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Sunday, April 25, 2010

little thing, HUGE philosophy

Seriously, it's been damn busy for the past few weeks. Tests, assignments and presentations. And what's more? Mid-term commence on next next week!

My results for the past few months, I can say are just above average. Not really satisfied and that's what I had been doing recently, study machine. For now, my only hope is on the mid-term to compensate the marks I lost for the past few months.

So, do forgive me for not updating my blog weekly. Frankly speaking, blogging is something that you really have to sacrifice a whole bunch time working on it, IF you wanna produce a good entry. Well, I guess I couldn't afford to blog at least once a week already, watching my work piled up like Mt. Everest. And usually, I will use my weekends time to blog but now, it seems that my weekends are becoming days without class but squeezed with revision and assignments. So, I couldn't squeeze out time to blog, plus, nothing much happened recently except work.

I even forgot my dad's birthday, which was on 14th April. It was few days later when my mom called me and asked "Hey, it was dad's birthday 3 days ago, have you wished him?" I was totally shocked and like suddenly woke up from dream. It was my first time I forgot to wish my dad happy birthday since after I learned how to talk and knew his birth date. So, I called my dad feeling so embarrassed. For the first time, I wished him happy belated birthday and at the same time keep on apologizing to him. He laughed and said, "Haiyalah.. very busy ah.. forgot it already.. how's your study?" (and the usual conversation asking bout my studies went on)

After I hang up the phone, I shed a tear or two.

When all things seems to be against you, remember, family will always be your refuge.

Have a nice day. =)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Summer Camp 2010 @ Tioman Island, Day 3

If you haven't read up Day 1 and Day 2, please kindly do so before continuing reading this entry. =)

Day 1
Day 2

YEAH MAN!! It's the FINALE of the Tioman trip!! And we had our own ICON Amazing Race!!

I believed that Mr. Al had really plan very very well on this race because I was quite shocked that he managed to come out with such interesting game in every stations! Well, before we start the race, let's do some warming up 1st. XD

Upon received our 1st clue, off we go to the 1st mission!We are required to cook a bowl of Maggi and boil cups of Teh-Boh. After the Maggi has been cooked, we have to send it to Ms. Effa to test its taste. In addition, we have to prepare a 1.5 liter of bubble!!

Back to camping days~ Bunsen cooking style.

Shampoo time!

Collecting BUBBLES~

Then we had to drink the SUPER DUPER HOT tea!!

Remember, our Ms. Effa just taste the soup only. The rest we had to finish it before receiving our next clue!

On the next stations, we had to solved some MATHEMATICS QUESTIONS!! And guess idioms based on pictures.

Scratching their heads off solving hardcore question.

After that, we must head to the beach there and dig out colour ball hid underneath the sand. (sorry, couldn't find any photo of this game)

Then we headed our way back to the chalet area and started counting the bloody numbers of sticky note outside the room.


till we had chalet congestion. lol

After getting the right answer, we got our next clue. Rush to a stall nearby the dock and buy 5 brenjos with the money given and EAT IT!

stuffing brenjos.

After filling up stomach with brenjos, we have to build a sand "lobster". Can you see any link between brenjos and sand castle? lol

drafting lobster's body.

After finished building sand "prawn", we received the clue for the next station and I swear this is most heart-pumping, breathtaking game I've ever seen in so many race I've participated in!!

Each of the team must send only 1 person to take on this mission. Grab a life jacket and jump into the river. There are a line of balloons. Grab the balloons with our group number written on it. Bring it up to the land on the other side and poke it. Inside the balloons have a piece of paper which contains pin number. You will have to key in this pin number into your group's handphone (handed in to the committee before the race start) to turn in on. Inside the handphone will have a video showing the last clue of the whole race! The main thing is there are tons of balloons with blank paper inside!! Extreme mannn!!

chi kek!

My group reached there 1st at the beginning and Aqil (my group member) volunteer to jump in! Initially, he complained that the balloons are tied soooo tightly on the long tree branch, he couldn't even grab 1 out! Then suddenly, something crossed my mind. I had my room key with me and perhaps it will help to cut the tie. Then, I made the most terrible mistake, by throwing the room key to him. *dummm* Aqil couldn't catch it and it dropped into the river. >.<

I should have hand it to him instead of throwing it.

In the end, the key was no where to be found as the bottom of the river is quite dirty and covered by thick layer of dry leaves. But I still wanna thanks Muiz and Muzz for trying their best to recover it. =)

Upon getting the last clue, we received a puzzle board and we have to put on all the puzzle pieces we had collected during the whole race.

We ended up being the third group to finish the whole race! Good job everyone~!!

We left Tioman Island at around 3pm. And you know what? I almost literally left everything at Tioman. This is because, when we are boarding the ferry, we are separated into few ferries which was totally different from how we arrived here. And perhaps I was so excited that time and plus a bit blurry, I forgot that we have to take our own luggage ourselves which was placed nearby the jetty when boarding. I thought that the crew will help us to carry onto the ferry. How silly am I to think as if the crew know which bag belongs to who. During the whole journey back, I keep on wondering maybe they will put my luggage on another ferry since now we are separated into few ferries.

Upon arriving, Mr. Derick was shocked with me empty handed and asked, "Jiajun, where's you luggage?" "I think the crew put it on another ferry." "No! You will have to carry it yourself! Jiajun~ how can you be so blur?" I swear at the moment my mood for the whole trip straight away went down to negative!! Whole luggage gone!? I keep consoling myself that luckily nothing valuables inside the luggage but clothes. But still, it's my belongings leh. Heartbroken also.

When Mr. Al knew about this. He straight away contacted the person in charge at Tioman and check whether they spot any unclaimed luggage left at the jetty. And very very very fortunately, they dropped all the luggage into the last ferry which just depart not long ago. (22 of us were in it.) That made me feel not so guilty, if everyone has to spend 2 hours waiting for my luggage, I will definitely feel extreme guilty. =X

Finally, the last ferry arrived and I recovered my luggage. Really really thank god!!

All in all, I enjoyed very much during the whole trip and it was indeed a very memorable trip not to mention that I nearly lost my luggage. lol. By that, I want to thank our lecturers, especially Mr. Al for he helped me not once but twice during the trip. The 1st one was the fine on my lost key. He bargained with the manager the amount of fine from Rm150 to Rm20!! And second you all already knew, the luggage event. Also, all the committees who worked hard preparing this whole trip!!

Mr. Al and the committees. Kudos to all~!!

Finally, we have come to an end for this whole Tioman Trip series. lol. Thanks for spending your precious time following it!

Enjoy your weekends! =)

photo credits to Mr. Al, Mr. Derick, Ms. Effa, Afiq and Imran.

If you haven't read Day 1, please kindly read it up before continue reading this entry. =)

Here, Day 1

There we go again~ DAY 2!! Today is the day we are going SNORKELING!!! WOHOOO!!

Alright, everybody gear up!!

That day we went to two different places snorkeling. One is around a very large rock, down the sea water you could witness a very stunning view of coral reefs. We eventually went nearer the large rock and our feet now can easily touched the coral reefs down there - environment destroyers, sorry coral~ Then the person in charger quickly ask us to moved back.

Then we moved on to the marine park and we are told that here have multiple times of fish compared to the previous place we went just now.

which is total bullshit.

I can't even see any sign of fishes once I leave the area nearby the place where I jumped into.

After finished snorkeling, we went to another small island and a place called , Kampung Teket (don't know the spelling correct onot) There we can buy souvenirs at cheap price and not to mention that Carlsberg(can) there is only RM 2.50 and the convenient shop down centrepoint sells at RM 5.

Look, when you have an umbrella, you become everyone's best friend.

We bought some t-shirt for our friends who at that time perhaps mushroom-ing inside the concrete building. XP I bought one for myself too!

liked it because it doesn't follow the repeating design of printing Tioman's scenery or map on it.

After that, we finally are going back to our resort. Fuuuu!! Damn tired weih~ Island hoping from 9am to 3pm.

First thing I did when I entered my room was to take a quick shower and pak! There goes me lying unconscious on bed~

The next thing I know, I was in the beach witnessing sunset.

After having our BBQ dinner (BBQ prawns kick ass!!), every group are required to perform something, be it a sketch, dance, singing, anything! Actually, all of us didn't really prepare for this as we only been told that we ARE going to perform after our stomach are filled with BBQ prawns. PWNED.

We have only about 20 minutes to prepare on what the hell are we going to perform later.Before our performance starts, our lecturers bravely stood in front of the crowds (there are other people except us at that time too) and sing!!

Not only they teach well, they sing like Beyonce!! (OK, I exaggerated it XP)

This is it, our performance time!

1st group. Thila as a love cupid who help solving love issues of 3 couples.

Thila (in front) the love cupid and couples behind.

2nd group - performing Bad Romance!!



3rd group went crazy with Nobody Nobody But YOU~!!!

look at Dao Zhen's (white shirt) face. Epic HORNY. BWAHAHHAHA!!!

Next which is our group, singing "You Belong With Me" and parody-ing its MV.

My most WTF facial expression.

Then the 5th group, a drug addict who get caught by police and then seek forgiveness from his mom. Nice sketch planned in short time!

potential Hollywood star, Akid. (left)

Last but but least, a drama performance by the committees!! This is the most Laffin'-Mah-Arse-Off performance of the night!!

It started off like this, one whole crew is filming a scene. Got director, cameraman, lighting assistant, actors and actresses. The director then give different order to the actors and actresses during each take. Slow-mo lah, sad lah, hysterical laugh lah and even SISSY!!

director giving order.

Zhaff, EPIC!!

After the hardcore laughing we all had just now, mine haven't end. At midnight, Bazil came into our room and introduce me this new game,

Monopoly Deal

At first, I was so confused when he started to explain how the game works but as I played, I was addicted to it! During the course of the game, we laughed so hard when somebody started to show their cunning side. I won, the first time I played. XD But hell, Sook Yan who never played this game before, won 3 times consecutively starting from the first match she joined. And so, she was "proudly" crowned by us as "Turkey".(when you strikes 3 times consecutively in bowling)

As we play, more and more people came into my room. They even started playing poker, my room suddenly become an entertainment centre. At the same time, we are actually trying to keep Dao Zhen awake!! For God's sake, he sleep so early like 12am. C'mon man! We are on holiday!! Hello~ So, we keep on disturbing him when he is sleeping. How bad we are and how poor he is. XD

We played until like 2.45am. After another shower, pak!

ICON AMAZING RACE on the third and also the last day! Brace yourself for the next update!

photo credits to Mr. Al, Mr. Derick, Ms. Effa, Afiq and Imran.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer Camp 2010 @ Tioman Island, Day 1

Last edited on 2 April 2010, 8.40am. - Added photo credits.

!! If you are still wondering why the heck that I didn't update my blog last weekend, you are lampi!! (new word learned from my college friends, short form of LAMbat PIck-up)

For God sake I went to Pulau Tioman!!! Hellooo~!

Now, I can hardly recall any beautiful scenery of Pulau Redang. (been there when I was a kid, I think? lol) So, it can be considered as a very long time ago since I've went to an island.

This time, it was a 3 days 2 nights trip organized by ICON Club. (a club formed by all the JPA scholars in KBU)Before moving on, lemmi introduce our beloved lecturers who braced themselves following us to the trip!

Ms. Jenny!!

My Maths lecturer during bridging class - Ms. Effa!!

My current EALD lecturer - Mr. Derick!!

Last but the most happening!

My Malaysian Studies lecturer during my bridging class - Mr. Al!! He can be say as the mastermind of this whole trip!

We departed at 10pm by bus, some of us sat on the van. We arrived at the Mersing Jetty at around 5am. Then we departed by a speed ferry at 6am. The aircond inside the ferry was fucking cold! I thought I was sitting on the wrong ferry traveling to North Pole. Later on, I found out that the seating area in front was A LOT warmer, is like having Tropical Rain Forest and Tundra together in a ferry.

From the ferry.

We reached the island about 7 something in the morning.

This is my room.

The fire extinguisher outside our room. Looking at its peeling off 'skin', I pray hard that my room doesn't get burn by global warming.

Basically, we have nothing to do during the whole morning and afternoon on the first day, except power-sleeping to replenish our energy lost from the wtf-transiting-here-n-there journey.

Oh, on the day before the trip, our beloved Physics lecturer gave us some honeymoon destroyer - homework. Initially, I feel like, "Ape pulak nih? Aku gi tioman mau enjoy lah! x yoh ambik homework pergi! Mau enjoy sepenuhnya!"

This is me doing physics homework. lol

utter contradiction.

During our leisure time, we visited the waterfall nearby which is known as the Rock Fall. The water was super cold! Damn relaxing! I'm in cloud nine~~

I know I'm sexy. =P

Our very own Spongebob Squarepants stays at water fall instead of under the sea.



After chilling like crazy in the afternoon, its ice-breaking time at night!!

1st game, we are to named anything that can be found in the kitchen. I said, "CCTV." Then, we are to complete the following sentence with the thing we said just now. "Every morning, I brush my teeth with a _______" So you know what happened on my sentence. OMG! We all are laughing so hard, that one even end up brushing his teeth with a can opener. LMAO!!

Then the 2nd game, we sat on chairs forming a big circle and each of us have to shout out our name together with our signature move. The interesting part was, we had to memorize all the names and signature moves right from the beginning until the current person. A very effective method of remembering a person.

Onto the third game, we are required to hold the candle on its upright position using thread and move for a distance, without blowing off the candle.

My group reached the finish line few seconds after the first group. However, the first team to arrive had blow off their candles right after being judge as the champs. Thanks to Kah Wai, we smartly used this loophole saying that our candle still lit up compared to the first group!! We ended up being CHAMPION. Biggest kantoi (new word I learn, means amkan) to the 1st team.

Then, it is the most breathtaking game of that night. The Nightline. All of the group members are to be blindfolded, and only listen to the guidance from their assigned facilitator and walk all the way round back to the finish line(where we started).

It was very very unusual experience because I get to experience being a blind person who have to rely only on sound and touch, heavily.

However, being "blind" doesn't stop these people from cam-whoring.

The true semangat of cam-whoring.

And then we have our last game of the night, which is called the Blanket game. I used to play this before during the Interact Club's International Understanding Camp. Is like this, two teams are separated by a piece of blanket, each team sends a player in front, when the blanket comes down, the player has to guess the name of the person in front of them. Fastest wins.



Ah~ What a great night~ What's more, it's the first day only!! And we all are getting so excited already!! XD

Two more days to go, so stay tuned y'all!!

photo credits to Mr. Al, Mr. Derick, Ms. Effa, Afiq and Imran.