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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Oh Emm Gee~

I forgot my blog's birthday, which was on 29th May. >.<

It's been 2 years I joined blogosphere. From a very much active blogger with 2 posts a week, now reduced to 2 weeks, a post. Still, I'm way better than some of my friends who have become hermit and remained stealth for the past few months.

They didn't become ninja however.

Well, back to today's topic. What am I saying again? Oh, birthday. Speaking of birthday, recently I managed to dig out my birthday party photos for the past 4 consecutive years. For that I'm proud! XD


I hardly recall any specific thing happened during '06. Except me and Calwin were wearing the same shirt that day. Is like this, I saw him wearing the shirt which I had also but different colour, so I went and changed.

WTF!? Ya.


OMG. This year's birthday party was the most heartbreaking one. There is some kind of pantang saying that, "It is not good to celebrate birthday after the actual birth date." The party was 2 days after 25th July.

I fell sick on that day morning. Headache. Party starts at 2pm, so I still managed to try to get some rest with panadols, hoping that I could recovered at least half. Unfortunately, that short nap didn't help. I pushed myself so hard to entertain all my friends with the feeling of one million tonnes of weigh pressing down my head. Then until like 5pm, I couldn't stand anymore and collapsed lifelessly on my bed, throughout the evening.

At 7pm, my friends waved their hands to the host who are now lying on the sofa, wearing jacket, shivering.

Most heart breaking birthday. T.T


WOHOOO!! I'm freaking fit and alive this time!!

The year with the most friends attended. The year we will say goodbye to secondary school life. The year that full with blood tears and joys. The year that occupied with the most nostalgic memories. The year that I believe every each of us would pay any price to turn back time and live that year again!!


The year I learned that Birthday = Wallet die day.

Spent almost 600 bucks for this party. But it worth the experience and memories. Won't forget how the girls would shout their lungs out when singing, how baaarger Lynn went and did assignment during my party, how I discovered Wei San being the secret guest accidentally, how they forced me to go topless in front of them and test on the new shirt they bought for me and how KJ overslept and forgot about his best friend's party.

Mannn.. These are sooo LIFE!!

Well, for that I would like to bring out a message to my dear readers,

What matters the most are not how mountains of money you can earn, how awfully large the mansion you stay in, how sickening excellent is your performance in academic or whatever during your lifetime. What matters the most is how much happiness you had brought to the people around you during your lifetime.

Cheers! =)