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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Of Haircut

There is one special thing about having a NICE haircut in KT. (Kuala Terengganu, ah.. I miss my hometown~) Is that, you really need to plan your time well to go just for a haircut, cause it may take half of your day!! Geez.. The longest time I stayed in a barber shop was 2 and a half hour. Just for cut. 2 hours of waiting. Kill me.

But for the sake of having a good looking hairstyle, I have no choice but to sacrifice time for cool hair. So every time when my hair was long (during time I was at KT), I was sooooo lazy to go for a fresh haircut. My mom always blehbeh me, "Why the hell you always want to go to that barber shop? Wasting soooo much of your time."

I said, "Well, he cuts best."

I kid you not.

Almost all, well at least 7 out of 10 boys in my school (secondary school) chose him to cut their hair. Adding his other regular adult customers? Imagine the traffic.

What's more? He is the only hairstylist in that shop!! He is the boss and also the worker. After finish cutting a customer's hair and there are still customers in waiting, he can, "Eh lu dan je eh ah, wa pun je gi seng~" (which means "You wait awhile ah, I go smoke first" in hokkien)


Anyway, he cuts good-looking hair. But this was not good enough to cover up the long waiting hell. That's why I always hesitate to go for a haircut, thinking how my time is going to be drained like water.

But in the end, I still go. For the sake of cool hairstyle. =)

And now, I'm in PJ. My hair is long. I'm 451378413 km away from that barber shop. What am I going to do!?!?

I thought of leaving it for a month until December when I got to go home for sem break. But I think again, before my sem break I will have my IELTS and if I were to leave it until that time, the tester will be shocked when I entered the room for oral test......

like this.

And having very thick and long hair like you are carrying a birdnest on top of your head was never a good idea to come with. And the hair in front is now "cucuk-ing" my eyes. Xleh tahan doh~!!

So I decided to go to the barber shop at Centrepoint which is only down my hostel and had the fastest haircut in my lifetime.

On 3.12pm, I went in the shop with my hair like this,

On 3.20pm, I came out like this,


The name of the shop is Express Haircut Shop.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Power of a Song

Last edited on October 26, 9.43pm. (Video replaced due to unavailability)

Just now evening, I went for a jog.

Despite it rained and stopped an hour ago and the sky still cloudy, I decided to jog. (What a healthy person I am!! XP)

After 20 minutes of jog, suddenly I felt some water dropped on my face. I thought it was my sweat, because most of the time, it is. So I continue jogging.

Then a moment after, the water keep dropping on my face, endlessly.. Then I looked closer to the sky, it started to rain!!!

Luckily, this time the Rain God gave warning sign 1st. Not like last time, straight raining cats and dogs which I became water sponge after that. (If you've followed my fb status) So I started running back to my hostel from the park. Like around 500m away~~

Such a coincidence, my favorite song while jogging plays!! Its "Chiisana koi no uta" by Mongol 800.(One of the theme song of Proposal Daisakusen) The song that gave spirit in almost everything you are doing, well at least to me it is! That's why I put it as my alarm ring tone. Yeah, to start my everyday with full fuel and spirit!! Like this,


In the drama, there's a scene where the main character is running and the background music played is this song. And such a coincidence, this song started playing when I started to run away from rain. Is like... it is the background music and I'm in a scene of running in rain!!!

I don't know why, but I really like the feeling of this song when I'm running. It totally suit the tempo of what I'm doing, that is to run!!

Tell you what, I even tried to image myself as the main character in that scene as I'm running. Damn suit weih!! Except he is running for his love and I'm running to avoid becoming water sponge.

For the 1st time, I totally enjoy running in a rain. Thanks to this song!

Well, life's like a drama. It just happen so coincidentally.

People out there!! Don't be E M O for 24/7!! Choose a song like this that could live up your spirit and play it in your ears when you feel like you are losing out!



Just came back from Mid Valley for a 2-movies-back-2-back session with my friends. Its been month since we met during raye!!

*Spoiler warning!!*

Expect some lousy lecture from me cause I'm going to humbly comment on the 2 movies I watched just now. Long time never talk so serious nih.. haha.. alright, here we go!

1st!! We have the Ugly Truth.

or you prefer this?
If you are planning of going into the cinema watching this film and going out from it without your mind getting polluted, you will failed automatically right at the time you saw Gerard Butler appeared in the movie.

This film was indeed, the dirtiest movie I've ever watched!! Its not like those Scary Movie, or Disaster Movie, where the movies are full with hot actress but the storyline are meaningless, like duh~ The Ugly Truth combines the hilarious, the forbidden sex topic and most important, the true nature of human being, man and woman.

In the film, Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) who are the host for a TV show called The Ugly Truth, where he talks about the deepest and ugliest truth lies in the both sexes. In the show, he bravely bombarded the human nature and gave advice of how to attract the opposite sex. But when it comes to the moment that he want to confess his love towards a girl, he hesitated and didn't dare to do it.

We human, love to give wonderful, marvelous advice to others as if we know the whole thing, as if the whole thing will happen as what we expected it to be!! But when it comes to us when we, ourselves are facing exact real situation, we probably won't do it the way we taught others to do.

Next! We go for the very touching Tsunami at Haeundae.

Surprisingly, this film didn't focus much on the ugly side of homo sapiens, selfishness. Because in most of the disaster themed movie I watched, there are surely one or two characters who will reveal their true colour when it comes to critical situation, the matter of Life and Death. They will choose to sacrifice others in order for them to move on or survive.

However, Tsunami at Haeundae focused on the bright side of human being, the will to sacrifice for others.

In the film, a lifeguard who is in love with a girl(who like the lifeguard also) was beaten badly by a guy who claimed to be her fiancee(actually, he is not). When the tsunami strike, both the girl and the guy was at the sea. Their boat were capsized and their lives were in danger. The lifeguard who was on the operation to rescue the tsunami victims spotted the 2 of them. He decided to jump into the raging sea to save them. He let the girl to be lift up by the rescue rope 1st. After the girl was saved, he and the guy were been lifting up together towards the helicopter.

Unfortunately, the rope started to tear and was going to break soon. It can only handle the weight of one person only to be safely lifted up to the chopper. The lifeguard decided to sacrifice himself to save the guy even though that guy had previously beaten him up badly. He gave his watch(meaningful thing to the girl) to the guy and asked him to give to her. After fare-welling with the girl, he cut off his rope and fell into the sea.....

This is the most touching part of the whole movie. Tears rolled out from my eyes, I was seriously touched.

People asked, "Are you faking it?"

My answer......

"You will never know~"

*you will get the joke if you've watched the Ugly Truth*

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Double Kill!!!

JJ has just pwned Wei Xin for 250 gold!
JJ has just pwned Dao Zhen for 250 gold!

JJ just got a Double Kill!!

In 5th October night, we finally prank both the birthday boys successfully!!!

Here's the PWNING moment~

Dao Zhen don't know that he was going to be prank-ed too, he just knew that we were going to prank Wei Xin only. Until he got dragged by the rest of us, he just knew that his nightmare has just begun.

Click here if the video above doesn't work.


and very-the-artistic tattoo artwork from us!!

dao zhen's.

wei xin's.

Click here if the video above doesn't work.

No no no.. it was not end of the prank yet!

We decided to moved our prank into the next level, we called it the "Fake Quarrel" which requires both mentality and physically strong enough in order to carry out this dangerous act!

In order to start this prank, we need a "catalyst" to initiate the fight. It's called "Truth or Dare". So we started throwing awkward questions towards each other and Edwin, was the one that is going to be "real mad". After some "teasing" and "bombarding" on Edwin, he became "no mood" and went out from the room and....

committed suicide...

just kidding.. dude, we are not filming Sorority Rows. Thank you.

After he went out from the room, few of us also went out. They "quarrel" from outside the room to inside the room. Originally, we decided to throw all weixin's "throw-able" stuff in his room and made the room a battlefield but that's a bit too over and we also pity his roommate, Daniel who is going to clean up the mess. So, we just went "quarrel-quarrel".

And the best part is, we forgot to tell daozhen about all these were just an act! So he was in a shocking state when he saw his seniors fighting right in front of his eye!! Now that's what we called kena prank secara tidak langsung. Kesian~

Weixin also in an awkward situation, he might be thinking, "damn loh.. hou dei dei keh(cantonese) birthday, how come turned out like this? cham lohhh"

*evil smirk from us*

Then everyone was sitting inside the room, not talking, creating an emo-ing atmosphere. Silence..... for about 20 minutes until Edwin finally cannot tahan and said, "Wei! you all wan act till what time ah? Now 11.30pm ady ah!!" and then following by explosive laugh form all of us!

BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! Prank-ed twice in a day!! I bet the two of you won't forget this day and you should learn that when you are celebrating your birthday, always remember to,

"Trust no one, deceive everyone."

But it suck out big time by making your birthday celebration become like Infernal Affairs (无间道), just enjoy the prank lah~ XD

Friday, October 2, 2009

Birthday Prank, NEARLY~

Yesterday was the birthday of my roommate, Dao Zhen. 1st of October, yeah he rulez the month of Octobah! So, *ahem* according to tradition, One must be prank-ed during one's birthday.

The birthday boy was so cautious in every single thing we did, every single thing happened around him that day. Actually, we planned no shit to prank him. He prank-ed himself for the whole day. It was very funny to see him scared himself when some little thing goes a bit weird. The most funny thing is, before he sleep that night, he said to us, "Eh, I sleep ady ah.. don't prank me ah..." Damn cute!

Of course, as the one and the only roommate of him, how can I sit there and do nothing to prank him! How can!? *evil smirk*

Around 12.30am, I was brushing my teeth and going to sleep soon...

SUDDENLY!! An idea pop out in my mind! I know how to prank him ady... BWAHHAHAHHA!!!

Here's the prank,

I carefully and silently took his alarm clock which he always put it beside his pillow(he already slept at that time). Then I put it far far away from his bed, on his table.

Now you ask me, "Why alarm clock?"

FYI, whenever his alarm clock rang in the morning, he would definitely be awake and turn off the alarm. AND!! He always put it beside his pillow everytime he sleeps!!

So by doing that, when the alarm rings, he will be awake and look beside him and shockingly find that his alarm clock is no where to be found!! And he need to "scan" around and find it! When he found it, he will need to jump off from his bed and rush to his table there and turn off the alarm!!

This whole incident might put his morning wake up into CHAOS!!!

Basically, it would be like this,

The Masterpiece of JJ!! BWAHAHAHAHHAA!!!

In the next day which is today, as usual I woke up earlier than him despite I slept later than him. (actually it was my handphone alarm which rings 1st everytime) After a few minutes, I saw him waking up already....


Daymn~ Then I acted don't know, straight went to the bathroom and bathed. Later on, I heard the alarm rings. =.=

When I came out, he said, "Eh, thanks ah for ur PRANK!!"

I laughed and explained to him the actual original masterpiece and we laughed together~

Haiya~ So unlucky my prank didn't go on as planned. It would be sooo much fun to watch him searching for his alarm in a chaos and panic state!! *JJ is damn bad*

Seems that the goddess of luck is not on my side today~ Or maybe she just hate people pranking around each other? =)


Happy Birthday pal~!!