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Friday, September 3, 2010

Ipoh Trip 2010

WOHOOOO! It's been awhile guys~

Life's been busy(as always). Still I managed to get a time out. I got a 5-Day long holiday last week, and my bro was telling me why not take this golden opportunity to go and y'know visit other states in Malaysia since I have classmates who come from different states.(of course, lol)

So there goes me to IPOH!!

Ipoh - Astonishing caves. Exotic food. Beautiful girls.

So expect to see a lot of food pics and cave pics. No lenglui pics btw, didn't manage to spot any. Don't close this page, guys puhleseee. XD

It is my roommate Dao Zhen's(following referred as DZ) hometown.

It took me two and a half hour to reach there by bus.Before I could take a deep breath and do some stretching up after such a long journey in bus, DZ and his mom took me to an eating place called, 大树脚. It was named such because it was surrounded by a few big tree trunks and basically the whole area is shaded under those gigantic trees. Business there is GREAT!!

猪杂粥 (Mixed pork porridge) Got pork intestine, dried pork blood and many other parts of pig that you can think of. lol

焞蛋, something like egg tart. Is like you dig out the soft part of an egg tart and pour some nice sweet sauce on it.

Ipoh Laksa. Sour-nyeerrrr~

炸料. The most front is da BOMB!!

After filling up out stomach with delicious food, they took me to the 1st caves, Gua Perak.

This cave was famous for its wall painting, I mean painting on the cave's wall.

Look at these extraordinary works.


What's interesting about cave painting is that not only you need good painting skills, but strong physical for you to bend your back/neck while painting something above you.

How I wished I can have so many hands to finish all my homework in a blink of eye. XD

At night DZ's whole family brought me to restaurant called 十五楼, named after the 15-storey high building which we can view far far away directly straight from the restaurant. This restaurant was famous for its Sprout Chicken (芽菜鸡).

Braised chicken.

Again. Now it's the internal organ of chicken. lol

Tell you, this plate of sprout is so far the best sprout I had ever ate before!! The sauce, the pepper taste, walao eh ichiban!!

After dinner, DZ's dad and him brought me to visit the Ipoh Train Station. FYI, Terengganu don't have a train station, we fly. (ah chehhh~ XD)

The train station was built during the British's occupation, as we can see the British architecture on the picture above.

Saw this damn classic punye elevator. Sort of give me a feeling of BioShock. (a sci-fi first person shooter game)

The lift is functioning! But was too chicken to give it a try. Later experience free fall inside. =X

Leaving the train station, we went to visit a showroom whereby the history of Ipoh was presented. The wall is pasted with paragraphs of word and black-and-white pictures describing how Ipoh was developed with the huge finding of tin. They even show the equipment that were once being used by the workers in tin industries. Too bad, we are not allowed to take picture.

We concluded the first day with a short visit to DZ's secondary school.

One of the top schools in Ipoh. No wonder they produce such outstanding student like DZ.
Way to go man!! XD

On the next day, DZ parents brought me to HillCity Restaurant to eat dimsum!! Dimsum mannn!! Like more than a year didn't eat already. Undeniably, the dimsum there is mouth-watering~ soli lah, was too busy wolfing down the food so didn't took any picture of how the dimsum look like before being brutally chewed inside my mouth.

All of us were so fulled with the dimsum just now, so its time to move our body.

First, we went to visit another famous cave called Gua Kek Lok (极乐洞)

The cave is famous for its stunning stalactite.

And a picturesque scenery outside the cave itself.

Outside the cave, there's a jogging track for sports lover to come and jog and the same time enjoy being close to the nature.

Manage to spot some interesting stuff. XD

After Gua Kek Lok, we went to visit another cave called Gua Sam Poh (三宝洞).

There this hut where turtles are keep.

Reminds me of my turtles back in my home who always want to run/swim/jump/fly away from the pond.

Now, forget about the commercialized OldTown White Coffee, forget about any coffee that you had drink before. Your Ipoh trip is not complete if you haven't taste the original Ipoh white coffee.

Although I'm not a coffee expert as I seldom drink coffee, however this cup of white coffee is just WAO!!

And so, basically I have experienced all the creams of Ipoh(well, except witnessing lenglui made in Ipoh). What's more, I did it in just 2 days! XD

This Ipoh trip was truly a great experience for me and also perhaps a weight gaining program for me as I was fed with tons of delicious food throughout the trip! haha~

So here, I would like thank DZ and his parents for spending their time bringing me to visit around Ipoh and taking good care of me throughout the 2 days. =)

Ipoh Trip 2010. OOYEAH!!