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Saturday, February 28, 2009


just now in the morning, my dad asked me to help him cleaning a clogged drainage... actually not me the one who is cleaning but my dad... i was just his assistant, sorta...

before opening the cover, he asked me to bring out the secret weapon which I didn't even know its existence until today...


Baygon Cockroach Control, specially designed to send cockroach to hell!!!

it even has a focusing pipe!!

guess what, as my dad predicted, there are 132517 cockroaches inside the drainage "holding party" and my job is to spray the insecticide like there's no tomorrow... this one died already, another one came out gok... spray here spray there, corpse here corpse there~

I think I already killed about 10 of them... damn! feel like I'm playing fear factor =.= of course, I didn't take the picture of the "crime scene" cause it might cause serious disturbance towards you fellow readers..

FUCK the cockroach, although I am equipped with the aerosol, I still scare that one of them might pop out from nowhere like superman that kind one (jumping from top)...

just because I fucking scare them!!

when I was still small, I already fear of insects ESPECIALLY those can FLY one!!! walau eh, suddenly a bug landed in front of my computer table, I can jump off from my chair one you know!? imagine how seriously my fear is towards insects..

remember when I still live with my guardian during weekdays(before 7 years old)... I hate going to the kitchen and bathroom.. because 5 out of 10 times I sure saw cockroach one... example, when I'm entering to the bathroom and I freaking saw cockroach, I fucking not going to bath one... instead I will call my auntie (my guardian) to kill them off 1st then I only can bath "comfortably"...

God! why you freaking create insect!? well, at least You should make it look more cute like this,

and I really don't know why the fuck would they choose cockroach as a mascot (link)

so, are you guys afraid of cockroach? or any others? feel free to share here, no sweat!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As Tough As Cake

Date : 23 Feb 2009

Venue : Payang Serai

Event : A motherfucker's birthday treat

talking about Payang Serai, you wouldn't wanna missed the all time favourite, Mongolian Chicken... Mongolian? it reminds me of Atlantuya (don't know how to spell it out correctly) case, a "drama" which its show time is longer than "Spirit of Love" (意难忘)

you really have to give it a try on Mongolian Chicken ASAP or else Najib might ban all the Mongolian related cuisine soon after he became Prime Minister... XD

congratulation to Mr. Lee Calwin!! you have been granted access into porn website, legally...

i have to admit that i have a bad hand writing... notice the "LOVWIN"? it supposed to be "LOUWIN"... can't blame the staff as she is not familiar with the JJ's hand writing...

now, what's up with the title?

oh... okay... the following video will answer your question,

turn up your volume to the max..

Brownies Walnu
t... manufactured by Secret Recipe... I really don't know why they make it so "hard" where you can actually poke it and slam it like the way you slam your monitor when you are in the middle of a conversation with LL and you computer fucking hanged!!

so from now on, "As Tough As Cake" this phrase can be used in your essay... it was proudly founded and certified by JJ himself... @@

if your teacher got fuckdup when he/she saw this phrase in your essay, please kindly tell him/her to take a look at the video above...

and say to him/her, " Who's your daddy now~"

p/s: do this at your OWN risk!! cause you might get canned for doing this... XD

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better Posture, Healthier Life.

"Oi! Sit properly!"

i used to hear the sentence above since i was small... my parents used to scold me like that when I was lying on the sofa watching TV like a dead meat... saying that I will have slouched back (驼背) in the future...

i ignored it all the time however... (still small mah.. don't know what taichi so serius about)

"Eh JJ, stand straight a bit leh... slouched back ah u..."

"Straight skit!!! Semangat abit mah~"

now I only realised how serius the problem is... its very difficult to try to recover back good posture as slouching occurs NATURALLY as I walk, sit, stand... every time I try to remind myself not to slouch but it happens NATURALLY or should I say its like Involuntary Action? become habit already..

slouching suck out big time... it makes you look like no what semangat, like dead man walking... zombie to be exact!! Eeeee~!! so I was kinda worry because it greatly affect one's physical appearance (even sex appeal!!! XD)

till last year December's end, my mother's colleague saw me and point out my bad posture... she recommend me to try out a posture vest, iZEST which her daughter also wore for a few months ago and her posture has become better...

ahhh...i see hope~


today, my father and I went to a pharmacy which sells the posture vest...

and yes! I bought it! and I just realised how skinny I was =.= because according to the table, XXL size will suit my height but my demonic tiny little waist fit only in S size... so in the end, i choose the XXL size... whose waist should be like Eugene >.<

the XXL size vest!!!!

do I look like I'm going for bungee jump? or do I look like I'm wearing it to slim my waist?

although I just tried it out today, I think that it will definitely help me to correct my slouched back because it keeps remind me not to slouch when I'm wearing it...

now for those who are suffering from slouched back or neck pain or back pain or just feel curious about this "slimming belt look alike" vest, feel free to visit its website (link)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

100th Post Milestone


guess what! Mr. JJ has already written 100 entries for the past seven months!!! OMG!! time flies~

in conjunction of 100th Post Milestone, i would like to share something nice, REAL NICE!!

yes! its the Perfect Memories II...

what? you think that I'm trying to trick you using old stuffs? hell no!! the previous Perfect Memories II videos have been fixed by me.. no more lagging between frames!!! 100% guaranteed of smooth watching!!

now enjoy and get touched by the second time~

Perfect Memories II - The Introduction

(click here if the video above doesn't work)

Perfect Memories II - The Everlasting Memories

(click here if the video above doesn't work)

lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my dear buddies and readers who are so kind enough to spend their precious time reading my blog, muacks! Muacks!! MUACKS!!! (although my blog was full of shit and junk!! XP) and with all your support, i might produce entries which give more nutrients in the future... who knows? hahaha..

till then... see you in the next milestone...

p/s: damn... what a loooooooooooong way to go~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day featuring LL

well, since today is such a special day and I'm "suddenly" so free to blog (because JJ is still single, that's too bad =.=)


for those of you who are still single, you really are a lucky one to have come and visit my blog today!! because today... i would like to recommend you all a LL...

yes! you hear it right!! a LL!!

wait wait wait, girls.. you don't have to navigate away!? according to scientific investigation, by watching beautiful things, one will feel happier and joyful y'know? so please continue reading... ^^

now on to the BIG deal! the LL~~!!

her name is 陈葳~ FYI, she's only 15!!! OMFG!!

can't get enough of her? then watch the following video to increase your feeling (and laugh too!!) XD

(Click here if the video above doesn"t work)

so how was my recommendations?

WONDERFUL? thank you! thank you!! thank you!!!

BEH GO? that's rude!! and....


no matter wtf your reaction is, I'm still here wishing you boys and girls,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sayonara~ My Hairy Bird Nest



its been ages since i last cut my hair... 3 months i think... i feel lazy to visit the barber cause my hair was too long till no need use wax also got style already (lazy hairstyle, sorta..) so, it was very convenient to "own" long hair (you do not have to be like Calwin who used 145242 hours to style up his hair EVERY TIME)

but this is what happen when you are too lazy to pay a visit to the barber...

didn't get the image?

here you go...

due to the hotness of owning long hair (simply find a reason to feed you readers =.=) i decided to say goodbye to my lovely long hair or should i say "thick" hair? (long hair is like very girly, don'tcha think so?) so yesterday i went to KUMO (a barber shop which has LL barber @@)

now when i say LL, she is definitely a LL!! don't you dare to doubt my statement!! XD

if you are a boy that doesn't even know wtf does LL stands for... please kindly cut off your balls, thank you! ^^

to my surprise, i only waited for 5 minutes for my turn.. cause usually it takes at least half an hour of waiting...

please take note that the pictures above are just for entertainment purpose, it is idiotic to actually think that your hair can manufacture bird nest...


p/s : OMG!! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!?!?!? <--- hoping to draw any LL's attention to date me out *winks*

just kidding~

anyway, Happy Valentine's Day in advance!!! ^^

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Of Sports Day and Of Decors

*This entry was last updated on 14 Feb 2009. (Photo update)

I'm really sorry to have you guys waiting for ages to check out my new entry.. rotting life really does make one clueless to blog.. its like passing your every day life with TOTALLY NOTHING worth to talk about... your life is something like this..

Ahhh!! my dear friends finally came back in one piece from overseas for the student exchange program..

Welcome back to Heaven mannn~ hows the feeling of "Home Sweet Home"?

tell you what, that feeling even came down to me when I took part in Camping (organized by Boy Scout, =.=) although it was just 3 days 2 nights and it was even held at our school , I already missed my home SO SO SO much!!! imagine if i left my sweet home to further my studies... >.<

since all the dudes have came back to KT(Sharon still in KL, sigh) so yesterday together we went to visit our old school ONLY to watch Sports Day.. damn stingy rite? haha..

actually, for the past few months, i totally lost connection with my school... who couple with who la, who break the cermin nako la, who fight who la, who got his ass whipped by you-know-who la, who luan luan park his motor on teacher's parking lot la, who is the new ponteng king la, who kena buang la, who kena RAPED la.. oops!! just kidding... XP

except some news from Interact Club only, others....... 0.

sad sad.. TT

now back to the main story, what's more to be expected from OUR SCHOOL's Sports Day.. of course its the decoration made by each House... this year... it turned out to be NORMAL!!! every body was busy here and there decorating, and i bet for the past few days, they became owl..

now what can I say, at least RM 300 and tons and tons of time and energy (maybe even blood!) were sacrificed for this sorta decoration.. and winner gets only RM50 (during my year, it is.. don't know got increase mah... but hell, now is economy recession lah, the prize might fucking dropped y'know!!!)

Now you do the calculation... if you say "We enjoy the process mah.." then i got nothing left to say... I admire your sacrifice... but how about listening to my idea 1st?

1st, go buy some balloons and decorate your House...

lastly, use the rest of the money to belanja makan to your athletes, sorta...

isn't that EASY!?!?

so if you are smart enough to follow my idea,

congratulations!! you have just stepped on a FUCKING LANDMINE!!!

all your Co-Curricular thingy will be threatened by you-know-who la who always think that Co-Curricular rules the world and your future is like in his hand wor.... sien doh~

in the end of Sports Day, my house, Gajah won in the decoration and also in the overall points.. HOOOORAYYY!!! leading by 40+ points mannn!!! don't play play ah~

below are some photos taken during the Sports Day, (photo credits to : SMKCHWS)

RUSA the Disneyland

SELADANG the Sailor man

HARIMAU the Halloween

THE CHAMPION!!!!!! GAJAH the Circus

see? they made so many tombstones in order to ask those people who forced them to decorate to REST IN PEACE... creepy huh~

ahhh... remember the good old days~

OMG!!! what a super duper cute clown!!!

he will be much more cuter if i compare him to this man,

so how was it? is that enough to feed you guys hunger? so you want more? then WAIT!!! you might get your eyes explode for seeing so many shits in my blog... XD

and now my head starts hin liao.. gotta take a nap 1st...

till then, see ya!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rotting and Wandering Days

Chinese New Year has gone for a week more already... now I'm returning back to my previous ROTTEN lifestyle...

i should have called myself, senior citizen... really what... wait eat wait sleep wait eat wait sleep.. of course not wait die lah!!! I'm 17 only mannnnn!! still got many things waiting me to experience larr.. plus next year become legal liao duh!!!! * evil grin* MUAHAHHAAHA!!!

now, I'm facing the problem which is probably the same as you are facing (if you took SPM last year)

YES!! it is about my fucking future~

Eddy says it is Holy...

Niaseng might say it is sleepy... ZZZzzzz~

Vivien might say "Wait I get pregnant with my Ethan 1st lah"

now whatever it is, it is fucking important to aim how you would like you future to look like right now!!!

the above happens every day starting January i guess.. now its February already!!! OMG!! 1 month of dilemma.. an another month i might be sent to Tanjung Rambutan (where crazy people lives) Eeeeee~~

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me how the fuck my future look like.