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Saturday, May 31, 2008

birdnest soup

many years before since i last drunk birdnest soup..hmm almost forgot wad it taste like..well today i had a chance to retrieve back how it was like..

my bro work so hard to pick out all the dirt n tiny mini feather from the birdnest.. he was feeling abit frustrated, he told me.. haha..well, it always happen the 1st time u do sth.. hav a little patience la bro..

finally his hard work paid off.. mom was the chef of cooking the birdnest soup..though a very long time since she last cook 1.. the product come out..hmmm.. taste not so sweet...totally suit my mom which is anti-sweet n salty 1.. i drank the soup..ahhhh~.. the memory of old taste went wild in my tongue.. 2 years at least i tink...

well, got to hug my bed soon.. tmr gonna wake up early n do 'cheerleader' at the swimming pool.. its SUKMA 08!! and it is at TRG!! c ya!

Friday, May 30, 2008


jz now evening vien ajok go gym.. so me, ying , calwin n vien went to parkroyal to do some exercise..haha..cuz holiday stay at home reli damn sien vien jz came back from KL..look she so miss us..mah go out lor.. n esther has member card..its FOC!!

the gym of parkroyal not very big..nt enuff to occupy large group of ppl.. we tried everything we saw inside the gym..XD..

after burning enuff of calories..we went outside the beach ther.. calwin open challenge me play chess using the big size chesspiece.. so cute ar he put on the pink bag.. like BIG kids wandering around finding mama..haha..

see? so cute!! lou win~ n notice the BIG chesspiece at back?? HE WINS ME!! x.x

seesaw time~ look at behind.. tats my bag.. so sad he diam diam do background jer...

then, we make our way to A& they open 24 hrs le..wan fight wif KFC..hahaha.. after spending time exercising..then eat back kao kao.. our hard work = 0.. >< bt nvm.. no matter hw much i eat oso still thin 1... bt vien? sad case for her.. @@

at 7pm, i went back home n take another dinner with my parents outside..Awww... second round eat.. >.<

jz finish a whole week of mural.. feeling abit free rite now..

bt din hav the mood to study back ar... thinking back all the sux result i get from the TOV.. well, the mid year exam i cant say it will b better though... nt my best effort still.. owez say will proof myself at the trial..nw still no semangat study..><

i am like half hanging rite now.. bt mayb after i wrote tis i will bcom semangat back..who noes? not enuff reasons yet to put me in the situation of becoming a bookworm..nt aiming for scholarship.. my onli reason to study is to gain knowledge saje.. wonder will it b useful in the future..hmmmm... reli hard to choose la.. btwn study for present exam or for future life.. ?.?

these are the photo we taken during the mural painting at the old folks home..its called Rumah Sejahtera Taman Bahagia.. reli bahagia?? hmmm... tats not the topic though..XD

before we start, SCRATCHING the wall!! so that we can paint on it..^^

working hard~~ but y i c many r watching saje?? ><

TADA!! Another project done!! yeppi~~!!

it took us 4 days to complete.. 1 day 4 hrs.. eat there d food gok..haha...go there more often gasa will bcom older.. OMG!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

i had came so far...

so far i have been as the president of Interact Club.. lets look back wad me n my directors have done so far..

1st, we had our conference trip to Penang last year, followed by the rocking Kampong Tiong Sales on the beginning of this year n then paused for a month i tink..hahaha preparing our IU camp... we manage to held it so rock!!haha..good response i got from them..^^ then followed by the mural painting we jz held at the old folks home n in school compound during tis May holiday.. everything went quite well..

there still hav 3 more activities left, tat is dictionary gives away, a campaign and the sports day sales..well..not much time left to go during my term..wan finish ady jor lur.. hope everything went fine on the rest of the activities..god bless!!

1 more month to go.. XD