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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Officially 17

yepi!! im 17 right now.. 1 years to go before turning into an adult.. OMG!! so near yet so far~~

lets flashback to yesterday event.. my birthday party.. which is a HUGE birthday present from my parents.. love them much~

picture speaks thousands words..

we started our BBQ at around 6.30pm..

from evening.. we roast till night.. ^^ causing my house to be global warmed.. ><

eating time~~ lots of food prepared to fill up your stomach to the MAX!!

i duno y i laugh till lidat.. XD

poser of the day~

before we cut the cake.. let us have a group pic 1st.. KACHAK!!

1 more time.. KACHAK!!

with my parents n relatives~

"ouch!! tat hurts!!" the cake shouted..

3 wishes used wisely..


and finally..

a gift that filled with lots lots lots of friendship~~ love u all!!! muacks!! <3 u guys spice up my life~~!!

and also to her~~ ^@^

frankly speaking, this is the best birthday i had ever have!!! and sometimes i think that this would be the last gathering before SPM ends..

well, guys.. time to work hard for our SPM..

may our friendship be eternity~

-Tor Jiajun, up one age to 17.-

Monday, July 21, 2008

the unforgiving time...

5 days had past since my last post.. quite busy nowadays.. dunno why~~

just finish making my own SPM 'days to go' countdown.. and i named it as SPM Universal Indicator Special Edition~~

it somehow looks like this..

as you can c.. there are blacked area which indicates the days that had been counted away and the colored area indicates the arrival of SPM is getting nearer n nearer..

"Fill the unforgiving minutes with sixty seconds worth of distance run."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dear readers and all individual that are involved in "The Dark Knight" post which i deleted it yesterday,

My deepest apologize to all concerning the content in the post. If my harsh words harms you, deeply sorry. If what i am talking about in the post was not true concerning about that person, deeply sorry to that person. If even it is the truth, i will just have to say, if you think that you are the person that i talk about, then it is you, and if you think that the person i talk about is not you, then it will not be you and you can consider my act was like a dog barking.

I just hope that the blog is still a place to released tension.. to share about feelings... and also telling the truth.. correct me if i am wrong.. i will greatly appreciate that.. thank you..

Deeply sorry to have cause you all so much of inconvenience.. and i would like to thank to those who had helped me in recovering back the situation..

Sorry and Thank You..

Saturday, July 12, 2008


just when out to the bike shop to fix my bike..

bike fixed n i realized something... don't ever look down on these mechanics.. even though that they dint score quite well in their academics, they are way toooo expert in this field..

watching them fixing the bike.. slow and steady.. fixed 1 part followed by another part.. calmly solving the problems.. without complaining.. fixing the bike just as the customer's need..

lets just say.. i ask you to and find a high flier in your school now.. and i bet that he or she dint even know how to fix a bike.. well.. i personally also the same.. a noob in mechanics.. >.<

here.. what i want to say is.. don't ever underestimate anyone's capability... they maybe sucks in everything.. but there is always one thing that they can feel proud of it.. even though it just fixing the bike... it is still a technique.. a technique that you could possibly need when you are in a forced situation.. lets say, when you cant find a job.. then with this technique, you can still become a mechanics to earn your livings.. rather than just lying on the road n ask for money... or even doing bad stuff to earn shit money...

well, for those who are really not interested in academics n all the book stuffs.. time to wake yourself up and search for the things that you are interest in and also can be relied on... don't ever let yourself to rot!!

salute to all MECHANICS!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Retirement of Tor Jiajun, Age 17

the day that i waited so long.. 9th July 2008...

JPN really sucks.. they just used the meeting room which we booked early than them i guess( coz principal already permit us to use it since a week before) dear JPN, dint you even have a meeting room inside your big damn building?? why you want to grab our school meeting room away from our club?? isit your meeting room leaks water?? or maybe you should consult to the person who build your f**king building with beancurd...

thanks to JPN, we had no choice but to held our Annual Grand Meeting inside the school hall.. bla bla bla.. hmmm.. what so important about the AGM??


its been a year since i am the president of interact club..maaaaan... time flies.. remember the 1st time when i was put on the President Medallion by last year outgoing president, Sze Yuan.. guess what.. i immediately think of John Cena.. cause the medallion actually spins!! cool huh!! it seems cool till i actually do the job.. as the president n so called presy..

whatever the name is.. it is tougher than it looks.. carrying the weight of presy.. somemore like a Mt. Everest sitting on your back.. its HELL HEAVY!!

being the president.. was not so easy.. you will have to worry this worry that... planning this and that.. you need to be a PERFECT happy go lucky person, in order to smile all the way through.. well, im not.. sometimes my sob defeats my joy.. sometimes my joy wins againts my sob.. actually.. i like both of them.. because there is such thing: "life is not a bed of roses"

adapting to the down, the sob, the madness, the frustrating... all the negatives!!! i gone through all of them.. and even making friends with them.. because without them.. you really wont actually appreciate the triumph you earned.. they are always balanced.. no pain no gain.. but i somehow undergo more pain in order to gain something little bit only.. and although it was just a little earnings.. its precious.. n most impotantly.. it made me mature!!

learnt how to stay calm when everything is going against you.. learnt how to solve emergency problem.. learnt how to appreaciate time.. learnt how to overcome disagreement.. learnt how to speak, act and lead as the PRESIDENT!!!

gosh... i cant believe i passed a year fully packed with joy n harsh.. i think that is what life is all about..

and now.. i had crossed my finishing line.. breaking record as the most rocking president in the history i guess.. i mean.. you cant really find a Interact Club president who always making fun of people, singing, doing stupid act(ask my close friend and you will know..^^), playing truant(oopS!!), laughing non-stop n giving out the lamest joke in the world!! and thats me!! i dint really care much about what what President.. as long as i am happy and people around me are happy too, it is all fine!! definitely!! well, i just want to be myself.. yeah~~

my thousands of appreciation to all who aid me along the way, especially my teacher advisor mdm. irham n mr. suhaili n my director gangees n all my lovely friends who supported me along the way.. thanks!!

retired... aaaaaahhhh... thats the full released of mine.. like the Mt. Everest been blown away into pieces by tons of C4 charges...

Pres. Tor Jiajun, you have offcially retired as the President of Interact Club 07/08. Congratulation. You are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!



Monday, July 7, 2008

Music Fest

*cough* cough*cough*

suffered from coughing now..

what a day i had~~ it was the Singing Competition that i talked about during my previous post.. well, thx ying again for sending me straight away into the Finals.. XD my performance?? hehe.. better than expected!! ^^ lets talk about others k?

maaaaannn.. i was deeply indulged in Ee June's sound.. it was My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.. there was a part... gosh~!!cant really describe in words.. you can only felt it by yourself.. i thought she was going to be champ.. but she get 3rd in the end.. well.. no point of doubting the judges.. plus im not a PRO in music.. =X way to go ee june~

my best compliment goes to my friend Bean Yao, who won 3rd in Duet n 2nd in Solo.. you the man!! never wonder you can sing so nice~~ haha.. n congratulation to Jasleen for being the CHAMP in Duet although there was a little accident happened during your performance.. no big deal for you i guess..^^

for the Group category.. not the performance i expected...think is because during the audition.. all participants are so so... so cant be blamed.. deeply apologize to my ear.. >.<

although i dint get any place in this competition.. still.. i went through the experience of facing 500+ crowds... maaaannnn.. it was just like a mini concert.. well, for me.. it is a concert.. enjoyed the process~!!


Friday, July 4, 2008

90 minutes

maaaaaaaaannnn.. this is crazy!!!

cant believe i just wasted 90 minutes at Chua's house.. together with my buddies.. u know what.. he just went out fetching his son to do a body checkup leaving us inside his house.. with exercise that we all have no idea on how to do it..

first, we thought that he just went out for a couple of minutes.. 15 or 20 lidat...god knows~~ it goes on forever!! we watched as the clock ticks our life away.. second by second.. minute by minute... we spent it by listening to songs.. talking cock.. bluetooth here n there... gosh~

it was 10.20am.. our 'hero' finally came back.. he apologized to us.. n officially declare that today's tuition will not be counted.. yeah.. i like that.. but that wont gonna refund back my precious 90 minutes..~

what a day...