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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A great life lesson.

Today I learned an important lesson from one of my lecturer.

In the days of schooling, we have many assignments need to be completed. I believed many of us (if not, some) have this kind of thinking that, "I want to finish it as fast as possible, so that I can do other things(movies, games, or other pending assignments)" Taking presentation as an example, most of us(if not, some) would be a bit disappointed if we are the last or the few last to present. Well, I cannot omit that some might be delighted if they haven't fully prepared for it, but for those who are eager to finish their job as quickly as possible, would not want to wait for another day to do it. It's like you still have to carry this burden with you for another few days.

So instead of waiting until let just say next week, we would want it to be completed on this week. So we go and keep on asking our respective lecturer to squeeze time for us to finish the job.

But how many of us actually thought on behalf of our lecturers? Their schedule might be already packed and their job are more demanding than we imagine it is. And we are right here just thinking to complete our job as quickly as possible but what about theirs?

When something is going against our wish, we will start complaining, start blaming and start demanding. What makes the matter worse is the way we carry out these 3 things. Lack of courtesy. I believed most of us, the teenagers are unaware of our behavior. We consider only for ourselves and others shall please us.

"Put yourself in others shoes and you will never go wrong." The thing that most of us know but we just can't seems to be practicing it. Why is it?

What makes teacher a noble profession is that not only they impart academic knowledge to us but they teach us life lessons that we can't learn from textbook. I think that is why teacher is also called the Engineer of Human Soul (人类灵魂工程师).