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Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY : The Hunt For The ANG PAU

On the 2nd day of CNY, me and friends started our hunt for the BLOODY ang pauSSSS...

for the past 4 days, we went to all possible hunting sites..

glad that no one was injured during the hunt.. everyone return safely in one piece...

of course we do "rest" awhile when hunting ang pau... we carried our own "recreational activity".. pok kiao!!! ("Gamble" in hokkien)

who's the lucky star then?

its this motherfucker...

his winnings...

cibai kebuk!!

till his wallet dok leh handle...

anyway, these are all MINE!!!!

haven't calculate yet.. but i guess sure lesser than last year 1.. economy recession what.. haizzz..

frankly speaking lah, the total amount actually decreased as i grew up year by year, don't know why... i think is because my family didn't go to friends and relatives house so many times already compared to many years before which was 1547362 houses per day...

but I'm fucking glad!! because visiting so many places was really a fucking tiring and boring thing to do...

so sad that during this CNY season, my parents didn't permit me to drive.. you see, i not only need to pass JPJ test.. but also my dad's EXTREME test which was 193746 times harder than JPJ test.. know why?

because my dad accepts no duit kopi..


another 1 year to go...

till then,

the hunt for the BLOODY ang pau terminated momentarily.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009




yesterday, we went to Kheng Tat's house and his mom was so eager to show us a very very funny toy cow...

now let's see how the HOLYCOW got us entertained,

(click here if the video doesn't work)

Disclaimer : No animal was harmed during the making of this video.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Kong Hei Fatt Choi!!!

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!!

now have you ever experienced "hang" or "lag" in your hand phone?

i did!!! for every festive season, i did!!!

when i was forwarding greeting message to my 12876472 friends and at the same time i also received greetings from my 1234516 friends.. then my hand phone start ki siao liao...

black screen la, white screen la, lag like 30 seconds like that la... delay kao kao la...

is like the messages were stuck in a traffic jam and your hand phone can't handle the jam and so it "fainted" =.=

it took me around half an hour to complete the task (sending greetings to all my friends, as you can send to 20 recipient only each time, sien..)

anyway, I'm here to wish all my buddies and readers a prosperous Chinese New Year~


got ang pau bo? XD

its here!!! its finally arrived!!!

I'm truly sorry that Chapter 2 couldn't be done due to some unknown errors when i try to export it out from the project file... which made me fucking pissed off...

but fuck it.. who say need to follow chronology 1? here's Chapter 3, hope you guys enjoy the show..

now WATCH!!!

(click here if the video doesn't work)

Friends, treasure those memories deep inside your heart and don't fucking lost it k?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Married, Not Me Lah!!

wow guess what, i just came home after attending one of my friend's wedding...

FYI, my friend is only 17 years old...


you might ask, " WTF!?!?! 17 years old go marry liao?"

some maybe will say, "diu!! bulu also no grow complete yet want do big people liao?"

some might just say, "Kanineh!! Chaocheebye!! Tell me who is that motherfucker!?!?"

ok guys, calm down calm down...

dear readers, you know that JJ always like to joke, right?

now, did you hear about High Street 5? get some piece of it before you continue!! (link)

tell you lah.. they really got themselves married BUT not in real life!!! its inside that game!!!


tell me if you have fell into my trap.. cheers!! XD

here are some of the romantic moment i screenshot-ed it.. ^^

L.O.V.E (edited by qynness)

to prove that I'm THERE!!! nahh...

lastly, the wedding ceremony closed its curtain with the most dramatic 2 words in the world,

not "FUCK YOU" lah, you idiot!!!


"I do."

oh~~ isn't that sweet?

p/s : i really felt the romantic atmosphere and feeling when i was inside the church watching the ceremony and the couple dancing.. its like real you know? maaan.. this game really did strike deep into teenager's heart... because its just seem SO REAL!!!

salutes to the game designer for developing such a superb idea to grab teenager's heart!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Passed JPJ Car Test, WEEEEEE~~!!!


today morning, i finally passed my JPJ car test!!!


i can drive already!!


and many people gonna tumpang my car already!!!!




WOW!!!! what a fine fine fine day for me... i tell you the feeling of passing the test ah.. it was FANTASTIC!!! especially when you failed it before... cause you will be more appreciate the success you earned...

guess what.. i even got myself an advertisement(homemade 1)


no more bullshit waiting in Bitara...

no more sohai clutch...

no more 30km/h around school area... ooops!!

the best part is, i don't have to see those JPJ officers anymore!!! damn... they just so scary...

ohya!! and "Bitara" this word will be wiped out from my dictionary...






Word Deleted!!

what is Bitara ah? can eat 1?


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How Proton Sucks

Yo!! Proton in da house y'all!!!

something wrong with this car?


yesterday, my mom was shocked that she actually broke the door handle of her Proton Waja which forced her to made into driver seat via the left door in school...

you know why Proton Waja sucks? even the power window already spoiled up to 4 times in just 3 years... sometime the rear door lock stuck(hang half-way, you can't lock it nor open it.. it just STUCK THERE!!!)

well, maybe my mom was THAT unlucky that she bought a car made by noob mechanics... but somehow, she said her colleagues also facing the same problem with Proton Waja..

now, i guess i know why our Terengganu MB choose Mercedes as his darling...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ahhhh!!! Monster!!!!

clueless to blog about my rotting life in the early of 2009...

so allow me to reverse the time back to Eugene's Birthday party in 2008...

it was a fucking "interaction" between 2 persons, named as person X and person Y (you will know who i mean if you are keen enough to spot the following scene happened few months back then)

now, we were at Secret Recipe... after bla bla bla of birthday song, its time for "Cake Giving Ceremony"...

Person X is a normal guy... but i don't know why so many people boycott him like he is not one of us... they even gave him a nickname which it was actually originated from somebody who just want to make fun of him only... however these people take for granted, they simple referred person X's character according to his nickname(including person Y)... now, you got my drift already?

while waiting for the cake... person Y and person X so ngam queue together... Y don't know X was behind her( Y is a girl)... then in the motive of making fun, some of my friends signaled Y that X was behind her only... she turned her head around and saw X and you know what the fuck happened to Y?

, in a tio3 kong2 reaction... she quickly cut the queue in front... I'm not sure whether X know about wtf has just happened... hope he didn't know about it.. his heart might break into millions pieces... sad case...

see? Y actually treat X like a monster and start screaming off when she knew he was beside her like want to eat her meaty flesh like that... i was sooo sad to see this happened...

if you are Y, what happen if i switch your character with X... you do the X and i do the Y... i did the same thing to you as you did to X... what will you feel mannnn???

morale of the story :

exchanging character is the 1st goldden step to take before you wanna take any action and if you don't practise it well, you gonna get fucked in no time...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Money Not Enough 2, got LL woh~

SPOILER WARNING : Do not read this post if you haven't watched Money Not Enough 2.


yesterday night, i watched 钱不够用2 (Money Not Enough 2)...

well, Jack Neo's film is no doubt always a touching 1... although in film, they got criticize about Singapore government BUT they know how to "play safe" which means they critics humourly instead of bombarding F words, boobies, vulgarity like what our NameWee did last month... =.=

in this film, as predicted, laugh la cry la also got...

the most breathtaking scene is at the end of the film:

now you are in a situation of choosing between 2 of your loved ones, your daughter and your mother in law... both of them suffered huge blood loss and need to transfer blood in immediately.. both of their blood group is O- (difficult to find) and the whole hospital only have 2 packets of O- blood which are only enough to save one life.. you and your husband/wife are the only family members that has O- blood,but both of your health condition do not permit you to do blood transfer... so what's your final decision? save your daughter or save your mother in law?

if I'm stucked in this fucking situation i guess i might jumped off from the hospital building straightaway... i can't choose mannn~

in the film, the mother in law decided to save her granddaughter's life by throwing away the funnel tube on her mouth(don't know got use d, but i think it is fatal if patient put that off) when all the family members were still arguing whom to save... TOUCHED!!

"Mother 最穷的时候,不是她把她所有的老本拿去给我们用,而是当mother患病时,我们却在为谁该照顾mother而斤斤计较。"

the golden quote of this film...

OK, a film won't be so perfect without LL... well, at least for me lah...

presenting LL~~



in the film, she stars as a loving and caring wife...

such a nice and LL wife, CHUN leh~!!!

met the requirement of my dream girl.. wahhahahahahahaha!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Failed JPJ Test, FUCK!!!

the title says it all..

today was a WTF day...

I'm going to share with you all how i fucking failed it with lots of F word...

i failed the 2nd part which is Jalan Raya 1... guess what i waited for 4 hours until my turn... (from 11am-3pm, fuck, i should have ask the authority about when the fuck is my turn) result, my stomach was screaming like mad (i ate my breakfast at 6am and until 3pm i didn't eat anything) thank god lynn, vien, winston and leon came by so i got somebody to chit chat while waiting for the fuck 4 hours...

"Tor Jiajun" here goes my turn...

did all the checking before starting the test... take a signal, U- Turn and the test started...

now, the fucking part...

the tester beside me is a woman... i first thought she was good, well at least better than those man officers wearing sunglasses(it was raining that time, WTF!!) but hell, what you see is not necessary what you will get, trust me!!

as usual, i stop at the junction there(outside Bitara 1) and wait as the traffic goes by... i looked at the right hand side and i swear to god there were not even a single vehicle coming, so i started off turning my car into the big road...

suddenly the tester says: "Awok ade nampak motorsikal tu?"

me ( in blur condition) : "Huh?"

tester : "Awok block laluan motorsikal tu.."

me (still in confuse condition) : "Huh?"

then i saw a motorbike behind me through the front mirror then he passed my car from the right side... and i was like "OMG!?!? where the hell did this motherfucker came from?"

but all was too little too late~~(Jojo's songs)

tester : " Kandas la awok nih"

me (in shocked) : "............."

tester : "henti kat tepi situ"

then we both switched place... LIAO!!!!

me in super duper no mood was fetched by the tester back to Bitara...

whole event happened in just a short 5 minutes....

4 hours of waiting and 5 minutes i failed it already.. WAH STEAM~!!

now, i have to wait for another 2 weeks for a retest...

this is sooooooooooooooooooo mood killing.....

but come to think of it, i actually got a chance to really gone through an experience of failure(trying to think positively =.=)

oh.. end of story! FUCK IT!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Call of Duty : FACE at War!!!

wait a minute, have you guys played this game before?

I'm fucking sure that everyone has played this game and having a hard time completing its mission..

i mean facial treatment la of course!!! not killing people!?!?

pimple lar, acne lar, black heads lar.. all are the problems faced by today's teenagers... now not only girls care about beauty, even boys do!!! and guess what, i just hired an army of kamikaze commandos...

please welcome...

APA... WHAT!?!?

i was shocked to find out that i actually need to apply so many bottles of them!!! before this, i only apply a cleansing gel and a night cream and now its 6!!! my mom even labeled them for me just in case i fucking forgot which to use 1st, what time use what, how to use it...

now, everybody has their own "army" to fight against pimple, mind sharing what's your "army"?

p/s : KJ is now constructing a nuclear missile to bombard his pimples in one shot!!! good luck to him~

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009

OYEAH!!!! 1st step into a whole new year 2009, goodbye to shitty 2008...

guess what, i contributed my 1st activity of the year to Bitara... 7am already you can witness a people driving Kancil here and there.. go up mountain, side parking, dead end bla bla bla... i woke up at 5.30am, shiet!, i slept at 1am yesterday, more shiet!

about last night party, it was a pot luck.. well, this was the 1st time i have been doing pot luck at my house... initially i thought there might not be enough food to cater most of my buddies who have universe stomach and i was wrong immediately when i saw esther brought 2 BIG PLATE of tomyam bihun which can fill up the stomach of at least 30 people and we only have 15+ people... DAMN~ and yet we have KFC lar, nuggets lar, hot dogs lar, cakes lar lar lar lar.. so in the end, many tapao back their own food which brought by themselves respectively...

oh, you know how we countdown? we watched Astro Channel 317 broadcasting a countdown event happening at Taiwan as their time is same as in Malaysia.. how lame~ and i even readjust the wall clock in my living room to make it same with the countdown timer in the tv show.. bwahahhahaha~

here's a little suggestion if you wanna countdown in your house... don't ever play spray can especially those come out "snow" 1.. wahlan eh. when the time reached 12am hor.. everyone(actually only 3 ppl cause i bought 3 spray cans only.. ^^) spraying the "snows" like there's no tomorrow.. you can see some people got their hair snowed.. shirt snowed and we even got the food snowed!!! my house was like kena snowstorm... HOLYSHIT!!!

so we ended up cleaning up the mess we caused.. its around 1 minute of snow war and you will need like around 10 minutes to clean the mess(not completely, my mom mop the floor the next day, thx mom!) so it really sucks to play spray in your house... =.=

New Year Resolution? bah... didn't have time to "set up" gok.. haha.. maybe i will talk about it next time..

till then, bye bye~

and here i would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year~!!

Welcome to 2009


off topic,

the Perfect Memories II main music video maybe can't make it le... i completed the whole project already but got problem when exporting it out as a movie clip (unknown error, FUCK!!!) so be prepared that i maybe will skip Chapter 2 and continue with Chapter 3... my apologize 1st...