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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Centrepoint Salon - my last resort

The problem of filming movie for a long duration of time, is that you can't cut your hair once you start filming.

Probably because its the time setting for our film that limit the action of the character. Inside the film, I was to be so busy to find out what the hell is going on that I don't have time to visit a salon. And audience might got shocked looking at my short hair just after watching a scene I waved my long hair (like Sunsilk ads. lol. jk.) and then suddenly long hair again. (even Yun Nam haircare also not so efficient ah)

So that's why I keep my hair long until yesterday, after I publish the whole movie out (that means no more re-take of scenes).Then I shout out in my Facebook asking for recommendation of salon that is located in 1Utama (I lived near 1u) hopefully to have an idea of which salon to go which is quality assured and fair price.

I was shocked by my senior's reply that the salon in 1u sucks and and money-sucking, literally.

Having heard that, I can't afford to waste my time and money going there and still risk myself getting "coconut hairstyle" (exaggerated).

And so, I turned to my last resort. The bloody express haircut shop located in Centrepoint, footsteps away. For the second time, I feel so depressed to have a haircut.

Because it sucks.

However, due to the bloody global warming, I couldn't stand carrying a heavy nest above my head anymore.

Feel like the hair is trying to engulf my whole head. lol

I duno why, but some how with the two tails behind, I look like a Korean.

This is why I called that express haircut shop, my last resort.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Transcendent Official Trailer

Weekends packed with work seriously pass faster than hang out at shopping malls.

Alright, here's what I gonna show you all today, the official trailer of the short film I've been filming for nearly 2 months! (my god, now my hair is freaking long...) FYI, the trailer was made in one day as my teacher wants to see our progress out of a sudden and requires all of us to make one (trailer) in 2 days time. Luckily, my roommate, Dao Zhen who is also my group member presented me a wonderful idea in making this trailer.

He's the idea, I'm the executioner. Together we rock!

Enjoy =)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A mail from my econs lecturer.

Nothing much interesting stuff happened in this week except being crashed literally by econs assignment. Deadlines are tight, just spent my whole Sunday night working on it and thought that maybe I should skip blogging this week. However, I remembered that I promised to try my best updating my blog at least once a week. As I said just now, it's been a busy week and blog ideas hardly came across my mind. But lucky you, my econs lecturer, Mr. Wong had emailed us something he wrote himself which I found it very much meaningful and I would like to share with you guys here.

The whole mail is complete original. Read and ponder on. =)

"It's the 2nd of March, and so far, I have received only one book review.
How's the reading program getting on? I understand that you are facing
lots of test, assignments and projects. And each of them contribute
towards the final internal assessment. Some are also struggling with the
English language proficiency.

My friend, a female lecturer, once said that 'the job of a lecturer is
design to be hated'. You see, during holidays, lecturers will spent hours
to think of ways and methods on how best to torture our students. The PE
and reading program are designed to crunch and torture your minds and
body. Kekeke...

You see, we cannot train and foster ourselves if everything is arrange
neatly. That our problem arrive one at a time. And life always has this
sense of humor that when shit strikes, it strikes from every angles, at
the same time. Thus, we cannot fight the problems that life throws at us
if we do not train ourselves now. And for people who are overcome by
life's difficulties, they will lead sad and miserable life of a failure.

You have two options. You may ignore the PE and reading program, and
participate ONLY when you have the time (which means never), or you can
fight to make full use of every minute from today onwards and push
yourselves to the limit, participate in everything design by your
lecturers. Stop complaining and stop whinning. Grit your teeth and say
-'Is that all you've got? C'mon, bring it on!'

Once, I was a teenager also, and like you (i think) my time management and
self-discipline was terrible. My daily bath last about 45 mins to an hour,
and I waste hours away doing nothing. Then, when I was in form 6, I took
up a leadership position in the Brass Band, taking charge of weekly
practices program and also the welfare of more than 30 band members.

It was madness as I just couldn't find enough time to fulfil all the
responsibilities. Then, a senior taught me to reorganise and reflect on my
time management. That's how I raise my productivity by increasing my
efficiency in routine task - like bath time cut to 5 minutes, and be more
focus and effective in my study.

All the minutes I saved, I used it to practise on my instrument, plan and
prepare for band practices (which include motivation, drills, music
theory, sectional and combine music sessions, review and planning
meetings, etc.)

Well, this is a challenge. My challenge to you. If you just focus on your
study and get good grades, then, you are a good student, nothing
extraordinary. If you do all that, PLUS the PE and reading program, then,
you are an excellent student. Your choice.

The thing is, most people will choose the easier path, the path of least
resistance. But then, if you do that, you will never grow into a truly
capable leader with strong character who can make a significant positive
difference to society.

Youth is a time for construction. Youth is the time to build a really
solid foundation. In other words, youth is a time to suffer. Trees inside
a glass house, protected from strong winds and rain, will never grow into
majestic, solid trees. A little wind is enough to uproot the entire tree.

This I can promise you - If you push yourself really hard for the next
five years, all the efforts and struggles, pain and sweat, tears and
blood, will become the most precious memories and also the greatest
treasure you can have when you grow old.

It is not an exaggeration to say that how your entire life will turn out
to be will determine by what you decide to do, or not do, during your

When you are in your forties, you will look back, and understand how
important these trainings are, and how lucky you are to be able to train
yourself when you are young."