysanthemum. FML.

We all laughed our ass off through out the whole game because one of us set the rule that the players cannot say 'I, you, him/her' in any language. You say, you drink. It was funny to see all of us breaking this rules non-stop and unconsciously for 1246364537 times!!!

Finally, the countdown was few minutes away. We were watching Red Cliff and were stunned and got carried away by the beauty of Ling Chi Ling. Until 1 minutes away, there's was no high feeling of counting down to Christmas. OMFG!! So I quickly went to the DVD player and started finding the techno style Christmas song. While the CD was being loaded, it left only 10 seconds away to Christmas!! My mind popped out an idea - stop the time! Look, you are not watching Hero or playing Dota.

I went and took down the wall clock and pulled out its battery! I even reversed back 1 minute!! How smart I am! *erhem, erhem*

And so the countdown went on smoothly under the 'high' atmosphere created by the techno song~

I call this party a great success!!

Because even Nazi's leader, Adolf Hitler joined us in the countdown!!

Proudly edited by Ayrton. XD

After taking our last group picture, it marks the curtain call for another great partay.

Here, I would like to thank all of you who had attended the party!!

But there's always one thing that caught my curiosity every time. Is like every time I organize a party in my house, you all kebuk (means stuck) in my room after finish eating. My bedroom will straightaway turned into a club room. I was wondering why my room is so attractive.

I think it was my bed.

Because every time after they left, I would find my bed been seriously 'wounded'.

It looks like an aftermath of gang rape. =.=

and this time, they even left BALLOONS!!!

Oh boy~ My friends are all so crazy. I think it is a bless to have them as friends. After all, it's better to have some crazy buddies around you than a whole bunch of nerds.

Last but not least,

Here, I would like to wish all of you,


photos credits to Ayrton.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Read. Read. Read. Read. Watch.

Research showed that majority of Malaysian read less than 2 book every year. (not text book, mind you)

I read 4 in 2 weeks time.

1 is missing in the pic because I lend it to my friend. It is Desert Flower by Waris Dirie.

Basically, this was how I spent the 1st half of my 1-month holiday (apart of L4D2, yamcha and drama of course! XP). We were given holiday task by our English teacher (oh, how I missed holiday homework. duh~) that is to read that particular 4 books and answer some questions.

Frankly speaking, if I was not given such work, I would not have a chance to come across such amazing true story.

Thanks to all of these homework, my holiday ain't go rotting again! Living a productive life is so much better than a eat-play-sleep life.

Ahh~ Now left only a movie to be watched which I also need to answer the same questions based on that particular movie.

It's either Water or Australia. Because that's the only 2 movies I have with me right now. (We have 5 options all together)

Perhaps I shall choose to watch Australia.....

Now you know why. *giggles*

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Day Puma Stop Moving...

You know what? When you feel like you are having writer's block and got nothing to talk about, out of no where, something pop out and once again you have something to write about.

I thought my life would be flat and dull after I came back for holiday, FULL with HOMEWORK. Of course, yumcha session is a must but you rarely talk about them except something funny or interesting happened that worth to blog about.

Today, something extraordinary happened, something supernatural. Oh, do I sounds like sharing a ghost story? Fear not, it would be something more amazing!


He was gift given by my friends during my last year's birthday. His fashion taste is simple, black and white is his favorite. He wears shirt that has numbers on it. The most interesting part about him is, he keeps a special black cat called Puma.

Puma is a very hyperactive cat. It always moving around non-stop, it has a weird interest that it likes to move in a fixed circular shape (locus). Every second, you could see Puma moving.

After a year long and half, it still moving.

But today, Puma suddenly acting weird. It went off from its home and decided not to move anymore again for the rest of its life time. Perhaps, Puma feels that it is time for it to retired from this endless journey. And so it goes and never return~

I feel like I'm writing a fiction that perhaps none of you understand what the hell am I talking about.

To make it simple,

My watch malfunctioned!! Can't really say that it was malfunctioned, because it was just the second ticker that spoiled. The watch is still functioning, except I don't get to see the second ticker turning.

Last year's birthday.


OYEAH!! It's this freaking second ticker that I'm talking about all waaaaay long! The cat figure will turn as second passes and by the way, its Puma brand! XD

So sad that the 'cat' resigned from its job. I can no longer witness as the seconds tick away. And now, my world goes by MINUTES!!

O M F G.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Overcoming the Hardest Days

Ever wonder what will you feel when you fall sick? And even worse, its your exam week!

During the last week (for 2009) I stayed in KBU hostel, a thought suddenly came up in my mind.

Monologue, "Dude, you didn't fall sick for nearly 5 consecutive months! And after this week you will hit 5 months of immunity!! KUDOS!!"

'You talk/think about something, that particular thing happens!!' translated from a mandarin cliche.

On last Tuesday evening, I started to feel unwell, didn't have appetite and sweating on my neck. The day after is Malaysian Studies exam!! Yeah yeah~ I know, that you hardly failed this subject given that you excel in internal part. But, still you gotta be fit to sit the exam also (it carries half the mark!) However, what I worried the most is IELTS!!

Mannnn.. I was like, "Wtf man!! Early no sick, late no sick, want exam ady you only want to sick!!"

OMG, that night I was sooooo afraid. Afraid of really falling sick on the next day. For the whole night, I couldn't sleep well, with sweat around my neck. Rolling here and there on the bed. The longest night I've spent. The whole night was like a war of mental. One side is the afraid of getting sick, another is the determination of holding on till the end of the week saying, "by hook or by crook, you are going to hold on till IELTS ends!!"

I survived on the next day. I didn't have fever whatsoever. But still, there's something wrong with my stomach. I don't have appetite.

On the 2nd night, I managed to get a somehow better sleep. Still, there's a slightly unwell feeling but the Moral exam next day was okay.

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!! The next day will be the IELTS Speaking test. The night before that day, I couldn't sleep well again due to stomach growling. (as mentioned, I'm hungry but I don't have appetite to eat) As last resort, I woke up at 6.30am and stuffed myself a bread and milo and then sleep back. I don't know maybe because I straightaway sleep after eating, on the next day, my stomach gone worse. =.=

My time of speaking was at 1.50pm and I need to go there 45 minutes before that. So, i tried to have my lunch with bread again and milo. This is the time that I completely lost my appetite. I bite a bit of the bread and straightaway the stomach 'oppose' it. I ended up drinking milo only as my lunch.

Luckily, I managed to perform normally in the test. =)

On that night, I finally phoned my parents and told them about my condition. They asked me to buy ENO and drink. Maybe because it was the excessive 'wind' inside my stomach that cause me to have no appetite even though I was hungry. I followed their advice and my appetite was recovering bit by bit. And I thought that by tomorrow, I will recover completely!!

I was wrong.

The last day. The day of IETLS exam. The weather in the morning was sooo damn cold and gloomy. It was like a mobile aircond following you walking around!! Although my stomach is better now, my body started to gone to the worst state.

While waiting to queue up for registration to enter the exam hall, I started cold sweating(feeling of cold and hot at the same time) and then my face started shivering!! OMG, I was damn afraid that if I continue to be like this during the exam, gone lah my IELTS.... HANCUR!!

However, my condition started to ease after sitting and waiting inside the hall for a period of time. And by the time the exam starts, I am in my 75% condition. (really not considered as 100%, still have slightly unwell feeling which was the best result I get for holding on.)

2 hour and 45 minutes.....



Oh my god, I really can't believe myself that I actually made it! To have hold on myself for not falling sick and finish the exam, I made it!!

But come to think of it, I still couldn't find the reason why I will feel unwell and had no appetite out of a sudden. Is it because of food poisoning? Or is it because I worry too much of falling sick in exam period?

Well, I guess that's not important anymore. Because.....

I'm back to my hometown!!


Now only I understand the power of a home. It gives you the support, the feeling of secure, the warmth and the power to overcome any hardships!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Stunning Breakthrough

Ello Decembah~!!

Let me recall back my memories. It was 3 years ago since the last time I performed on top of the stage, I mean sketch. That was during the IU Camp 2006 held by our school Interact Club. Neah, it was nothing great to remember about. I act as a bull. To be exact, a skinny, boney bull. My job was to run like hell back and fro on the stage to bang a matador. In that sketch also, I act as a thief. My total showtime is less than 2 minutes I think. Typical calefe~ (part-time actor)

Until year 2009, our Moral studies required us to work on a presentation. We are given options on what we are going to present: Forum, Debate or Sketch. Duh, forum and debate are so boring... So, in the end, our group choose to perform a sketch. To my surprise, we are the only group that chose sketch. No competition?


In the story, I acted as a very childish boy, Robert who knows nothing but playing and fooling around!! His mom, Nyonyo who was very rich but doesn't have any grandchildren to play with, so she decided to find a wife for Robert. Robert likes Priya, his only childhood girl friend, but Priya don't, because he was too childish. So, Robert decided to change. After a long hard process of changing, he finally turned into a real man. He proposed to Priya and they live happily forever.

Sounds like a typical fairy tale to you, right?

Now why is this entry titled "A Stunning Breakthrough"?


In the sketch, I had to dressed up like this,


Full set except the mushroom wig and pink panther. =)

So, i ended up like this,

Hi, I'm Robert!!

At first, when Dao Zhen decided that I will be the one casting Robert, I accepted. (weii.. main actor weih.. its time for me to SHINE~!!! XD) Then after he handed me the possible outfit for Robert as displayed above, I was like, "Noooo way~ This is C R A Z Y!!"

But come to think of it, I have never ever been into such kind of "devastating" performance. This is a golden chance( SHINE!!). "So, why don't I give it a try?"

The plot line is basically, fully completely tarnish my personal image as DISASTROUS as possible in almost 75% of the whole story. And try my best to freaking build up my image as high as Taiwan 101 during the ending. (After I completely changed)

See how EXTREME this drama was!! And this is also one of the reasons why I decided to cast Robert. Call me extremist whatever, I just like seeing myself giving the audience a bloody surprise of the year!!

During the 1st time practising, I need to sorta like "cultivating" childish personality inside me. The best part is, every time after finished practising one scene, I will then quickly turn into a normal guy. WOW!! I enjoyed this kind of feeling so much!! To switch between two characters in a blink of an eye~ A word of advice, try this at your own risk!! Overdoing it and you had schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, don't come and find me.

However, its worth a try! =)

After few times of practising, sometimes I will add in more funny gestures or actions and all my group members will be laughing so hard and that's what keeps me going!!

In the end, with great effort of practising, all of us managed to pull it out a wonderful show!! Since that day was the last lecture of Moral, for me, our sketch somehow looks like a curtain call for the 4-months Moral class. Everybody was laughing throughout the show and I strongly believe that all of them were having a great time watching us performing.

This is the main reason that motivates me to perform. I really enjoy entertaining people, after all, life's harsh. You don't want to be like after all the day long of working and then suddenly a friend come to you and complain how his/her life sucks from the beginning till the end of the conversation.

To entertain people, oh my holy task~~ Perhaps I should go for entertainment field.

Well, maybe not.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Night of Changing Seasons

As promised, I'm here to share about one of the biggest event ever held by Icon Club.

The Night of Changing Seasons.

It was a farewell dinner which organized by us, the juniors to wish our seniors goodbye.

The event was held on the day we had our finals for English. So, after finish our exam, there goes the preparation and rehearsal.

Dao Zhen and I were given the holy task as the lighting and media coordinator. It was the 1st I'm facing so much of buttons and keys!! And the most interesting thing is that the whole hall falls under my sight!! I was like a God watching my creations (human) under the sky~~

Participating in such a big event's rehearsal was also my 1st time. I need to know when to play song, what song to play, when to switch off the light, when to flash it, when need to spotlighting and lastly the hardest task was to synchronize music with the performers. Because a small mistake from that will lead to disaster.

It was indeed a precious experience for me. And in the end, we managed to pull it off quite well. =)

So, off we go with some pictures to feed your eyes~!!

JJ, the one who BOOM BOOM POW the hall but hardly anyone try to notice his existence. TT (I just noticed that recently, I'm obsessed with "BOOM BOOM POW". It's the word, not the song.)

Dao Zhen, the Lighting God. Projecting his "killer light" to slaughter all humans!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!

Well, while the guest down there enjoying their wonderful meal, the two of us ate McChicken Burger, only. But many thanks to Kah Wai who rush to McD to tapao for us. Thanks man!!

Basically, we were stucked inside the projection room for the whole time until the event finally came to an end.

Now you know why it is so holy to come with.

MCs of the night! From left : Afiqa, Thila and Naqi.

And to the performances, which were the juice and cream of the event!!

Titanic Dance with violin. Oh-So-Romantic x99.

Followed by a modern dance by Super Junior!?!? TURN UP THE VOLUME PEOPLE~!!

Super Junior (Buatan Malaysia and girl version!!). Splendid performance!!

Here goes another one!!

one word.


They manage to perform so well even with less than a month of practice. Great job folks!!

After witnessing fast tempo dance performance, we now head to something more acoustical~

David singing True Friend by Hannah Montana. (Another song into my collection of Song of Friendship!!)

Irfan singing Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. (Now I know why he wear red colour sweater. XD)

Ady singing I Go by Aizat. Another wonderful piece of music by a Malaysian artist.

Music is never so complete without combining different musical instrument~

I never thought that in just a 80 plus numbers of us, actually lies so many talents!! Mannnn.. I bet the event would be a dull one without all these amazing performances, seriously. These people just spice up the whole atmosphere!! Again, well done~!!

Lastly, some photograph session.

The dancers unmasked!!

Life in Centrepoint Hostel would be a dull one without them,

The hostel Dota kaki~!! Again, study hard, PLAY EVEN HARDER!! XD

With the seniors.

It is so sweet to have them come all the way into the projection room to "visit" the 2 of us. =)

Last but not least(actually with the most people!!),

The "oh-so-artistic" Architecture Class~

Well, that's all for the Night of Changing Seasons. I believe that the event itself brings a great sense of achievement for every each of us who had participated in the making of such breathtaking event.

Once again, goodbye to all my seniors~