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Monday, March 30, 2009

Fifteen For Bukit Selambau!!!

if you read newspaper today, then you will know what I mean in the title above..

YES!! another by-election is coming, not one but THREE!!!

and one of the by-election (that is Bukit Selambau) even set up a new record with 15 contestant!!!


15 CONTESTANT FOR A STATE SEAT!?!? you joking ar? you thought you are going for Guinness World Record ar?

1 from MIC, 1 from PKR and 13 from independent... yaya.. I know many people want to be famous by participating in an election or by-election.. but 13!?!? you thought we're filming Ocean Thirteen meh? and you think your sex appeal can beat the hell out of Brad Pitt? hell no!!

but if you are seriously concerning about the current issue and politics development.. thumbs up for ya!! cause the citizen now, they don't know who to vote for... both sides are almost the same... so, those who don't know whom to pick can throw their vote for the independent instead of wasting one precious vote...

for more info about the by-election, click (here)

talking about Bukit Selambau... sounds kinda like..


which means people can contest in the by-election slumber, I guess.. XD

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Honeymoon No More

it has been 3 months since I undergoes hibernation or honeymoon to be exact...

why honeymoon? DAMN.. for the past 3 months here are my daily "schedule" :

9.30am - Wake up and breakfast
10.00am - Read some books
10.30am - Either in front of my computer or TV (PS2)
12.30am - Bath and lunch
1.00pm - Newspaper
2.00pm - Either in front of my computer or TV (PS2)
5.00pm - House Chores
6.00pm - Cycling
7.00pm - Bath and dinner
8.00pm - Either in front of my computer or TV (PS2)
1.00am - Goodnight (it is consider as fucking early by many of my friends)

I don't know how they can withstand till 3am lidat, but if they sleep late than me, then they must be wake up late than me also, so the duration of a day when you are in an awake state are almost the same...

it repeats almost the same everyday except maybe there are some outing(also enjoyable one), see? what an enjoyable schedule... if not called honeymoon, then what?

just imagine how unproductive my life are for the past 3 months(except reading some books) and recently my life engine has forced to start again...

it begins right after I got my SPM result...photocopy documents, get them certified then got my car banged(1st time experience), go to post office to buy "kiriman pos"(1st time exp), some document left out and need to photocopy and sign again(sigh),completing JPA scholarship form, searching for other scholarship like searching needle under the seabed, have to answer the 6154324 JPA questions online and many many many!!!

and most importantly, about my future if JPA was to be failed.. A level? Where? Or continue straight for Architecture? Where again?

so it is a restart thinking if I failed to get the JPA scholarhip and I guess I should be well prepare for this...

and I saw some of my friends already started their new stage of life, The University Life(ahhh.. probably the last suitable place for engaging serious relationship XD) so, I was wondering how will it be when I starts that life... it was still thousands of question marks for me..

all I know for now is, the busy life which happened when I was the President of Interact Club has approaching me a little by little..

the black and white stuff, meeting the power one, phone for enquiry, socializing... they are all coming back one by one to end my honeymoon...

lifting another steps into a tougher yet still-mysteryful stage of life..


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mona Lisa And Hamburger

so, Mona Lisa... one of the greatest art in man's history.. by Leonardo da Vinci.. comes the mystery of Mona Lisa's smile and the da Vinci code behind it.. yada yada *yawns*

I don't know at which part of this wonderful art actually worth... its too abstract!!! like everyone has their own point of view which made this art contain "many" kinds of mystery and unsureness... so why waste time looking at the picture and thinking something that are abstract... the comment you gave can be easily opposed by other people using THEIR own point of view.. so that will be a no end controversial fight... so why bother?

better spend time "investigate" some CONCRETE stuff like this,

why I say it is concrete? it can neither be touched nor be eaten wor...


look closely at the picture..

can't see it?

let's focus more a bit on it..

YES!! you are right!!

its a FLY on a "HAMBURGER"!!!

so what's that supposed to mean?

it means... the Hamburger is fucking tasty!!! even it was just a picture, it "attracts" fly!!!

is THAT simple!!!

the statement can be proved by your naked eyes and your so so mind (you do not need to be artistic) it is "what you see is what you will get."!!

so what else Mona Lisa can attract except those controversial comment? (and damn lots of money)

This entry is just for laughs, no hard feelings towards anyone. Cheers!!

p/s :sorry Leonardo bro, no offense towards your masterpiece.. just for example only.. and because it was deadly famous so it became the example.. XD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gesek-Gesek and Kepek-Kepek!!

yesterday I got my mum's car SCRATCHED!!!

here's how it goes..

after we have our certificate signed, we went to Chuan Kee to have our lunch.. after that we will be going for an education talk organized by MCA Youths..

it took ages to find a place to park in the parking lot at Kota Lama almost anytime, except during nighttime I think...

I was so lucky to find a spot and I quickly drive into in.. unfortunately, the angle adjustment was wrong already at the beginning...

it was some thing like this,

the problem is, my side door already "kissed" that car's bumper (thankfully, it was made by rubber) since I'm a newbie driver, I got no idea how to reverse back to get the hell out of this... after several tries of reversing the car, all were failed... and got 1 time that car even lifted up when I was reversing!!! WTF!! knn blur-ing~

so I try the "smartest" things ever... drive FORWARD!!


shockingly!! my car made it into the parking box... at first I thought, the damage won't be so serious gua.. then when I came down and see..



and that's not the climax of the whole event I tell you... here goes!

when we are about to leave my car there, we saw a family coming towards the car that I fucking banged it just now... HOLYSHIT!!! it was their car!!!

1st thing that came up to my mind... ZAO!!! I think they saw us coming down from our car and after seeing our car's damage, I think they know already the culprit was us... we not dare to even turn back our head ah... simply cheong!! thank god, that family didn't shout at us... and finally we made it into the "Safe House", Chuan Kee Restaurant...

I straight no mood ah when eating the chicken rice cause I scared later that family came right into the shop and hunt for my head... luckily, that didn't happen.. if not, I got no idea on how to deal with the situation...

DAMN!!! it was one of the most fearful event in my life!!


now, talking about fearful (or chi kek, sorta..) man has invented one of the most chi kek game in the world, yet it is so simple, it could take your breath away!!

presenting the Jenga Blocks!!!

(click here if the video above doesn't work)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Tic TAG Toe, Beanie'sTag

it has been 15453421 ages ago since i was last tagged, or maybe i was tagged before but was too lazy to respond.. so, my apologize to those who have tagged me but didn't get my response.. sorry man!

Tagged by Beanie.

Directions : Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog, you can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

1. I just finished a match of futsal and currently fucking exhausted.

2. I have my dinner alone today since I got home late. Thanks to my friends for showing up late for futsal.

3. I truly believe that giving middle finger towards your homie is a sign to show that you actually care about them REAL much.

4. My computer suck out big time, gonna out i7 sooooon~ XD

5. Streamyx still sucks.

6. I applied for JPA scholarship. (45% yada yada.. fuck you!)

7. I hardly going through newspaper's main edition one by one because I see many shits from Malaysia politics EVERY SINGLE DAY!

8. "Glory Glory Man United~~!!"

9. It was a year since I last played DOTA. (Did Lina undergoes breast implantation by any chance?)

10. When is the next partyyyyy!?!?

11. Currently addicted to Persona 4. (link)

12. I fucking disagree the "I'm a good boy" statement by the fucker who tagged me. ..!..

13. If you don't like to see "=.= , lol , swt, zzz " please kindly sign out from MSN. ^^

14. Backstabber are strictly prohibited!

15. A serious relationship in university's life? OYEAH!!

16. You have just wasted 3 minutes reading a total of 15 shits about me.

the person i would like to tag is :

1. KJ. To reincarnate his one-post-and-dead-forever blog.

2. Ayrton. To stop him from playing Persona 4 like a freak.

3. Wei San. Because she stay at US. (What the hell a reason was that!?)

4. Calwin. Because he got straight Ass.

5. Niaseng. To stop him from date-ing with his i7. (Wait a minute, blogging too needs i7.. DAMN!!)

till then,

have a nice day! ^^

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Blessed Judgment

back track to yesterday...

early morning, i was bathing (preparing to be judged)

suddenly my dad came and said, "Cikgu Poh (my art teacher in school) sms me already your result.. wanna hear?"

"what the hell, so fast?" "don't want lah!! spoil the fun(the chi kek feeling) nia if I know the result in advance.."

so after gearing up.. 2 message arrived... one from my English tuition teacher (Cikgu Ang) and my mom saying "Congratulations!! "

''what the...' taichi tua doh!!!

with extreme tense, i drove to school.. on the way, beanie phone me shouting like there's no tomorrow,

"Woi!!! CB!! You get straight A la!!! diu~!!"

then i gasa doh... 99% are truth, because people won't lie you about you getting straight A if you are not actually getting it...

so the truth is...


frankly speaking, my hope on BIO was only 3B... well, it was fucking shocking that I actually got 2A.. damnit! i still cant believe myself..

conclusion? the result of mine was unbelievable!!


there are lots of people I wanna thank today,

1st, I wanna say thank you to my parents for all their encouragement and by not putting pressure on me to study like a machine (suit me this lazy ass) ^^

2nd, to all teachers who taught me before!!! thousands of appreciation for their hardship in teaching me this naughty ass fella @@

3rd, to all my motherfucking buddies!!! especially those who are so kind enough to spend their time teaching the noob me...

4th, to my stupid slow snail computer for letting me to escape from exam tension for a while...

5th, to my comfortable bed =.= , so I have a great sleep and have enough energy the next day...

6th, to my half dead handphone @@ , for storing all the luck u guys gave me..

wait wait wait!! am I an Oscar winner or what!? if I continue to thank like this... there will be 165329 pages for you to read..

as for those who are not satisfied with their result, cheer up!! there are still a long way to go, your journey has just started only, so don't give up!!

fight more harder to prove that you value much much much more than what a result slip can offer you!!


today is my mom's birthday, so I guess my achievement was the best birthday gift she have ever received!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Laugh Before You Get Judged!!

i know i know, you all have been so tense recently because the SPM result is coming out tomorrow... TOMORROW!!!

hohohoho!! The Judgment Day!!!!

well, since you already did your best le few months ago, why worry now?

to those who are confident and cool about tomorrow, thumbs up for you!!

to those who are still nervous and tense about tomorrow, no worry mannn!! i gonna share something that will surely kill all your tension away...

have fun watching!!

(Click here if the video above doesn't work)

i know one is never enough for you these hungry readers, here goes the another one!!

(Click here if hte video above doesn't work)

well, i hope i did a good job killing the tension of you..

good luck to those who are getting their SPM result tomorrow~!!

as for tomorrow,


today morning, i got a bad news from my dad..

it happened around yesterday midnight, the timer which used to turn on and off for the filter of the pond outside my house spoiled.. and because of that, the water was not filtered, it was dirty and the oxygen decrease overtime inside the water (no regulation i think)..

too bad, my mom only discovered this when she was about to go to work during early morning today...

at least 20 fish died, left only 6 small-size fish (consume less oxygen, lucky you)

the DEADLY timer that ticks lives away


the main purpose of setting a timer is to create chance for the fish to adapt themselves when the water was not regulated(filtered) cause sometimes the filter pipe get knocked off by the fish themselves (they are digging their own grave actually) causing the filter system to be bypassed..

guess that my dad's effort was still a waste, they still died when the filter system malfunction for a great amount of time..

why? cause they rely on the timer too much... before my dad start using timer, the death toll will be like 1 - 2 fish like that(sometimes even no death!!) when the filter is not functioning...

now with the timer, main function is to train the fish to adapt 1 manatau the fish give their life to the timer.. cause as time goes, they most likely "know" how long is the time interval between the on and off of the timer.... so as long as the time interval is constant, they know they can't die..

but when the timer goes crazy, the time interval was altered, the fish will be in CHAOS!!!


what am I trying to say is, the above happens the same on human beings, don'tcha think so?

when you are comfortable with your current surrounding/state and rely on it too much.. when the surrounding/state changed suddenly, you are in CHAOS too!!

so my suggestion is, don't put all your hope or even your life on just a single thing (or person).. be sure to find some "back up" for emergency use...

cause if you don't, when something happened to that single thing which you rely too much on it.. that's it, you are DONE!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last Shot Before The Judgement Day

Mission : Ajil's Party

Date : 6 March 2009, Friday

Time : 1.00pm - 12.00am

Object : 13 Passengers

Object Name list : Beanie, John, Charles, Ming Ee, Guo Wei, Leon, Vien, Sharon, Lynn, Welly,
Bee Kun, Yan Xin, Khye Vern.

Transporter on mission : 4

Transporter Name list : JJ, Calwin, Niaseng, Wei jun.

Target Locations :
1. Giant Hypermarket
2. Ministry of Ajil, Eric's House

Mission Objectives :
1. Deliver objects to target location (1) at 1pm.
2. Buy food supply using only the RM200 given.
3. Deliver objects to target location (2) before 3pm.
4. Make sure all object satisfy with the event held.
5. Deliver objects back their home.
6. All objects must not be harmed or damaged.

Mission Starts.

Objects successfully delivered to target location (1) at 1pm. Objective 1 Completed!

Food supply bought without exceeding the budget given. Objective 2 Completed!

Objects successfully delivered to target location (2) before 3pm. Objective 3 Completed!

No unsatisfaction and complaints were made by objects during the whole event. Objective 4 Completed!

Due to the wonderful performance by all the participants during the party, Ministry of Partyhood would like to give them some awards.

1st of all,

The Best Cook Award

goes to....

Chew Bee Kun!!! for making the best burger we have ever eat during a party. * two thumbs up*


and now,

The Best Boomer Award

fuck, who the hell is he/she!?!?

its Sharon Loi!!!!!!

she fucking vomited for 3 times at Zies after going back from the party...

if you didn't get what I mean? go and play Left 4 Dead..

oh ya! she didn't explode by the way...



The Iron Man Award

who!? who!? who!?

John Yang!!!!

fucker play CS from 1am to 7am and yet still got the energy to party with us the next day!!!

a tough guy indeed!


and now,

The Safest Transporter Award

goes toooooooo........


hey man! i didn't drink any alcohol even for a DIP!! so hell yeah, I'm gonna bring home this award as a reward for keeping myself away from beer... HUH!!


moving on....

The Hermit Award

what does that supposed to mean?

its Cheah Wing Seng and Lynn Cheang!!! for missing in action during most of the time of the party... EVEN at Giant, they start missing doh!



The Most Hardworking Award

goes toooooo...

Sim Vivien!!
for pouring in hard effort on inviting and contacting participants concerning the party... give her some applause please!



The Chatterbox Award

mah de, who talk so much?

its Eddy Goh and Sharon Loi!!!!!

bloody hell! they talked non-stop starting from 8.30pm to 10pm... nuff said..


and finally!!

The Best Performance Award

deng deng deng deng!!!


thank you for showing us your full support to this party!! thank you thank you!!


All objects were safely delivered back to their home respectively. Objective 5 and 6 Completed!

Mission Accomplished!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ben Foster Saves the Day!!!

yesterday was the 1st time I went to mamak stall with friends to catch football match LIVE!!!

it was the Carling Cup Finals 2009 between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur...

did I mention before that I'm a MU supporter? well, at least now you know that I'm one of the RED DEVILS fans.. @@

Niaseng, John and Apo

Beanie, another MU top fans!!

Calwin and MJ(not Michael Jackson though =.=)

now what's the point of going to mamak stall to watch football while risking your blood been suck by mosquitoes...

of course its for the SUPER DUPER ATMOSPHERE!!!




the scene where C.Ronaldo thinks he can outsmart Referee's eye... he fucking fake fall resulting a yellow card for him... this is also the scene where the crowds (mamak stall d) critic and laugh at him kao kao... =.=

and the most amkan event happened on the 93th minutes... both team still 0-0.. Ronaldo dribbles into the penalty box and shoot!!! if this scores, I can go back home and sleep already...

"PONG!!!" fucking shit!!!! kena the motherfucker damn post!!!

and there goes into the extra time where both team also never score which leads them to HELL - Penalty Shootout!!!

yeah man!! this is it!! the climax..


Ben Foster saves the day!!!!!!

final score: MU 4 - 1 Tottenham

and the singing goes~

Glory Glory Man United~~!!!

another step closer to MU's 5 Champs Wonder Achievement!!

this was also the 1st time I hang out with friends till 2am... thankfully my family don't practise Door Lock... unfortunately not for Apo, he have to sleep at friend's house...

but who cares? as long as MU wins can liao la~!!

cheers~ XD

Glory Glory Man United~~!!!