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Friday, May 29, 2009

Birdnest For SALES!!!

oh sorry...


just now evening, I went to SJK(C) Chung Hwa Wei Sin along with my mom and bro to held some sort of promotion sales...

in conjunction of Parent's Day, a dinner was held at the main school hall.. there are also another 2 stalls together with us establishing own "base" at the entrance of the hall hoping to attract guests' attention and their money too, hopefully XD

FYI, the Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun also attended the dinner to open the ceremony.. guess what, I even have a chance to shake hand with her!! thanks to my dad who grab the golden opportunity asking her to take pic with our shop banner.. too bad, the photo was taken by other photographer, so can't share here..

let's take a look at our stall..

my mom and my bro at the stall.

some products we were selling.

due to my lack of information about birdnest and shyness, my bro handle all the promoting job.. I just help to distribute the fliers with my useful hand...

the sales was OK, well at least the main purpose is to promote our shop so that people knew in KT this little city got a shop named House Of Nest where birdnest can be bought...

for those who are interested, the shop is located at Jalan Kampung Cina, above KT Sport operating from 9.30am to 5.30pm and closed on Friday.

20% diskaun!!

marilah beli!! kasi muka u molek skit!!!

congratulations, you just accidentally read through an advertisement set up by me!! XP

good night people!!

Happy birthday to you~

Happy birthday to you~

Happy birthday to you~~~

Happy birthday to you!!!


today is the 1st Anniversary of The Letters Crusade!!! (initially known as "Bed of Roses. Thorns. Jun's")

The Letters Crusade was "accidentally" founded in 29th May 2008 by a dude name, JJ.

actually, I started to blog first by using Windows Live Space, but I found it quite unsorted and a total mess.. so, under the recommendation of Sharon and Calwin, I have enter the world of Blogger cause I find it simple and clean...

so it begins my life as a part time blogger~~

as time goes, many of my friends have started to join me into the blogosphere 1 by 1 , although some are just 3-minutes-heat... =.=

well, starting a blog is easy as shit.. the main key is the maintenance!! how you keep your blog alive all the time full with interesting stuff to share about.. how you fill your blog with spirit so that your readers always enjoy viewing your blog and not hesitating to click on your link every time when they are surfing the blogs hoping for updates... you don't want people to come into your blog and been surrounded by despair just because you always blog about how shit your life was, how failure you are, for 24/7!?!?

blog is about your life.. so your life are in despair 24/7? I don't think so.

c'mon~ life's harsh already, we can't afford to handle more despair(here, I always mean 24/7 that kind 1)

so, if you find that your blog was "accidentally" overload with too much of despair.. stop and think.. around you, is it didn't have any good/interesting stuff to talk about? if so, your life is indeed FUCKED!!! and I suggest you to go to this web, Fuck My Life and you can start rant about how fuck you life was... just please don't fill the blogosphere with despair...

p/s : this post was not meant to be pointed at any individuals.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Proposal Daisasuken, Thoughts

just finished watching Proposal Daisasuken, another best watched drama..

the story is about a guy named Ken who like a girl named Rei since primary school, they have been together for 14 years, same school, same class, same university... but, Ken never confess his love towards Rei until the day Rei finally get married with another guy.. during the wedding ceremony, Ken was so so so regret that for the past few years he did not take chance to confess his true feelings towards Rei and he hoped he could return back to the past and try to make things right again... his wish was granted when an elf appeared and gave him the chance to travel back to the past... and so it begins the story!!

what I've learn from this drama is that, people tend to procrastinate things just because it is not far away from them and can be done at anytime, so they procrastinate.. example from story(lil' spoiler),

Ken and Rei were good friends since primary school till now... as they were always together for almost everyday, Kei procrastinate the action of confess because he thinks this can be done easily at anytime... in real, Kei is actually avoiding the reality and thus using this reason to console himself that he still have many chances to confess.. in the end, he did not and Rei got married..

mann.. this happen in almost everyday life... like you did not express your truest feeling towards your loved one(eg: parents, friends) until the moment they are going to leave you for sure... you regret...

another thing is also about procrastinate with the reason waiting for the best time, best scene, best atmosphere in another words, TOTAL PERFECT SITUATION to do something.. in the end, you probably did not get the thing started... same, you are avoiding the reality and making reasons for yourself...

we should grab any chances available for us instead of looking for the TOTAL PERFECT SITUATION then only you start off your work.. I mean, c'mon why waste your precious time waiting for perfect? you should have use the very-unforgiving time and get on to your work instead..

well, I'm too a some what procrastinate dude last time... it seems like after I shared these, I must cut off this bad habit TOTALLY!! if not, I might as well been labeled as "Know lecture people only, don't know practise one" =X


phew~ its been months since I last share my thoughts... my perspective towards life really changed a lot after reading some books and of course watching dramas XD

and I can say! this past few months, it wasn't that rot and wasting as it seems to be... thinking back.. the time I hanging out with my friends like mad, the time I've been settling scholarship stuff, the time I discussing my future with my family, the time I watching drama, the time I become customer phoning to many "Customer Service"....

I have actually gained a lot of things, nurturing my friendship and experience.. all that I can say is, things you've done are not as tiny as you thought... they accumulates little by little every day...

"IT IS THE PAST THAT MAKES THE PRESENT ME." - my favorite quote in Proposal Daisasuken.

Have a nice day! ^^

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1 Litre of Tears, Epilogue

look, you have to waste damn lot of tissues when you are watching sad drama.. and also sadden down your whole day mood..

this is the end product after I watched the last episode of 1 Litre of Tears...

OMG!!! I'm sooooooooo emo!!!

4 episodes in a day really can make you dehydrated, I really don't know how Calwin actually finished it in A DAY!?!? every time after I watched, that day my mood will be down and recalling some of the touching scene can really sadden me up..that's why I didn't blog about the detailed story.. TT

now I know why Calwin wanna finished it sekaligus... he wants to shorten the "after pain" I guess.. LOL!!

well, the sense of touched couldn't be felt in just letters.. you have to fucking watched it!! seriously.. no watch = regret.. jangan main-main duh~

here, I will share some nice song inside the drama.. still you have to watch the drama itself in order to feel the "touched" of the song (too bad, no lyrics.. just enjoy the rhythm)

(Click here if the video above doesn't work)

(Click here if the video above doesn't work)

(Click here if the video above doesn't work)

next stop, Proposal Daisasuken!! another top drama recommended by the one I'm proud of, KJ (as requested by himself =.=)

hope it would not be another sad drama... I might go hysteria if I keep watching sad stuff... need to rebalance my emotion though.. XD


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

As Friend As Bra

recently, I came across something funny in an email I received and wanna share about it... I guess most of you already seen it before but fuck that I still wanna blog about it, can how? lalala~~

just sit down and enjoy the show~

presenting, the sexiest thing in the world~~


seriously, this is not I want you all to see in my blog yang amat suci~ it's called "foreplay" y'know?

now, here's the real deal that I wanted to share today,

so next time you want to compliment your buddies, try this,

"Mannnnn.... You are my best BRA~~"

Have a nice day, bra!! Ooops!! I mean, pal... XD

Friday, May 15, 2009

1 Litre of Tears





T T X 1 LITRE!!!!


recently, I started to chase this Japanese drama introduced by our motherfucker KJ... can't believe he actually watched Japanese drama right!? neither do I believe myself watching Japanese drama, for the 1st time...

this drama is based on a true story about a girl named, Aya who was diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease at the age of 15... in the beginning, she started to fall down easily, could not grab a pepper shaker right in front of her eyes accurately.. and as time goes, she will be having more symptoms... slowly... (click here for more info) SPOILER ALERT!!

tell you what, although I just watched till second episode only, I was already oh-so-touched by the story... not to mention that the main actress who portrays Aya is a LL!! felt comfortable and sympathetic(the disease she's facing) just by looking at her face... @@

nuff said!! I hereby highly recommend you all,1 Litre of Tears, a must watch Japanese drama!!

so what the hell are you waiting for? join me in filling up one litre of tears!!












Monday, May 11, 2009

An Important Key, LOST

First thing first, congratulation to those who got their JPA scholarship successfully!!

and for those who failed, cheer up!! things are not as bad as you think... there are always other ways to fulfill your destiny, and JPA is not the only key to the door of success... cheers mate!

well, if you followed my Plurk recently, you'll know that I got rejected for my JPA scholarship application... quite disappointed when I saw this in front of my computer screen,

not feeling too sad about it, don't know why.. maybe I have encountered many failures already in my life... used to it already.. things are not always going to go as smooth as you hope to see it every time.. your luck will run out someday... therefore, I'm really agree with the phase "Life's not a bed of roses", thorns are everywhere damnit!!

now, I've got a chance to appeal for their reconsideration on my application.. last opportunity, waste or failed this, no more JPA and my dad will cut off his mind of buying himself a S series... @@

still, the chance of success is as thin as this,

now that one of the important keys to success has lost...

hope that I could find it back... even if I couldn't, there are still many other keys waiting for me to dig them out!!

mapuki!! damn many loh...

recently, I was STRANGELY ACTIVE and ADDICTIVE to futsal... at least 2 games per week.. and without proper futsal shoes, instead I wear my badminton shoes cause I think it makes no big difference.. shoes what~

until a day, my shoes maybe went into berserk mode and accidentally "killed" itself...

the "death" scene of my badminton shoes,

may you rest in peace~

so BADMINTON shoes were never meant to be wore in a FUTSAL game, things can't "survive" long enough if it wasn't used in a field which it was invented to adapt for.. lesson learn!

looking back at my previous weekly activities, I seems to be more active in futsal than badminton (kaki lebih banyak lah!) so I decided to buy myself a futsal shoes.. the 1st 1...

not quite sure about the name, but by looking at the box, it's called TOTAL90 SHOOT II EXTRA IC

was attracted by its "sex appeal", look at the rocking yellow!! DAMN!!! the performance? haven't wear it to war gok, how know?

all I know is, with proper shoes, I doesn't need to be kaki ayam anymore!! XD


ohya! another motherfucker has left KT today to further his studies, that is... KJ!!!!

mannnn... futsal less 1 kaki doh... bad news...

but!! KT will become more peaceful without that asshole... good news!


finally, another tag... a best chance to resurrect my blog..

however, this tag is a bit different 1~ guess what, its in CHINESE!!! hola!! for the 1st time you will see so many Chinese words "fooling" around my blog...

nuff said, please enjoy the tag..

幸福點點名遊戲規則回答下列問題,並貼到自己的網誌or報台寫完後,自己多加一個問題然後傳給十個人,可以點被點過的人,被你點到的人你要去跟他說,我點到你了。寫完後去跟點到你的人說「我寫完了」不可以不寫喔,不然幸福就會跑掉喔, yada yada.. *yawn*

1.我的大名 : BIG name? oh ok.. GODZILLA JJ
2.我的生日 : 25 July
3.誰傳給你的 : Don't know read my title?
4.說出五個好朋友 : How leh? cannot say 5 only, later kena whack..
5.生日想要得到什麼禮物 : PS3!!! (i7 almost in my hand le since parent surely will buy me new computer for studies) lalala~~
6.近期開心的是 : My line finally recovered!!! (imagine how tough life is when you dc for 321421 times a day)
7.近期壓力大的是 : Squeezing my brain on how to grow better and bigger "mushroom" at home..
8.未來想做什麼啊 : Professional Architect.. simplify it? aiya, draw house lah...
9.有沒有喜歡的人 : Retired from hunting mission TEMPORARILY
10.同學會要回去找老師嗎 : Ya, my hair is long and going back might earn me a free haircut (by the way, does this "free service" still apply for graduates?)
11.跟誰出去最幸福 : No gf at the moment, so it would be friends and family..
12.如果你的兩個好友吵架了 : I would risk my life to..................... pour oil into the "fire".
13.跟情人出去最想去哪 : Bitch.. ooops sorry, its Beach...
14.聖誕節要做啥 : Hang out my deadly smelly socks..
15.最想跟誰過聖誕節 : LL Santa by any chance?
16.有沒有起床气 : If you woke me up when I was having a sweet dream, I'MA GIVE YOU HELL!!!
17.有幾個兄弟姐妹 : 1 BIG bro
18.最喜歡的一首歌(女生的) : Taylor Swift - Love Story
19.最喜歡的一首歌(男生的) : Plain White T's - 1234
20.喜歡什麼顏色 : Give me some fucking blue will'ya?
21.上廁所會不會先沖水 : So you flush 1st then only you shit?
22.愛不愛我 : Who the hell do you refer too!?
23.喜歡男生還是女生 : LL-sexuality
25.半夜敢不敢自己上廁所 : My toilet was attached to room 1.. No big deal..
26.上廁所會不會脫褲褲 : Did you fucking pee right inside your underwear?
27.誰很欠打 : Tite Kubo (bloody, 1 week for few pages of Bleach.. fuck!)
28.現在很迷什麼 : DOTA!!!
29.睡相很差 : How am I supposed to know?
30.現在的時間 : 12 o'clock and 6 minutes in the afternoon..
31.是否痛恨傳給你點卷的人 :I'm Tag-Friendly 1...
32.今天天氣 : Mr. Sun no ponteng at the moment..
33.你懷孕了嗎 : yes, 1245123 months already and yet no new life came out..
34.大學生一定要玩的活動 : LL Hunting Mission
35.Favourite food: So you finally ask me in English!! Fried Omelette with Oyster..
36.喜欢看什么? : LL

End of Tag.

Since almost all my friends have been tagged. I would skip this final part to prevent another outbreak of tag... Swine Flu is enough already!! We want no Tag Flu to come out!!

well, till then. Have a nice day! ^^