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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Farewell, Pal~

yesterday, we went to Ocean for Beanie's treat in conjunction of getting JPA scholarship and also celebrating his birthday..

for the 1st part of the outing, please kindly refer to Sharon's blog. click (here)

now onto the 2nd part,

after we gave him some sort of surprise on his car, we went to Zies Corner for birthday cake cutting session bla bla bla...

click (here) if the video above doesn't work.

the birthday boy Beanie was so fucking kind that he "consume" one of his three wishes for us! wishing those who are applying for JPA scholarship, can hear good news about it! this was to me, the only most meaningful part of this outing..

nolar, just kidding~ XD


there are always something fishy when you are asked to "pick" up the candle with your mouth,

"Eh, you accident ah?"


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Comeback Massacre

mannn... what a match...

yesterday night, I have watched another GREAT! WONDERFUL! SPLENDID! game played by the Red Devils~


during the 1st half, they were doomed by Tottenham tormentors with 2 goals in less than 5 minutes..

2nd goal by Modric which put Manchester in hell.

right now, all I hope is to draw the match... DAMN!

on the 57th minutes, Manchester and I saw hope...

Ronaldo scored a penalty, a very much important goal to boost up the morale of the Red Devils.

after 10 minutes, Rooney strikes in!! Turning on the Massacre.

world class heading by Ronaldo, Spurs got its table turned!

The Man.

the whole Old Trafford gone CRAZEY!!!!

double for Rooney!!

3 goals in 4 minutes!!! OMG!!

the hard effort from Berbatov finally paid off when he scored the 5th goal for MU, sealing Tottenham's hope to topple the match again.

they have made it through the hardest time.


all photos are credited to:

you know what? you will have writer's block when your life were too fucking dull...


remember the posture vest which I bought it on last 2 months? got no idea what the hell was that? click (here)

too lazy to read through? I even got "Highlights" for you,


well, after 2 months of using this vest EVERYDAY... I found out the BIGGEST downside of this product... is, each time after you wear it for 1 hour+ and when you took it off...

your waist BURNS!!! well, at least not that serious (I just hyperbole it ^^)... anyway, the truth is you can feel kuk3(in Cantonese) when wearing it... you felt an ENORMOUS heat "wandering" around your waist... trying to burn your meat away!! MUAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

so sometimes I feel like this vest is more like a slimming belt than a posture correcting vest to me.. =.=

anyway, I would like to ask you all my friend, after 2 months of undergoing some sort of "posture correction campaign", did I have my posture changed to a better? or is still that same old slouched back JJ?

look, I'm not doubting the effectiveness of this product(damn many testimonials supporting it weh...) I just scare that before I get my posture corrected, I already achieved Lynn's waistline... @@

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Of I.U. Camp 2009


yesterday, I went to Gem Beach Resort together with beanie, winston, niaseng, calwin, apo and ming ee for the IU Camp.. as "Special" Guests.. (ahemmm!!) okay okay, not that special... oh and actually, it seems like me, beanie and winston were the only three who actually participated in most of the program held during the camp.. the other 4 were on their honeymoon trip(sorta...)

now onto the camp,

the ice-breaking, (the opening ceremony was the same old boring 1, so why bother it? XD)

I can't seems to be recalling anything about the games we played in ice-breaking session EXCEPT,


the game is super duper simple, 1 player from both team are blocked by a piece of cloths (well, maybe 3.. 1 is too thin) and when the cloths are put down, the player must say out the opponent's full name correctly when they saw their face.. the fastest gets the chance to blow the flour towards the loser face... simple right?

well, not that simple until you get into the real business.. the 1 who wins blow.. fair enough.. the LOSER also blows!! is it some kind of vendetta or what? even the facilitators who put their life on the line holding the cloth also kena!! mannn~ our school students are the same old crazy EVERY batch...

and this is what happens when you mess with the flour~

crime scene No.1

crime scene No.2

crime scene No.3

and the funny thing is, you pay the price too EVEN if you didn't mess with the flour..

did you saw at the end there? beanie even performed some kind of "bitch-slap" towards his own sis!!

wait wait, bitch-slap? so beanie is a bitch... (nah.. he won't kill me for saying that because he just fucking strike the JPA scholarship!!!) congrats, bitch~

guess what? me, beanie and winston actually help them to clean up the mess y'know? see, how "special" are we~ we can be guests and as well as volunteers.. @@

after the "flour war", we had our lunch and came back into the hall for another great game... it was called "Pirates of the Caribbean" (why I never saw Captain Jack Sparrow 1? hmmm)

I became the Pirate along with beanie and winston, our job? catch people... it was almost the same as the last year's Jewel Quest's Wolf, except you can now also snatch people's gold coin (made in chocolate 1 duh) and also steal/break their eggs (do not think with your yellow mind please, its chicken egg!!)

however, I didn't snatch their gold coin because they won't help me in fulfilling my entertainment full set (PSP, i7 and PS3!!!) and neither did I steal their eggs too because I already have enough of them (fuck, please don't think with your yellow mind can or not?) I mean in my house's fridge lahh!!

damn, it was always fun to be the hunter~

after the game, we 3 jumped into the pool doh.. together with the On-Vacation 4... playing "water polo" which we pull the chair where people sun bath on it, making it as the "goal".. I cramped for a few times (jump like sohai thinking as if I was jumping on the land), luckily the water was shallow if not, I won't be here blogging about it..

onto the climax of the camp!! the I.U. Night!!

that 4 dudes finally joined the program.. =.=

and guess what? they appointed me as one of the judges wor~ so damn last minute...

in the future, the "Judge" word will be replaced by "Architect"... wohoooo!!! *dreaming*

from my point of view, the Japan group should win the competition but the result came out?


well, maybe the other judges have their own point of view leh? or maybe they saw what the noob judge(me la!!) didn't see? but seriously, Japan's performance was SPLENDID!! along with the talented main actor, Kevin (Vincent's lil bro) so sad that this year didn't have the Best Actor/Actress Award, I can't seems to find another person to compete with him for that title..

after the I.U. Night, there goes the "London Bridge" game!!! one of the most amazing group game, man has invented... it was sooooooooooo unlucky that the game have to be stopped after playing like 5 rounds? due to some people were injured during the game.. and from what I heard from my friend, he said he saw a person "fly out" from the "bridge" and some kena stepped on!! damn, this is crazy people stuff!!

and you know what?

Welcome to SM Chung Hwa Wei Sin.

after that, 5 of us (2 having "project") went down to have supper at Hot Hot... I have an idea.. if you want your ears to be deaf, you should build your home near here... fucking Mat Rempits sprinting like their mother gave birth to them as rubbish...

how I wished I could see one of them BANGED!!!

we slept at around 3am something and have to wake up at 7.30am because the breakfast was said to be served till 7.45am only.. =.=

nothing special happened on the 2nd day, except I got myself some scratches on my knees and feet after playing beach volleyball...

we returned home at around 2pm after having lunch at Chuan Kee..

overall, I give the I.U. Camp 7 out of 10..

phew~ the I.U. Camp post has finally came to an end.. thank you for willing to share your time with me and all the best to their upcoming activities!!


p/s : For the 1st time, Calwin woke up earlier than me during the camp.... Damn~~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So Color Pencils Have ABS...

guess what, 1 week of flat days.. nothing caught up my mind to blog about..

until just now,

went to secret recipe to celebrate my dad's birthday... and I "accidentally" noticed an advertisement (DAMN!! I hate myself so much now for not taking down the picture at that time) so I have to Google it out to find some "evidence"..


LUNA color pencils with ABS!!!

photo credits to :

dude, that ABS is not Anti-lock Brake System damnit~ its called, the Anti BREAK System.. huh?

the function?

oh, from what I saw on that advertisement, it enhance the BREAKABLITY of the lead by 30% wor.. which means... harder to patah lah...

but, I think THIS system should be installed in CRAYONS instead!! damn, I broke like 5164812 crayons y'know!? during my art class and my teacher always said to me, "Relax, crayon patah biase jer..." (something like that la) to comfort the shocked me (9 years old)

or, to be more "useful", they should install THIS ABS instead of THAT ABS(Anti-lock Brake System) inside the car!! something like errrrrr... increase the BREAKABLITY of the car body by 30%? which means..... you have 30% more chance to survive in a road accident?




well just fasten up your rear seat belt so that you won't fucking killed your friend in front.

so, what are the consequences of spending too much time in front of the computer?

Danger Level 1. Blebeh by mom. (100% happen)

Danger Level 2. Pain in the ass. (butt-kissing chair for too long)

Danger Level 3. Short-sightedness become worse.

Danger Level 4. Been shocked by the numbers on your electrical bill.

Danger Level 5. Your friends starting to leave you. (because you only make friend with machine)

Danger Level 6. You killed a chair.

the day before yesterday, as usual sitting in front of my computer passing my rotten life.. then suddenly...


imagine, how many hours I have spent dating with my computer for the past few months until I get my chair killed...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Macheda, The Future Rockstar


why am I so excited today? is because...

MU has just won Aston yesterday night with a wonderful table turning show... it was one of the best MU match I've watched so far.. @@


alright! into the match..

early 15th minute, Ronaldo took the 1st blood with his stunning free kick inside the penalty box (due to Friedel's silly mistake) but he didn't realized that the nightmare has just begin...

on the 30th minute, Aston scored with a simple heading and equalize the score.. =.=

on the 58th minute again, another heading shot from Aston, GOAL.. =.=

terrified!! 3 matches lost consecutive!? definitely not a good new record to be written in MU's history...

damn! this match happens just the same as the previous match with Fulham.. (MU goal 1st, then get their table turned at the end)





on 80th minutes, Ronaldo strikes in!!! reviving the spirit of the red devils and also its fans... including me and my bro!!! wohoooo~!!

now only I sense the smell of gunpowder from the red devils.. ya, during the 1st half, MU was worm-like... maybe because the absence of many key player...

talking about key player, this fella definitely fits in that title..

the match was given 5 minutes stoppage time, scores is 2-2..

on the dying moment, *dedup! dedup! dedup!*

this unknown fella made a shot attempt....

and he SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!


saviour of the day..

Fergie : " You nearly got me a heart attack."

photo credits to

guess what, me and my bro shout like fuck when he scores... and I guess my parents sure have been woke up by us and beh song in their bedroom (that time midnight already) haha.. but can't be blame la, who call both of your sons are MU's RED HOT supporters? ^^

*beep! beep! beeeeeeep~!!*

that's it! MU turned the table against Aston!! and is back on track in defending the EPL throne.. way to go mannnn!!

and you know what happens next~


Thursday, April 2, 2009

So This IS Interview...

guess what, last night I so hard to get asleep... 2 hours of bed laying... and I found out that recently I got this problem if I hampelang think rubbish things when laying on my bed for some time.. this is so pissing me off!!

well, let's don't talk about the stupid sleeping problem... let's move on into the main dish today.. the JPA interview.. which many people label it as "do show nia" which means those candidates were actually been shortlisted already before the interview is held...

and this is where it happens!! (of course is the interview lah... nabo?)

thank god I asked Eddy on yesterday night about the dress code.. at first I thought wearing school uniform is enough le because this is what I heard during a speak I attended few weeks ago (the day I bang my car, DAMNIT!!)

there is nobody who wear short sleeve!! (for boys) imagine.. I wear my school uniform and go for the interview... and when I entering the hall..


you get the drift..

so! I ended up like this,

CEO!?!? GG~

now move on to the interview... DAMN!! I'm "lucky" number one!! my group were asked 2 question.. its statement like..

the 1st question is something like.. those who performed well during school not neccessary will become a successful man in the future and another 1 is many children nowadays are spoilt and undiscipline

I agreed on both the statement and start giving my reasons and supporting point.. yada yada.. I know you all will be bored if I continue elaborating on this part...

overall, I was quite satisfy with my performance except when introducing myself...maybe because my engine just started(baru nok tekan clutch jer) and plus the rottening life that has been slowing down my mind greatly, really..

and guess what, the result only came out on third week of May.. the hell!? here goes another 50 rottening days to go... really need to find something to do lah.. any plan?

ohya!! I need to improve my communication skill badly!! and especially speaking!!

want me blog using english, okay lahhhh~ want me speaking? dok leh gi~~

p/s : I kinda like my "CEO" look.. smart! neat! mature! but thinking about the how shockingly big the pressure can land on a CEO's shoulder?

well, maybe not.