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Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Time Scripting Experience

Alright alright!! I'm going to tell you the reason why I didn't update my blog last weekend like usual. OMG, I feel like I'm a weekend story teller with lots of bullshit to share. XD

The reason is that I went to have a cup of coffee with James Cameron. (If you don't know who is him, you suck.) AVATAR dude!! I was having an English assignment of filming a short movie that portrays novel 'The Little Prince' themes and moral values. After I saw how awfully success the movie 'Avatar' was, I decided to pay James Cameron a visit. That's why I didn't manage to update in time.

Those are total bullshit lah of course. lol. But the assignment stuff are for real folks!

Tell you man, writing a script ain't an easy task to pick up with! Especially when you have 5 brains thinking together. (but I thought the more the people, the faster the work is done?) Yeah, in some way it is, because one could point out mistake of one another. Although too many cooks might spoil the soup(clashing of too many different ideas), producing a whole script with one brain alone is too heavy to handle with. After spending a total like 11 hours+, we finally finished the script with running time around 30 minutes.

The main problem when producing a script is the storyline. You might think that after done constructing the rough plot, you are as good as done. No. During some point in the storyline, we found that the plot just stuck there and the story couldn't develop logically. We might have to modify the development of the remaining plot, how the story is going to continue smoothly, reasonably. This is when we are having a hard time during discussion. Everybody silent, thinking on how the hell to continue the story. The ultimate brain juice dehydration and perhaps hair loss are experienced. lol

Basically, we have just finished one out of the three part only (the scripting) for the whole assignment. There's the filming and the editing to be deal with. FML. And I think I should be the one who will be editing the whole film to become a complete movie.(since none of my group members have experience in it before) FML again.

All in all, I believe that all of these would give us precious experience on how actually a real movie is made, I mean short film. lol. Even a short film also headache already, couldn't imagine how James Cameron film the whole 'Avatar'. With 14 years of his life.

And I haven't watch it yet. What a shame of me.. =(

Tomorrow is gonna be the first day we start our shooting for the whole film. We didn't held a pre-filming 'praying' ceremony though. Still, I hope that we can successfully produce an interesting short movie, with extreme poverty stricken. ><

First scene, night scene. I just figured it out that we don't have any lighting system. With no road lights, all we could film is a black, black and nothing but black scenery.


Anyway, wish me luck folks! I seriously need it, pretty please~ =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

My self-introduction.

HOLA! This is about something academic lah.. but I want to share with you all my masterpiece! because I know that you all wouldn't bother to click on "My EALD Archive". XD

It was an essay our English teacher asked us to write, titled "Self-introduction". The interesting part is, you must write it based on a third person viewpoint, now that's what I have never done before for the past 11 years of schooling!! So, check it out yo! Do leave some comment after you finish reading. Thx! =)


Waving his hands, shaking his body and following the rhythm. It was a dance by group of children during a graduation ceremony in a kindergarten. There were 6 of them, 5 girls and he was the only boy. He didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed to have surrounded by girls and even dancing with them! His name is Tor Jiajun. That was 12 years ago back then when he was just a 6-year-old kid who knows nothing about boy-and-girl stuff.

When he was a kid, he had an ambition that was to become a businessman because to him, there were only 2 known professions, businessman and teacher. And he thought that all teachers must be woman, so he chose businessman instead. As he grows up, he likes to think and imagine all kinds of stuff. He enjoys letting his imagination runs wild. He joins drawing class during primary school age and finally develops his skills in arts. He is obsessed with computer games like other child did and even dreams of becoming a game designer. In the end, he decides to become an architect as he grows older and learns more about the reality.

Perhaps born with an extra portion of humour in his brain cells, he likes to tell jokes around with his friends. In addition, he likes to make fun of people and of course is willing be teased back. He just couldn’t stand a tongue-tied conversation. Everyone loves to have fun, including him. He loves being in merry crowds that he always hosts parties, gatherings during special occasions like birthdays, Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve. No man is perfect. He has a striking weakness, a mind that is rather easily influenced by others. Whenever his decision or idea is objected by others, he will start to doubt his own judgment and most of the time will affect his final decision. He is now working hard to overcome this problem though.

To him, sports are a must. He strongly believes that a healthy mind comes with a healthy body. Jogging, cycling and futsal are his favourites . However, he loves futsal the most since it will not only give him a chance to sweat like mad but also meet up with his friends. Besides that, he enjoyed listening to music and he prefers sentimental songs because they would ease his mind after a long day of hectic work. Last but not least, he likes to blog and he thinks that one should write down joyful moments and not sorrow times. So instead of blogging about life’s a misery like what many other people did, he prefers to look at the brighter side of life itself.

He now has a big challenge to deal with. It is a test of intelligence, endurance and discipline. He is so fortunate that he receives an oversea scholarship to further his studies to Australia given that he passed this test. However, life is full of tests itself, there are uncountable challenges awaiting him in the future. Despite all the obstacles, he promised that he would appreciate this very opportunity and work hard to achieve his goal - to become a successful architect.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Seeing Seniors off to Germany!

OYEAH!! This is where we our seniors are going!

They are departing from KLIA. Ya, KLIA, the place where you need to freaking plan very very well to go if you don't have car. The night before yesterday night, we Google everything on how the hell are we supposed to go there, taxi? bus? LRT? KTM?

After discussing about the price and time consumption, we finally decided our plan.

Our 'trip' to KLIA was like an amazing race. Dao Zhen, Thila, Gyvinne, Raphael, Tian Eu (all are my hostel course mates) and started our journey on 6pm. Dao Zhen and Raphael went 1st and sit on the One Express Bus to Kelana Jaya LRT station (KJ) while the rest of us wait for Thila and Gyvinne to sort out their room problem with the warden. In the end, the 4 of us had to take taxi to the KJ. We waited under the taxi stand with many other people also and felt like it gonna take ages.

Suddenly, I saw some people standing 30 metres away from us waving down cabs that are supposed to stop at the taxi stand we are standing right now. HOLYSHIT!! These suckers (sorry for using such offensive word but I really can't stand the act of these people) created their own 'taxi stand' under a tree!! Like that, it gonna take centuries for us!!

So, we got frustrated and came to a decision to walk to 1Utama to take taxi at there and also try our luck to wave down taxi along the way. Lady luck visited us that day, we managed to grab a cab which stopped on a traffic light and off we go to KJ! When our taxi passed through the taxi stand, I bet those people will gone crazy and start cursing us like mad. Well, blame yourself! For not being adventurous like us! XP

We managed to arrive at KL Sentral LRT station before 8pm and finally reunite with Raphael and Dao Zhen. We then took Airport Coach to KLIA which took us an hour plus to reach there. (actually, its only an hour, due to the congestion)

Now arise a problem. The last LRT train departed on 11.30pm. The return trips of the bus are on 9.30pm, 10.30pm, 11.30pm. If we don't want to risk missing the last train, we need to sit the 9.30pm bus but hell when we arrived at KLIA, it was already 9.10pm. We can only spend less than 20 minutes in KLIA after travelling to here for 3 hours!? NO WAY!!!

So once again, we decided to gamble with our luck - take the 10.30pm return trip. And thank god that the bus was moving fast and without jam, we reached the LRT station at 11.20pm and managed to sit on the second last train back!

And yeah, after spending so much time and effort in order to get my ass there, I will not forgive myself if I didn't took perhaps the last picture with my seniors (god knows when we will meet again~).

So here's the picture that makes the whole trip worth it!

Wei Xin.

Chang Win.


Shun Jing.

Shun Ling.

Again, to all my beloved seniors, all the best in everything you do and hope you all could achieve your goals!!

Phew~ It was really motivating like what my friends told me, to see your seniors wearing cool blazers and are about to fly across countries to pursue their dreams~

I think the most touching moment for them is when they were about to went into the departure hall, looking up, watching their parents and friends at the top waving hands to them, wishing them good luck and reminding them to take good care of themselves. *tears dropping*

What a moving scene~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

End of Holidays. Beginning of Helldays.

Anyone has any idea on what the hell is this?

It looks like a cute animal with big red nose, no?

It was actually.....




My hand!!

There's the 2 moles on my right hand. And that big red nose? It was actually a burnt mark when I was praying in a temple few days ago. (I don't know what is it called, the splinter we used to light it for praying purpose) The burning ashes from it dropped off and landed on my hand. That's how I get that 'love mark'.


A month long holidays had finally came to an end. All I can say is that I really enjoyed to the fullest during this holidays which were completely occupied with family, yamcha, party, drama, futsal and not to forget, the blarrrdy homework!!!

Will be going back to my dead boring hostel on tomorrow's evening flight. So long KayTee!!! (young-and-lively version acronym for Kuala Terengganu) We shall meet again on Chinese New Year and you better pray hard that you generate more income for my parents and relatives during this 2-month time. (to boost my angpau revenue of course!! XD)

Oh my sweetest, warmest, spacious double bed!! I shall miss you like mad~ Muacks!!

As for 2010, I wishes everyone, a happy new year and all the best in everything you do!! =)

Till then, have a nice day~