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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back to Back Farewell Partay!!!

Do not ask me out for a steamboat again for this month. I have 2 steamboat in 2 days straight with almost the SAME kind of fish balls bought from the SAME shop!!

Last Tuesday, we threw a farewell party for Yee Ling who is going to Russia to further her studies. Of course, it was a steamboat dinner at Wei San's house. Talking about eating is boring, I will just moved on to the interesting part.

Have you heard of the Game of Life? where you put your life on the line to play except it was only your virtual life so you won't be dead if you suck and lose.

Instead of following the rules which is kinda boring, we played AGAINST the rules! Now, if you want to recruit potential bank robber, you should contact these following robber-wannabe : Beanie and Eugene.

Tell you what, these "robbers" steal money from the "bank" semacam!! They can't stop laughing when the 100k notes is disappearing one by one and the banker have no idea about it! But as the Chinese proverb says "The more often you climb the hill, the higher the chance you will meet a tiger" Finally, the noobie banker Sharon realized about the lost and quickly suck back all those 100k notes from me, Charles and Eddy and we goes like, "Oi!!! why you take our money!?! How can!? (this is called "do thief shout catch thief" in mandarin)

The game went wilder when we started to grab each other's "Life", the real human nature - greedy, was finally surfaced. A nice family and friends board game suddenly turned into a dangerous conspiracy between the players. Trust no one, deceive everyone.

Houwei nampak macam serious jer... Just kidding lah.. We are still one big family. No one was killed during the game. LOL

The next awesome game we played is Left 4 Cake, a sequel to the famous Left 4 Dead except no zombies and guns were involved, only CAKE is our main weapon! This idea was proudly suggested by Beanie. We are to make yeeling's face as creamy as we could! So we started off!

Unfortunately, we didn't count in the probability of her taking revenge and she straightaway chasing us back after we "creamed" her face! Me and beanie were smart, we ran onto the second floor and bang into a room....

without knowing whose room is that.

As we opened the door and rushed inside and closed the door, the room was dark. The 1st thought that came up to my mind was, "OMFG! Please, not weisan's mom room...."

I turned on the lights. *BOOOOM!!!*

I saw a woman.

Just kidding. There's nobody inside, and after confirming with beanie, it was weisan's room. Phew~ We are SAFE~~

It was really kinda like a Safe House like what you played in Left 4 Dead. Hiding from the cream cake horde outside. Cool huh?

Now that's what we called a partay!

All the best there yeeling!!

The next day, again we threw a farewell party for Calwin aka louwin who is also going to Russia the same as yeeling but his flight was a day later than her.

And again, it was steamboat. DAYMN~~ fishball makes me puke now..


I rushed to make a farewell video for calwin and completed it in a day. *proud!* unfortunately, I can't burn it properly into a cd that can be read by the player. Damn ke si weih....

But thanks to eddy, I managed to sort it out and successfully burned it!

Now enjoy y'all for those who didn't make it to the party, for those who have already seen it, let's get touched again~

Click here if the video above doesn't work.

And for the 1st time, we witnessed the soft side of Calwin.. Awwww~

All the best dude!!

2 flew. Who's next?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hello folks!! I have finally arrived safely at my lovely hometown, K to the T yesterday. (in case you don't know, its Kuala Terengganu!!) Home sweet home~ And the sweetness just doubled up with the stunning victory of Manchester United over Manchester City. It was another best match I've watched and moreover it was with my 20 other friends watching together!! Owen OWNS!!

Glory Glory Man United~~

Since I feel so elated, I'm going to share a joke with y'all.

There's is a shop. The shop has a very smart parrot. Whenever there's a customer entering the shop, it will say "Welcome!" and when the customer leaves, it will say "Thank you!"

One day, a naughty boy went to the shop. He noticed what the parrot was doing and he thought of making fun of it. So he moved in and out the shop several times, and the parrot goes "Welcome! Thank you! Welcome! Thank you! Welcome! Thank you!..". That boy keep on laughing. The parrot finally lost its patience and shouted,

"BOSS!! Got people playing your BIRD!!!"

Ladies and gentleman,


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Watashi wa L desu...


Know this guy? If you watched or read Death Note anime/manga, then I won't have to waste time introducing him. Don't know who the hell is him? Go OneManga and read it, then come back and continue reading my blog.

I was looking for his figure for ages. And recently, I've just spotted its presence in one of the gift shop in 1Utama. Without hesitation, I bought it!! with freaking RM50.


Believe it or not, for the 1st time ever, The Letters Crusade is holding a world class interview with the greatest inspector in the world, L himself and broadcasting live all over the entire world!!!

Before the interview officially starts, we have a chance to slip to the backstage and meet the greatest inspector himself personally!!

In the backstage,

"Dude, don't you know that my rocking hairstyle need ages to set!? Duh~~ and stop taking pic when my hair is not done!! It spoil my image y'know? and I have many girl fans out there waiting for me!!!"

Failing to have a lil chit-chat session with the oh-so-great-inspector himself, we made our way back to the front stage and wait for the official interview.

15 minutes have passed..


30 minutes have passed...


an hour flew...

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the greatest inspector in the world, L!!!!!"

*applause x100000*

'I've never wondered that I have so many girl fans!! I thought it would be millions of them, it turned out be trillions!! I should have stop my current job and go filming instead.' *grin*

Host : "Good evening L!!"



Host : "Oookaayy... So L, how have you been recently apart from fighting with Kira?"

L : " I'm down right pissing off now!! An idiot have just brutally bought me for a bloody 50 Ringgit Malaysia!! Who the hell he think he are!?!? And now, every time I walked pass some chicks, they will open their hot lips and say, 'Hi~~ Mr. 50~~' Fuck My Life!!!"

*audiences laughing their asses off*

Host : " That's definitely pissed off. It happens to me too when I've been cheaply bought by those suckers in FFS!!"

Host : " So, mind tell us how was your progress in catching Kir...."

*interrupted by phone rings*

*phone rings*

"Nature's call!!"

L immediately rushed towards the backstage and "bashed" into the toilet.

after 30 minutes~




Dear readers, we are sorry to inform that our today's guest L has had his ass stuck on the toilet bowl. We are sorry that we need to end today's interview here. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

*transmission ends*


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Malam Berbuka Puasa a.k.a "Break" Fast Night

Question : What you get when you crossed a Chinese guy with a baju Melayu?

Answer : You get a Chinese guy wearing baju Melayu.

Don't think so complicated~ It will only make your life more complicated~ =)

Last Friday night, Icon Club (previously known as Our Club) organized an event called Malam Berbuka Puasa. It was to foster relationship between seniors and juniors, to promote better understanding of culture yada yada... See? There are so many objectives need to be achieved even though you just wanna hold a simple dinner. Dinner right? So eat is the primary objective lah... again, why make life so complicated~~ All you need to do is to eat! You want a more formal one?

To fill the hunger of yours.

We were informed that we need to pretend to be a Malay wear baju Melayu when attending the feast. Of course, girls were to wear baju Kurung or any traditional dress.

So, I went to borrow from my Malay course mate and I have no idea why I picked the bloody red 1 and gave the blue 1 to my roommate.

I ended up looking like a bottle of rose flavoured syrup.

Hi. The name is Jiajun bin Tor.

While waiting for the VIP, our president, Mush asked all the seniors and juniors to sit together, mixing up instead of 1 table all juniors then another table all seniors. We want to foster relationship what remember? So we sit cham cham lor.

I don't know why the committee didn't told us earlier. Actually, we juniors need to serve the guests!! I mean, not like waiter lah run here run there, it's a buffet dinner, so we just need to stand in a line then start putting the food onto the guests' plate till they go "Woi!! cukup cukup!!"

I was lucky for not being the one who serve the rice. Because you see, in a zhap3 fan3 restaurant ah, the most busy and use his/her mouth the most 1 ah, is the one who is serving the rice. Right? "Besar?" "Kecik?" "Cukup?" "Boleh?" putting in and out the rice, always smile and talk to the customer(guest in this occasion). Jeng! The person who did this job will be revealed later on.

FYI, I didn't even get a chance to taste the food and all I did is to give people chance to eat the mouth-watering food. Okay okay, I know I'm not fasting so I should not be complaining about my hunger.

By the time we finished serving all the guests, nasi sudah habis~ So, we ended up eating meehoon, but, the experience worth it. I have never, in my life, serve any food to other people like this.

When I was eating, I saw our president, I asked him whether he ate already. He say, "Belum lah.. Banyok kerja nak buat nih~ Xde mood mau makan lah" Mind you, he is a Muslim who is fasting too!! Maann... Suddenly, it reminds me of the Interact Club Installation Night 2007 where I was just been elected as the new president at that time and was given the task to held a farewell dinner. During the whole night, I hardly have any appetite to enjoy my dinner. Although the food is right in front of me, I found it hard to chew and swallow it down to my stomach. The tension had killed all my appetite. Back to the present, I was like looking at the old me.

Here goes some pichass~

My roommate, DaoZhen.

Kah Wai. Smaller version of Lai Kean. You will know why when you meet him.

David. A shy guy. LOL!

Li Chee (don't know spell correct or not) Damn, even my classmate's name I also can't remember!! I'm soooo dead~

Jia Min.



And here, I shall present y'all, the one who serve the rice for everyone!!!!

Hui Ji aka Ciku!!! (reason : unknown)

So you think Beanie is the Ultimate Chatter Box? Not until you meet Ciku yourself!! She's the most sporting, talkative person I met here. Find 1 day, we ask these 2 fella to compete see who stop talking 1st. Anyway, she's definitely a rocker. (measured in our own idea of "rock")

Believe your eyes. I was holding a diamond. *hypnotising*

All these LOADS of leftover were "kidnapped" by those who stayed at the student house for their second round feast!! tak aci tak aci!!

Before ending this entry, I would to like thank our club committee for pulling out such a wonderful event. Good job y'all!!

Oh ya, I forgot to tell you guys something interesting that I found out during that night. Remember what our president told us just now? We were to mix sitting with seniors and juniors.

Now, after they got up from their seats, proceed to get their food, and then going back to their table, and finally sat down.....

Wait, I saw some thing's wrong! The people they are sitting with now are their gangs respectively!!

What a typical shy Asians we are~