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Friday, October 8, 2010

Penang Trip 2010

Last weekend, I, together with 16 college friends went to visit Pulau Penang, hometown of THREE!! of the 17 people who went. Hamiz, Thila and Safuan.

Thila, with the extra long bus tickets. Usually, we only see long movie tickets. This is seriously a HUGE ADVENTUROUS GROUP!!

It took us 4 hours plus to reach Penang from Duta Bus Station.

When reached, Hamiz brought us go makan 1st.

After dineper (dinner + supper, that time around 10 sth), we went to Queensbay to view the night view and also the Penang Bridge across the river.

Since we have 16 people all together (Safuan sleeps in his own house), we are divided into boys and girls. 7 boys in Hamiz's house and 7 girls in Thila's house. And off we go to our own 'home stay" respectively.

Hamiz's house. I mean, his house is in this apartment. lol

Since his house have only 1 bathroom, we took turns to bath. We slept at 2.30am in the morning.

We woke up at 7.00am the same day. lol

We went to Tokong Ular(Snake Temple) as our 1st destination of the trip.

Oh Emm Gee~

We managed to watch a performance by a skillful snake trainer who daringly performs with one of the most deadliest predator, KING COBRA. He even kiss it!! I wonder why none of my friends snapped down that very moment (the kiss scene). FYI, we have 3 DSLR-ers. Maybe because they were so excited and nervous that they forgot there's a DSLR hanging around their neck. XD

Golden python. Rumours say if one touches its body from head to tail, that person will be prosperous for the rest of his/her life. No rumours about how many died doing that.

Just kidding. This snake is harmless. Except if you smell like a chicken. FYI, it feast on KLC (Kentucky Live Chicken) according to the trainer.

"Hamiz, taking picture with it doesn't make you a billionaire." XD

the trainer. I mean the one with jeans.

Besides snakes, there are also different kinds of animal such as turtles, monkeys and lizards. They even have rabbits!! Rabbit in a snake territory!?

alright, let's pray this dude don't become their dinner.


Playing dead?

a lonesome turtle who seems lonelier thanks to Photoshop.

Next, we made our way to Muzium Perang (War Museum). It was built in 2002 at the British military camp site during the World War II(if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong) The museum exhibit the history of Malaya (before Malaysia obtain independence) and also during the Japanese occupation. Quite a spectacular museum I can say.


Anti-air gun. B-)

the infamous bicycle used during the Japanese army's assault. Nimble, silent, deadly. The Japanese soldiers are like freaking ninjas with these bikes.

boots are made for walkin'

a drawing depicting the cruel act of the Japanese armies during their occupation in Malaya.

climbing the long ladder up. forgot how many meters it was. reminds me of the creepy Resident Evil video game series whereby the screen shows the ladder moving. scary but fun!

I snapped this picture.

Just kidding. If I did, the picture above will show how I screamed falling down from the ladder instead.

It was said that the head of the victims are being hung along this rope. Spooky....

After the museum, we went to Batu Ferringhi for picnic. And BATH!!


this is how we BATH.

At night, we went to Gurney Plaza to have our dinner. Tried pasembur (penang rojak), char kuey teow of course and also fried squid. Was told afterward by my bro saying that I haven't really taste the best Penang char kuey teow yet. The stall is actually located at Lorong Selamat. Next time jom weih!!

After filling our stomach, we went for a walk along Gurney drive. Along the street, there are a lot of hawker selling toys such as kites, bubble guns. (ya, now we no longer use mouth to blow bubbles!)

some still prefer the hard way.

the happening street. paktor hotspot.

Again we slept at 2 something in the morning and woke up at 8 something in the morning.

Since our return bus is scheduled at 3pm, so we only have little time to visit around. Throughout the 1st day, where we went is just around the island. So on 2nd day, we go deeper into the heart of the island, Georgetown.

Went to the bazaar. Saw "LV" wallet, "Nike" watch at RM25. Bought a key chain but not Penang though, its M.U. lol

After that, we went and tried the teochew cendol which was very very nice! Comparable to Banting's one.

Then we went to KOMTAR and walked around the stalls.

After that, we went to eat the BEST Nasi Kandar that I've ever eat!! The fried chicken is so BIG! Too delicious that I forgot to take down the picture. XD

So there marks the end of our Penang trip. Once again, I would like to thank Hamiz and Thila for bringing us around Penang. I believe that everyone enjoyed the trip very much!!

WOHOOOO!! Finally finished this long entry, took me 3 hours. >.<

Alright, Ipoh done. Penang done. Where's next?

photos credit to Aqil, Nikita and Irfan.