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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Night of Changing Seasons

As promised, I'm here to share about one of the biggest event ever held by Icon Club.

The Night of Changing Seasons.

It was a farewell dinner which organized by us, the juniors to wish our seniors goodbye.

The event was held on the day we had our finals for English. So, after finish our exam, there goes the preparation and rehearsal.

Dao Zhen and I were given the holy task as the lighting and media coordinator. It was the 1st I'm facing so much of buttons and keys!! And the most interesting thing is that the whole hall falls under my sight!! I was like a God watching my creations (human) under the sky~~

Participating in such a big event's rehearsal was also my 1st time. I need to know when to play song, what song to play, when to switch off the light, when to flash it, when need to spotlighting and lastly the hardest task was to synchronize music with the performers. Because a small mistake from that will lead to disaster.

It was indeed a precious experience for me. And in the end, we managed to pull it off quite well. =)

So, off we go with some pictures to feed your eyes~!!

JJ, the one who BOOM BOOM POW the hall but hardly anyone try to notice his existence. TT (I just noticed that recently, I'm obsessed with "BOOM BOOM POW". It's the word, not the song.)

Dao Zhen, the Lighting God. Projecting his "killer light" to slaughter all humans!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!

Well, while the guest down there enjoying their wonderful meal, the two of us ate McChicken Burger, only. But many thanks to Kah Wai who rush to McD to tapao for us. Thanks man!!

Basically, we were stucked inside the projection room for the whole time until the event finally came to an end.

Now you know why it is so holy to come with.

MCs of the night! From left : Afiqa, Thila and Naqi.

And to the performances, which were the juice and cream of the event!!

Titanic Dance with violin. Oh-So-Romantic x99.

Followed by a modern dance by Super Junior!?!? TURN UP THE VOLUME PEOPLE~!!

Super Junior (Buatan Malaysia and girl version!!). Splendid performance!!

Here goes another one!!

one word.


They manage to perform so well even with less than a month of practice. Great job folks!!

After witnessing fast tempo dance performance, we now head to something more acoustical~

David singing True Friend by Hannah Montana. (Another song into my collection of Song of Friendship!!)

Irfan singing Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. (Now I know why he wear red colour sweater. XD)

Ady singing I Go by Aizat. Another wonderful piece of music by a Malaysian artist.

Music is never so complete without combining different musical instrument~

I never thought that in just a 80 plus numbers of us, actually lies so many talents!! Mannnn.. I bet the event would be a dull one without all these amazing performances, seriously. These people just spice up the whole atmosphere!! Again, well done~!!

Lastly, some photograph session.

The dancers unmasked!!

Life in Centrepoint Hostel would be a dull one without them,

The hostel Dota kaki~!! Again, study hard, PLAY EVEN HARDER!! XD

With the seniors.

It is so sweet to have them come all the way into the projection room to "visit" the 2 of us. =)

Last but not least(actually with the most people!!),

The "oh-so-artistic" Architecture Class~

Well, that's all for the Night of Changing Seasons. I believe that the event itself brings a great sense of achievement for every each of us who had participated in the making of such breathtaking event.

Once again, goodbye to all my seniors~

Friday, November 27, 2009

Preparation for IELTS

HOLYCRAP!! It's been almost half a year I had set my foot in KBU. During this bridging program, we were taught Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Economics. But none of them carry enough weight that could make you cry for help.


It's IELTS. *DOOM-ed x2*

FYI, IELTS is International English Language Test System. Look at its name, it was born for a sole reason, that is, to test your freaking English!!

However, afraid no more folks, cause I have some secret bibles to share with you all on how to kick English's ass~

I called it, The 4 Bible of IELTS.

1st, for Listening. Play "BOOM BOOM POW" with maximum volume, frequency, amplitude what so ever!!

gotta get get!!

and try to figure it out what the hell was rapping about.

2nd, Reading. Grab a PC GAMER and start reading it.

learn to skim and scan rocking games and for "Yes/No/Not Given", practice with World of Warcraft and figure it out yourself whether the bloody bug has already been fixed is true or false or not given!

3rd, Speaking. Grab one of you friend and crap with him/her non-stop.

to train your fluency in crapping. Believe it, crapping is the best way to survive speaking test. no?

Lastly, for Writing. Learn how to use LOL language to impress the markers.

and hopefully they will LOL and gave you a Band 9 for making them laugh after been tortured for marking 213421 essays per day.

Well, if you followed all the 4 bibles above, you can score flying colours in IELTS.....

in your dream. XD

Basically, what you need to do is to practice doing RELATED stuff!! I believe that by reading is the best way to improve in overall.

So start reading mad folks!!

and I hope you guys enjoy laughing while reading this entry. =)

All the best to all my course mates who are taking IELTS on this coming December~!!

Let us fight till the end!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

To my beloved KBU seniors,

Yesterday night was a BLAST!!

It was a farewell dinner for our seniors who have just finished their AUSMAT studies in KBU. I will blog about it after I "grab" enough pictures!! XD

This entry is dedicated to my beloved seniors especially those who stayed in the hostel cause we spent the most time together! (Woei song, Nicholas, Wei Xin, Daniel, Chang Win, Franky, Edwin and Shun Jing) not to forget, Shun Ling, Ginger, Ah Beng, KCV, Meng Chai and Xiao Fen.

I still remember the time I first stepped on this unfamiliar place. The first night, Nicholas and Franky already came into my room and start to give us "lecture" XD Just by the 1st night, I made friend with 2 seniors already!!

The following days, I was introduced to Woei Song, Daniel and Wei Xin. We had a dinner together and got to know each other. Then, the other night, Nicholas brought me to meet the "Two wings", Chang Win and Edwin. They share a room and their room was like a small small house with almost well-equipped appliances!! (extra table, extra chair, a damn big mirror and a FRIDGE!!!)

And for the last person, Shun Jing. You know how I know him?

Through DOTA. There's a night when I was called by the seniors for dota. Then I went to their room. Suddenly, I saw a guy whom I never saw before. After that, I learned that the guy is Shun Jing. Oh god, it is really hard to find a person who excels in both studies and dota. He's the man.

Through out this half year, I got to know more and more seniors in our school and starting to be involved with them. I, as a junior, had achieved something that I felt proud of myself. 1st, just after 2 weeks landing my feet on KBU, I already followed 2 of my seniors (Woei Song and Nicholas) on an amazing trip to Gua Tempurung and Hot Spring, Perak. Then, on the next month, August, I as the only senior follow my seniors to visit Wei Xin's hometown, Banting. Lastly, again being the only junior, I joined the seniors for a steamboat feast at Yuen Steamboat. It is something to be proud of, no? Well, at least for me, it is. XP

To my beloved seniors,

Even though we just got to know each other for such a short period of time, but you guys had left behind tons of precious memories and I shall treasure it deep down my heart. I also would like to thank for all the guidance and advices you guys gave during the half year. Besides, I also enjoy having meal together with you all, chatting, laughing and teasing each other, ignoring the "formal senior-junior boundaries", just like good friends talking to each other. Not to forget, the DOTA times we spent together, walking around 1km from hostel to student house just to have a "Hostel VS Student House Dota match."

Time really flies... Now, it's already the end of November. You all will be leaving here soon and fly to overseas to further studies. Well, I guess there's no never-ending gathering(translated from chinese old sayings) and I shall meet you guys in 2011, hopefully. (pray for my TEE next year guys!! XD)

A good friendship doesn't mean that it have to be fostered for a long period of time. The only important thing is how well you spend your time together with your friends.

I shall end this entry with a video I made myself this afternoon and I hope you guys enjoy watching it~!!

I hereby wishes you all, all the best in your studies~!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Look, I gotta make sure my blog alive every week!!

Last 2 weeks, I went to Midvalley to watched Michael Jackson's This Is It. Well, of course I have already blogged about how wonderful the film is. But there's one more important thing happened on that day.

I bought my 1st English dictionary!!

Talking about dictionary, I came across our very own popular Malay dictionary, Kamus Dewan And its already come out with its fourth edition! But there's something really wrong about the cover. I don't know if it is just me, or it looks like a Chinese New Year's Red Packets Collection Album.


Again. Talking about dictionary reminds me of when I was in primary school. My Chinese tuition teacher used to teach us the Art of Wind. That is, we were trained to find respective words in the Chinese dictionary as fast as we can. Every Chinese words have their own 部首, and we could memorize almost all of their page numbers respectively. We were like a biotic search engine. No joke. We even have competition sometimes to ensure that our engine is not rusty.

Ok, back to the English dictionary that I've just bought. As far as I'm concerned, English is more likely to overshadow both Malay and Chinese in near future. Yet, our Maths and Science are reverting from English and to be taught in Malay in secondary school. Malaysia Boleh.

By having a English dictionary as a companion during my tertiary education is indeed a big help. Seriously, IELTS (International English Language Test System) is no joke. At first, I thought blogging might be helpful in improving my English. Yes, it is helpful. For a bit. IELTS writing test is about academic writing. Its totally different from blog writing because when you are viewing my entry now, you imagine me speaking out the words.

And now only I know how shallow my vocabulary is, that sometimes I need to think ages to squeezed out a suitable word to use (happens when blogging too!!) and having problem forming a well organised sentence. (that's why I might spend 2 hour to finish a long entry) I need to improve my vocab bank seriously. So, i decided to "hire" 'The teacher who don't speak.' (direct translate from a Chinese phrase which means dictionary)


Do not underestimate this flat chubby fella, he offers not only the deepest knowledge. When you get frustrated of learning bloody English, you can just smash him like a punchbag to release your stress!!

He's TOUGH!!

Let's say you study like mad and your stomach calls for help. Worry no more, you can study and eat on the go with him.

Eating trees (paper) is the one of the main source of energy for the ancient people what.

And by the time, you feel sleepy after reading 145324 of sample essays, you can just lie your head on him and have a good night sleep.

Now, that's what we called a multi-purposed dictionary!

Have a nice day folks, because Monday blues is on its way!! =)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Of Decor

Yesterday, me and Dao Zhen went to the boy's student house to start off our big project!! Decoration for the coming Gala Night on 21st November. People say, first impression is freaking important. So, we decided to bombard our guest with astonishing breathtaking panoramic views. And of course with low budget. Money is still the most important part to consider of. We don't want to have an amazing decoration but sucky food. After all, people go there to EAT!!

I had to sacrifice my long Friday midnight, sleeping at 12.30am. O M F G. Woke up at 7.30am on Saturday like I'm going to morning class. FML. Thanks to Muiz (course mate, my hostel neighbour), we don't have to walk to the maze-like student house under the bloody hot sun. He fetched us to our destination in a blink of eye!

Upon arrival, we started off planning what the hell we wanna draw on four freaking big cloth. (We are doing a four seasons theme, so basically everything we need to do is times FOUR!!) Then we started our work with half empty stomach, some's completely empty. Thankfully, David (course mate) rode his bike and go tapao for us. Thanks man! And when David came back with a bag of polystyrene meal boxes, we ended up like those construction workers, having time out and faster go and grab our meal and eat it!!

Ahhh~Talking about decoration, it reminds me again the time when I was in Form 4. In my school, there's the "tradition" that we need to decorate our house camp with blood, sweat, time, soul and money during the annual Sport's Day. Every house will work their very best to decorate their camp respectively. I mean VERY BEST!! Indirectly, we became decoration slaves. I kid you not, some even worked till 2am++ and for several nights. C R A Z Y.

So, during our ruling year (Form 5). We want to abolish this bloody tradition. We ended up putting balloons only onto the camp. The only difference is the colour of the balloons, according to the colour of respective houses. Here goes the record breaking by us again. After the Sport's Day, all the house captain were being called by you-know-who and were threaten to stamp E on their co-curriculum performance. I couldn't calculate for how many times this you-know-who had tried to use the overrating KK to "kill" students. In the end, the case was solved and all of them are now alive and kicking!!

Alright, back to the present. After finished painting, we had dinner at the girl's student house situated at almost the other end of that row. Oh, sorry but I cannot upload the pictures of our paintings to avoid any spoilers!!

The day after is Kah Wai's birthday, so we planned to celebrate it that night. We set up something great to give him a surprise when he came to the girl's student house.

The Legal Number. It was actually made with candle light!

We eat and chat which we seldom do it in our college. I don't know why. But who cares? All of us had a great night.

That night ended with David fetching me back to my hostel with his bike. I had a wonderful opportunity to experience the amazing night breeze with little rain drops on me. Thanks mate!

Last but not least,

Happy Birthday Kah Wai~!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Discover The Man You Never Knew.

Alright, this is it!!

Yesterday, me and my friends went to Mid Valley to catch a glimpse of Michael Jackson. (OMG!! MJ is still alive!?) To be exact, we are going to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It.

I particularly like the quote above, "Discover the man you never knew." I mean seriously, after I watched that movie, I was so ashamed that I actually not really know him well. I think it all happened the same to all his fans. We always idolize superstars on their stage performance but how many of us actually care what happen after our idol leaves the stage?

Even though there are entertainment news and celebrity gossips going on every day, but you can never tell which is true and which is fake. Its existence is merely to feed people's curiosity about celebrities life, but most of them are of negative stuff. Normally, in a newspaper page, negative news will occupy 80% of the whole page, while the good news appear as a small small part only...

*Spoiler Warning*

In this film Michael Jackson's This Is It, features the juices of the rehearsal, the making of and also the thoughts from the crew towards MJ. During the whole rehearsal, Michael had gave his best effort performing even though he is at his fifty's already. It's hard to believe that there is no significant drop in his dancing skills after retiring from the front stage for so many years. But believe it!! He is the King of Pop.

Who say superstar must have "superstar" attitude? I really admires how Michael conducts the whole performance. He is really keen and sensitive at every tone, melody and step. Professional. He would not be frustrated when the crew doesn't meet his expectation, instead he teaches and guides them one by one until he satisfies the result. The way he speaks, O M G. Its soooo freaking soft and very gentle. Sometimes, he will do something silly and funny during the rehearsal which made all of us, the audience laugh. I never knew that he is such a playful person, like a boy. =)

Finally, after every session of rehearsal, he will always pray for his crew, "God bless you all~" So, even all the crew were exhausted after a day long of practising, hearing a pray from their idol would definitely erased out their tiredness and felt grateful of having chance to work with the legend.

After watching this movie, I felt a kind of satisfaction. I've the chance to discover the things that I most probably wouldn't know for the rest of my life....

The truest Michael Jackson~

Love lives forever~