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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Place Where Chicken Wings Shine!!!

Finally, we have arrived to the last day of August 2009 and before I forgot,

Happy Birthday Malaysia~!!

Last Friday, I went to YUEN Steamboat with my seniors. Yeah, again, I'm the only junior. I have no idea why like that, but since Woei Song and Nicholas ajok me, I pergi jer lah~

Due to some sort of miscommunication, me, Song and Nic ended up taking slow rapid bus to Sunway. We reached there around 7.30pm and under the guide of Meng Chai (my senior), we finally made it to the feast.

We arrived there with empty stomach but the rest were more or less 70% fulled since they started eating at around 6 something.

And actually, on 2 days before that night, I also went for a buffet steamboat with my friends of the same batch at Tasty Pot Steamboat which also situated nearby this restaurant.

Same style, same kind of food.

So by seeing this, there's only 1 word that popped out in my mind,


Chinese tea with prawn and octopus. Luxurious drink for the insane.

Humbly, we eat!

not until....

"Don't make me HUNGRY!! You won't like when I'm HUNGRY! RAWRRRR!!!"

They are not trying their best to grab free money nor sexy posters of Megan Fox but~~

The Holy Chicken Wings!!!

Dude for the 1st time, I've seen so many people "fighting" for.... chicken wings!?

It's like whenever the wings are coming out, all the customers will shout and cheer as if MU have scored a winning goal in the 90th minute. And so, the "gladiators" from each tables will rush for the wings!! When they finished grabbing as much wings as they can, the crowds cheer again and this time with applause.

This is so COOL!!! I mean, you earned applause just by competing in chicken wings grabbing even though you suck and grabbed nothing!

Seriously, the chicken wings were awesomely mouth-watering!! It's kinda like honey roasted chicken. SWEEEEET!!

But a word of advice, don't eat too much of them. 3 are enough. I'm not sure is it just me or because, as I ate more and more of them, the tastiness were declining greatly.

Well, things are best left nicest in your memories. The same goes to food! =)

After all of our stomach were satisfied with the food, we went back to our house respectively.

And I don't know if it's the side effect of the chicken wings we ate just now, many of us were fooling around making fun of each other inside the bus like there's no other passengers but us!! Some of other passengers even laughed together with us when we joke about something.

It should be called "Horny" roasted chicken wing instead of "Honey".

And remember they are all JPA scholars!!

Now that truly defines...

"Study HARD, Play EVEN HARDER!!!"

It was indeed, a great night~~

All photos are credited to Meng Chai.

No, this is not the end of this entry.

Actually what surprised me more is that the day after that night, I discovered that 2 of my friends, Niaseng and Beanie were also having meal at the same restaurant, same day, same time!! Miraculosly, the 3 of us didn't even know it until we talked about this restaurant the day after that night.

Perhaps, we were sitting on different floor that night.(It has 3 floors!!!) Or maybe there were soooo crowded until we can't even recognized each other? Or maybe because the power of the extremely delicious chicken wings made us ignore everything including our friends!?

Now the sides are clear. Chicken wings or friends?

You choose.

I choose Beth Cooper. XP

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Married, Again NOT ME.

On 15th August 2009, the most important event happened on my cousin bro, Jin Song.

He got married!!! Congratulation mannn!!!

It was my 1st time to have involved in a wedding ceremony since he is my close relative. My family have came down to KL and stayed in hotel for the weekends.

So, that day after I finished my class, I straight away rushed to the LRT station, of course with cab. Then I dropped off at KL Sentral and took KTM to Mid Valley(My family stays at Cititel). And for 1st time again, I experience the Wrath of Sardine Tin KTM. With a luggage on my hand, I couldn't squeeze my way into the freaking train which ended up watching the door hopelessly as it started to close and the train "jog" away (because it moves like snail).

Its 5.15pm. Sigh.

Enough with the troubles. I shall save my curses because this should be a loving entry isn't it!?

In our Chinese tradition, if the bridegroom wants to bring his bride from her house to his house. He has to face the challenges set up by the zhi muis of his bride. Well, of course with the help of his heng dai.

FYI, I'm not at the scene of the following event, just telling story by pictures,

The "Bridegroom's Chariot" has been readied and off they go!

The Chosen Ones

And so the challenges began!

Things get nasty sometimes,

"You bite the wrong 1 and I will marry you instead! I SWEAR!!"

The bra that would bring lots of prosperity if sucked right? XD

With the efforts from his heng dai, he finally made it to the bride's room!!


After successfully taking his bride home, the "yamcha" session follows.

And now, I'm back to the scene!! XP

I don't know why but my dad looks funny in this pic. =)

After drinking enough of the tea, here goes the important role of JJ on that day. My holy mission was to escort the newly-weds to their room, jumping humping on their bed for a few times then poke through a box and grab the angpau inside then zhaolou~!!

Actually, it was supposed to be another kid who will be doing this but one of the kid's family member was diagnosed to have infected by H1N1, so they couldn't showed up, And I'm the only substitute they can find since the person who will be doing this must be a boy and not married and younger than the bride.

I have absolutely no idea what's the main reason of doing that but as far as I know, its a part of the tradition, so just do it lah~

*Fast forwarding to the wedding dinner*

Oh ya, before we took off, I saw a Ferrari car parked outside the hotel.


The place where the feast happens!

The dinner as stated starts at 7pm. Me and my family arrived there at 6.15pm and guess what, we are the 1st one to arrived!! Talking about KL timing, maybe Calwin find it suits him best. Well, can't be blamed, KL's notorious with its congestion madness and poor public transit. Working people reached home maybe already 6 something or maybe 7, plus bath n preparation? Give them 8pm perhaps?

Luckily, my family and I have filled up our stomach a bit before we came here.

I found that the souvenir was quite interesting,

Guess what it is? No, its not a Happiness Blade nor the Gun-blade in FF7.

It's a pair of chopsticks!!

Finally, the ceremony "kicks-off" at 8.45pm.

The exotic cuisines were served~

The "Cold Plate" that has 110% attendance in every dinner.

Green veges just don't suit me.

The wedding cake.

The newly-weds and their parents.

Just Married~

Now I was wondering who among us will get marry first. Any ideas?

Esther are excluded.

p/s: All the above photos that do not have date on the bottom are credits to Jin Song's friend.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Day Trip to Banting

First thing first, Banting's road was filled with never-ending BUMPERS. And that reminds me of Beanie making fun of KJ with his bumper joke.

For just a month since I landed my feet on KBU and yet I have already visited the Gua Tempurung and Hot Spring in Perak and now I'm going to Banting! I wonder how I actually survived through the 1st half of year 2009, rotting.

FYI, Banting is Wei Xin's (one of my seniors) hometown, located somewhere around KL which took us 1 hour from KBU to reach there.

This is Wei Xin. (Same age as me, because he jumped class with PTS.)

On last Sunday(phew, finally no empty weekendS), me and another 7 seniors (Yea, I'm the only junior. XD) departed at around 10am by 2 tiny little deers Kancil. Like I said, the road there was full with bumpers and uneven, so half of the time we were more like riding on a horse than sitting inside a car.

After an hour of "Deer riding", we stopped at a Bah Kut Teh shop and there we met Wei xin's family. We have our lunch there.

When we finished filling our stomachs, we made our way to Wei Xin's house not far from that shop.

We received a really warm welcome from his parents cause after a super hot, kuk, long journey ride and the hotness accumulates thanks to the Bak Kut Teh just now, we were treated Aloe Vera soup.

It was nice!! And COOOOOOOOOLING~~~


After cooling ourselves down, his parents brought us to a famous fruit garden.

Unfortunately, we were forbid to visit into the fruit garden no fucking thanks to a bunch of asshole tourists who went in few days before us started to pluck all the ripe fruits inside, like monkey, which caused many of the tree to rest in unpeace. So sad lah...

But we managed to get ourselves some coconut drinks which are not enough sweet and pushing our stomach beyond the limit by gulping down TONS and TONS of dragon fruit!! We became draculas afterwards with all our teeth red.

Wei Xin and his parents.

We tried to mimic those asshole tourists,


Woops!! Seems like I haven't really introduce my seniors to you all. Here you go,

Standing from left : Shun Ling, Edwin, Chang Win, Shun Jing, Don't Know Who.
Squatting from left : Franky, Wei Xin, Woei Song.

Failing to rampage the fruit garden, we paid our visit to a bitch beach called Pantai Morib. We were lucky enough for the time we reached there, the ocean was in low tide. GREAT and...

HOLY SHIT!! This is forever!!

To me, it looks much more like a dessert.

The plaster of Paris-like tough terrain.

Strolling the dessert-like beach was bored without doing some stunts.

The Best Hairstyle Award goes toooo...

Heng Chang Win!!! (right)

A really bad combination. =.=

We called that beach pole dancing.


Now that's what we called S-T-U-N-T!!

After exposing ourselves to the sun for almost an hour, we made our way to a local kerepek factory.

Before leaving, I found a rather interesting signboard,

does that mean only Demons can make out?


The kerepek factory. From BBQ to tomato flavor, curry to black pepper, what flavor also have. You named it, they got it!

BUNCH OF BANANAS!!! Except they weren't in their pajamas.

Do not think yellowish. Its just my hand holding a banana.

New generation Joker.

Welcome to Bana-technology.

We bought ourselves some kerepek back. Well, actually they were all paid by Wei Xin's parents. Thank you so much!!

Next stop was to the Bukit Jugra which unofficially known as Ham Sua (in hokkien). Sounds very ham sap.

On the way, we stopped by a mamak stall to taste its well-known cendol.

Damn! This was the best cendol I've ever eat in my lifetime!! Seriously, you have to try this out. But sorry I forgot where it is located already. =X

Listen, if you are going up to a hill,

Lesson one: Never drive Kancil.

GOD, when we reached the place where we can park our car (1/3 of the whole hill's height), our car was half dead. We need to some sort of opening the bonnet to cool down the engine.

A scenic view from the hill.


After finished conquering the hill, we went down the hill, and bought the Beggar Chicken. Don't be fooled by its name. It is one of the most popular local food product in Banting and you need to order it 4 days before you can actually taste it!!

Ever heard of Beggar Clan before?

The place the Beggar Chicken is produced.

No, don't do that~ We have tons of exotic cuisine waiting for us!!

We have our dinner at a seafood restaurant nearby, bringing along 2 Beggar Chickens that we bought just now. Mannn... It was a WONDERFUL dinner, because, it compromised all the supreme seafood : Fish, La La, Crab, Prawn and even its "relative"!!


The Beggar Chicken!!!

When you ordered small rice,

...they really meant it.

So we eat,

and eat,

and eat,


until the plates were "squeaky clean".

Again, we nearly burst out our stomach with seafood.

Feeling guilty with the sin of gluttony, we paid our visit to a local temple. (What logic is that!?!?)

Too bad we could not enter the temple as some function was held at that time.

On our way back, we managed to spot an awkward-named river,

Literally, it means Molest River.

And so, our one day trip to Banting has finally came to an end. It was indeed a great experience. Imagine, we went to so many different places trying different types of cool stuff in just ONE day!!

So here, I would like to thank Wei Xin for inviting me to join in their trip although we just met for merely a month and so much appreciation to his parents for taking us round Banting and treating us tons of delicious food. =)

And I can guaranteed that his parents were also very happy throughout the day because suddenly,

they have SEVEN more children~