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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stepping Into The New Stage of Life

So, this is it.

A half year of somewhat unproductive life has finally comes to an end. A bit unwillingly to let go the relaxing life but at the same time very eager to move out from that comfort zone. Because the longer you stay in that zone, the lazier you will become. You will become lazy to compete with other people, easily fed up with the fast paced life chores and of course putting your brain into hibernation mode.

During this few months, I...

Witness as every friends of mine leaving here one by one to further their studies.

Witness as the number of futsal kaki decreases week by week till the end we can't even make out a game.

Witness as the number of friends that share laughter during yumcha decreases week by week, but still we can boomed down the shop with our soprano-like voices.

The absence of them made KT a dead boring town to live on. And I too, will be leaving here tomorrow. Sad that I'll live far away from my family and happy that I can soon meet up with bunch my good ol' buddies!!

the bloody THREEsome bags that will accompany me.

It is impossible to NOT feel sad when you are leaving your home sweet home for a quite long duration. (except you are fucking cold-blooded shit) Yeah, it is great to stay far away from your own family. You gained the holy freedom you've dreamed so much in your life and you finally have your ears "cleared" from the noisiest blehbeh in the world.

However, those are to be said as temporary pleasure. To think the other way around, you have to fucking take care of your own life onwards!! You are but on your own now. No "auto" blehbeh from parents to keep you alert on your studies. No nagging about you "dating" with your computer for 143464 hours a day. Which you might feel that your life is suddenly missing out of something!! The nagging sounds!!

These are from what I came across in books and I think it is damn true although I haven't even experienced it yet which I sure I WILL!!

At the beginning, I was planning for Taylors where I might lead a comfortable and relaxing study life. 4 friends under one roof!! The room is well-furnished!! Gym and swimming pool are few steps away!! OMFG!!! The dreamed study life!! (much more like I'm going vacation rather than study =.=)

NOW!!! *poooffff!!* It's all gone. The JPA has struck in, in the very very very last minute. All plan has to be called off which is kinda frustrated at the beginning, honestly.

However, after I calmed down my mind, think think, it was rather a golden opportunity to further upgrade myself. Look, KBU is a total different story from Taylor cause I will be staying in either hostel or student houses not the somewhat luxurious condo at Suria Mas. Not to mention that I'm taking AUSMAT and under JPA scholarship which means I'll have to be downright serious in my study. And the most "breathtaking" part, I'm all alone in this new place, a piece of blank paper where it is up to me on how I'm gonna paint it right!! XD

In the conclusion, Taylor gave me the impression of comfortable and more relaxing lifestyle whereas in KBU, a much more challenging life is to be lead.

Choosing the different pathway to continue my journey, ends with a total different outcome which I think the latter benefits more!!

"Mr. Tor, welcome abroad to your new stage of life. Bon Voyage!!!"


p/s : There might be no updates in this coming July until I settled down all the stuff and get myself a new laptop. *winks!!* Till then, buhbyes!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Life Changing Morning Call

Today, 9.30am.



"duuuu~ duuu~ duuuuuuu~"(sounds of hand phone vibrating)

"hmmm... how come no music 1?" (It supposed to have music if it was the alarm I set)

"duuuuuu~ duuu~ duuuuuuu~"

So it was a phone call.

Lazily, I crawled up from my bed and went to my phone. From the screen, I saw the number that I thought it was from Taylor's College. Then I picked it up.

Me : "Halo~~" (sleepy)

Guy : "Hi, this is KBU college. Tor Jiajun right?"

( I thought it was something like asking whether I'm interested in their course)

Me : "Yea~~~"

And I swear that the following wakes the hell out of me.

Guy : 'Did you know that you get JPA scholarship?"

Me : "HUH!?!?"

Guys : "Yeah." and bla bla bla~~

OMFG!!! It appears that I have just received the JPA Overseas Scholarship. I know it's far too shocking for you all to know these. To be honest, starting the day I failed my appeal for the scholarship, my dad has tried his best to seek help from power people in the government through MCA. But after a few weeks of no news, it is been thought that the stone has already sink into the bottom of the deep blue sea.

However, at this eleventh hour, I get it. In a half awake condition, I've been confirmed as one of the JPA Scholarship recipient. Most likely the last batch. Probably the last one. lols.

At first, I thought I was still in a dream. Really. All these happened so suddenly. TOO SUDDEN!!! Nuff said.

All the original planning to Taylors is in the emergency state of calling it off.

And suddenly I got many things and documents to settle it out, OMFG!!

This is getting crazy!! Is this a scene in a movie!? Am I one of the actors inside!? I felt like I'm right inside a movie scene. Damn, so fucking suspense!

Yeah, I know I'm overacting. But HELL!! There is impossible to have remain calm when somebody tells you that Michael Jackson has just revived!! Imagine the shock-ness.

From what my dad told me, he say that now my case have gotten the attention from the government and probably the whole KT(too freaking small to spread news) will eventually know about it. So, I've no choice but to study hard like a mad man. It is a shame to disappoint those who have help me in this case and hopefully prove that they didn't help the wrong man.

See now got pressure liao lor~ Well, at least there is a force to make sure I really really study.

FYI, I will be doing AUSMAT at KBU for 1 and a half year and then continue my 3 years degree at Australia.

The JPA documents have just arrived in time. Looking at the HUGE number of paperworks I must go through now, I think I shall stop writing at the moment.

Lastly, I would like to thank those important people especially my dad who help me with my case. I really appreciate it. Thanks dad!


Goodbye Taylor. Hello there KBU!

p/s : Niaseng~ Faster congratz me lor~ XD Mannnnnn~~This is soooo dramatic.

Well, today's probably the saddest day of all Michael Jackson's fans, including me.

Mike passed away on today's morning. For more info, click (here)

I idolized him since my childhood. I recalled there was a time when I keep watching his MV again and again and again and still can't get enough of it. Especially "Thriller" and "Smooth Criminal".

He was once the greatest singer and dancer in the world, inventing moves like moon walking and anti gravity. It is always sad to hear those negative news happening on him at the later stage of his life. Well, maybe god envies his overpowering talent. Or it is fated that high popularity comes with a even higher price?

Whatever it is, he's still my forever idol~

Here's the music video of his that I believe every fans of him can't get enough of it!



SEE!? That's why I can't get enough of it!!

Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

May you rest in peace, Mike.


p/s : As a remembrance of this once greatest singer in the world, I will play my favorite songs of his back to back in my blog for a week! Enjoy~

Last edited on 21 June 09, 11.40pm : The word "amnesia" was misused. It is supposed to be "dilemma".

If you followed my status recently, you will know that I'm in dilemma between whether to straightened my hair or to cut it short (here means thinned).

And today, I have decided to choose the later. Shocking? Curly mah let it curly lor (My hair curls naturally when it is too long, kiu mor know?) Even without rocking straight hair, I still can rock with my curly hair NATURALLY. No chemicals, no preservatives, no trans-fat, no additive..........wait, do I made it sounds like I'm talking about A&W's curly fries?

No no no!! Its about my hair! My hair!

So, I made my way to Kumo fetched by my mom since she got other things to do in town. After waiting inside the saloon for about 25 minutes and the lead barber(I only have my faith on her ^^) was no where to be found. I suspected something was wrong. I asked the assistant and OHMYGOD that apparently the lead barber was outstation and will only be back on this coming Wednesday. Bah!! Half an hour was wasted for nothing, I should have asked it earlier when I first came in without the lead barber in my narrow sight.

Then, I phone to Sum. Ooops! Looks like he got no customers there at that time. Let's rock n roll!!

Reached there, again fetched by my mom. The barber cut cut cut and I wished he had never say the following,

The barber : "Eh, want make it straight?"

Me : "Don't want."

The barber : "Bo straight bosui luu, straight liao balu hokua~"

Me : "How much?"

Shit!! That struck deep right into the bottom of my heart~

The passion towards GOOD-LOOKING~

And so it goes, my hair was straightened at the end which is not part of the original plan.

The "unexpected" outcome. Or is it written?

See, the outcome was totally affected by just a sentence. How irony.

It's the passion that makes people go nuts!! And that's why PASSION is synonym of LOVE.

Monday, June 15, 2009

An "Untitled" Night

Just now went to a newly-open coffee shop named Pappa Hainan Kopitiam (oh crap, just how many kopitiamS will KT have?) with RC, Charles, Minton and Apo. FYI, the shop is located right at the location of Puribali's Restaurant which caplap few months ago due to unknown reason. And from unknown source, the boss is still the same person.

Surprisingly, FOR THE VERY 1ST TIME, all the yamcha kaki arrived at the destination at the same time(except for Apo which arrived later on because I forgot that he already back to KT and missed to call him at the beginning. My apology. XD) Coincidence? You decide.

Then we make our way to the shop, find empty seats and sit down. 1st thing to do? Of course grab the menu and see what the hell shall we eat tonight.

nice looking menu wasn't it?

wuuuuu~ delicious~~

saliva drop already lor~

dead thirsty some more!!

Nice to look right? However! What you see just now is definitely not what you can get ON THAT DAY. How irony~

Tonight available meals are only Lemon+Pandan Juice(welcome drink sorta), White Coffee/Tea, Ice-Cream and Toast. Yeah, that's all you can order. I'm sorry? We are talking about dinner here not desserts!?

Apparently, today was the 1st day the shop grandly open. And FYI, all the food and drinks in the menu expect the meals mentioned just now were unavailable until 18 of June.

So, you open shop and print out all the menus which cannot be used before 18th June. Sounds like... WTF!?

Oh, and here's some pictures of the only available meals,

The welcome drink, Lemon + Pandan Juice. Previously in Puribali it was called Pandan Juice. So now, we add up a lil lemon, and it became a BRAND NEW welcome drink!! @@

White Tea which taste like Milo and Tea. But how the hell will the taste of MILO pop up in WHITE TEA ?

The ice-cream. Valentine's Day still got 8 months to go, bro.

Last but no least, the toast with butter. For me, it looks like a brown monster with a pair of yellow eyes staring at me.

Apo joined us later on. He was shocked too when we talk about the free meals the shop provide. He just came back from Hainan Island and he's now in Hainan Kopitiam. Coincidence too? You decide.

After finished our free meal, we left the shop.

What? You think it is finished?


After that, we went to Ichitech since Apo wanna settle his new computer shopping. When parking my car, I found a rather difficult spot to smash park into. Remember Sharon's blog entry about parking? YESH!!! Minton!! My life saver!! He helped me to park my car right into the "hole". Thanks dude!!

After finished "shopping", we decided to fill our still-empty stomach because the free desserts just now just won't satisfied our hunger.

"Oh my god!! Where's my handphone!?!?", Minton shouted. He must have left it on the table of the Hainan Kopitiam just now. So, I called his phone and god bless, a person picked up and said, "You dropped you phone just now". That person must be very very very disappointed that he almost got a free LG Cookie. lol. Still, I respect that guy for his honesty. *salutes!*

So we are going back there to recover the phone. And here is where the climax of the night happened.

I reversed my car. Hearing the "tit! tit! tit!" sound and waiting for the longer "tiiiiiii...." to stop. And seriously, I totally didn't noticed that I was reversing a lil too fast till it goes like,

"Tit! Tit! Titit!! BANGED!!"

My car's ass kissed the bumper of the car behind. I was shocked and blurred like last time when I scratched my car. All my friends were also shocked and kept telling me that I reversed too fucking fast.

Luckily, it was just a soft "kiss". And also very luckily that the people eating at the stall nearby didn't noticed because the sound produced was rather soft. If it was to be a FRENCH KISS, then all the people will come and some iausio scenes might happen. THANK GOD!!!

My car's ass ended up with a lil scratch. No big deal. 1% compared to last time damages. lol.

After the little shocking incident, we went our way to loklok to complete our meal. So it marks the end of a don't-know-how-to-describe night.

Seriously, I couldn't find any words to best describe that night.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Eye For An Eye, A Card For A Card

In the evening, my dad fetch me to CIMB Bank to open up a saving account. Well, since I've already have all sort of documents most importantly, the letter of acceptance which is from Taylors! We are good to go!

Before that, in the morning I have phoned to ask what documents need to bring along when opening up a saving account. The answer I got is "Original IC and the offer letter ONLY" SO, I bring along ONLY my IC and the offer letter.

Arrived at the bank, walk to the information counter and inquire about saving account. The staff then opened up his super duper fast mouth (I think he already memorize this sentence till dead boring) and say "Bla bla bla isi borang nih, fotostat ic dua keping, fotostat lesen(car license) dua keping, surat tawaran pun fotostat dua keping, lepah tu ambik tiket tunggu kat situ" In around 5 seconds.

So I need to photocopy that much of documents. Thankfully there's the Pustaka Seri Intan located at the opposite of the road and it has xerox service!!(I wanna ask if is it the bank will provide xerox service for their customer by any chance?)

I filled in the form, take my ticket. WOW!! 20 more to go. So, I run like mad walk steadily across the sipek-broad road to the stationary shop. Luckily no enormous wind blew that time, if not you will witness a guy jumping like wild around the road trying his very very best to grab papers.

By the time I get it all done, still have 10 more to go. *winks!*

15 minutes later,

It's my turn. When I was to be asked to produce my IC. The staff was shocked by the "sex appeal" of my almost-dead IC. The protection screen has already half folded up. And he was shocked again when my almost-dead IC actually works with the scanner!! He even praised my IC. Lol.

After the account has succesfully been open, its time to feed ma account some moneh!!!! $$$$$

Standing right infront of the machine, I carefully reached my hand into my pocket and slowly took out a mail which is no mail inside actually.

It was RM3000 CASH~!! Damn!! For the 1st time, I have carried such a HUGE amount of money with me walking around. So that makes me worthed RM3000 that time and comparing to C.Ronaldo makes me sad. TT

After depositing the money, it's time to take my newly-borned Bank Card.

ma new born babeh!!!

Look, if there's an eye for an eye, here will be a card for a card.

By "giving birth" to my Bank Card, I sacrificed my IC. Unintentionally.

Ermm... Glue, anyone?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Of The "Euro" Fun Park

There are reasons why I put the double apostrophes on that EURO, read on!

Yesterday night, me and my friends went to the Euro Fun Park at London beside Astaka Kuala Terengganu. It was actually a fun fair to be exact, where you get to see many stalls around and those Man-made machine which "sends" your heart to hell.

the posers

It cost 4 Euros Ringgit Malaysia per entry and 2 Euros Ringgit Malaysia for each token!! Tell you what, it is a big time wallet massacre for you to participate in a fun fair. No joke.

the "token", why don't they called it ticket anyway?

We took the Bumper Cars as warm up. Warm up, you serious? Our back were as pain as hell when bumping around each others car, for sure seat belt is provided but we never thought it hit us so hard.

After that, we pay our visit to the Ghost House. At first, we thought it was really damn scary. For those who haven't went inside, please! Save your bloody money! Bloody hell, RM4 to see what you know?

Something like a Frankenstein doll, mummy doll, skull head, and wall painting of ugly faces. That's all! It would be better if they play the movie "Coming Soon" inside, it would be much much scarier. Trust me!

We just PURPOSELY screamed ourselves making noise throughout that fucking house.

Oh ya, they should named it as "Sauna House" instead. We went in fresh and we came out in SWEAT! Sucks~

The "GHOST" House,

RM4 gone wasted.

After been "scared", we went for some relaxing one to cool down our "tension". So, we arrived at...

The Euro Wheel

It is a wheel that enable us to sightseeing the view of Paris around Astaka and the so so Kuala Terengganu river.

So now you know why I put apostrophe on that "EURO".

Here are some photos taken while we were at the top of the world(sorta),

the 3 dudes in the "cage"

we even have video recorded down!

(click here if the video above doesn't work)

Well, some of them can't get enough from those child's play machines, they went for the EXTREME one!

The Sky Rider.

What makes me laugh is that, at the beginning few rounds they smiled with us semacam. And when the machine reached it MADNESS TOP SPEED!! All of them were in the same face. Blank. Frozen.

The scariest machine! The Vortex.

None of us tried it that night. Its just waaay toooo EXTREME!!

Before calling it a day on our fun fair trip, Eric decided to prank his friends with a little "accident".

Here we go,

(Click here if the video above doesn't work)

If it actually happens, that wouldn't be just a little accident. @@

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Please Throw With Cautious, FUCKER!!!

Last updated on 4th June 2009. Actual cost of stadium amended.

guess what, just now went to DV with my friends for dinner.. I parked my car at the compound behind the shop which an apartment is located a few meters away...

after eat, we went all the way up(on Eric's car only) to Gong Badak to "investigate" the disaster scene of our Stadium Tuanku Mizan which collapsed like Domino's bricks...

the scene was more terrifying than just viewing it through photos... is like Osama just sent his kamikaze bombers to crash it down...

it cost 292 millions to build according to the news and yet just in ONE year, the roof fucking collapsed.. is like what Sharon said, "Use 292 millions to buy tofu." MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

when natural calls happened while you are at Gong Badak, where will you pee?

Answer. The airport.

ya, we went our way to the airport just to answer the natural calls.. how smart we are~

after that, we went back to city and have loklok as supper.. nothing special about it except it was my 1st time to eat loklok at KT..

time's up, back to DV to take my car..

climax of the night~

a plastic bag filled with unknown material inside (something like dirt or fertiliser) "slept" on my car's bonnet as if my car is Osim chair.. without hesitating, I used my only available "weapon" at that time, an umbrella to pushed away the bag.. not to mention that foul words were given out too.. the rush action causes me to forget to take down photo as an evidence to show you here.. but you can still ask another 2 witnesses, Yanxin and Esther...

apparently, I mean SURELY.. it was the apartment resident who threw that shit out of his/her house window... hey fucker, go learn some archery 1st if you wanna throw some shits out from you apartment, you are not Robin Hood by any FUCKING chance y'know!?

and I don't know whether he/she is blind or my car probably has rubbish magnet or whatever it is.. the BIG BIG rubbish bin is located at least 10 meters away from my car..

ya, blame the cheebye wind =.=

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Taylor's Key, Forged

yesterday, the JPA appeal result was out... and I didn't been shortlisted..

less disappointment compare to the 1st time...

frankly speaking, when I was key-ing in my IC number, my feeling was "relak jer~" , heart missed no beat, maybe because the result was SOOO predictable even they say "Mostly", mostly wo teng!!! nuff said, there's nothing much worth to mention about JPA except disappointment..

to my surprise, my dad straight no mood with JPA and ask me nonid diu them le =.=
(of course not that HARSH la, you get the drift)

now JPA has dump me, and I'm looking for another key...


TAYLOR? so be it!!

this week gonna be busy with the application and residency...

FYI, I will be studying for 4 years in Taylor starting with Foundation in Natural and Built Environment and the another 2 years at Australia or 3 years at UK for Bachelor in Architecture (still a long way to go to be confirmed)

talking like I'm already a Taylorian huh? still haven't even register yet tell you!! but soon, I can proudly call myself a TAYLORIAN!!! wohooo~~!! you wait you wait (RC's signature) <-- the happiest person to know that I failed my JPA because I finally join him kat Taylor ..!..

well, since the key don't wanna choose me, I CHOOSE THE KEY!! I WALK MY ROAD!! I FORGE MY DESTINY!!!