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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sense of Gratitude

How many of us actually went to visit our former teachers after graduated?

During this Chinese New Year, me and my friends went to visit some of our secondary school teachers (mostly are tuition one though. lol) One of them was our add-maths tuition teacher. He was very surprised that we went to his house during Chinese new year. The moment I entered his house, all the feeling and memories of tuition straight away came up in my mind. We can joke, chat and even tease him like what we always did during his tuition. (that is sooo bad of us XP) To our surprise, he said that our is the 1st batch of student who come and visit him during Chinese new year. (don't know true or not lah, maybe he says this too to other group who visit him previously XD) Anyway, it is really something lah that you managed to remember the teachers who taught you before in the midst of ang pau, Blackjack and Carlsberg.

When we are leaving, I saw a very big smile on his face. He was like in cloud nine and kept saying that "I was really really happy lah that you guys come and visit me~" So much sense of fulfillment I felt at that moment.

After coming back for Chinese new year, I already have a thought of taking out some time to visit my art teachers who really made me different. (related link) On somewhere around the middle of the week, I almost forgot about it. The above event reminds me that I have something yet to be done. In the beginning, I was like, "wan meh? paiseh(means shy in hokkien) leh" Because I'm going alone to their house which is so much different from going by a group of people like before we did. (you get a courage boost when many people are around you doing the same thing you do) I don't know what topic am I going to talk with them, sort of like teacher and student gap mah~ Might as well ended up like me being 'interviewed' by them on the topic "How's life there?" Lol. I was in dilemma.

But you gotta do what you have to do. I dig out my missing courage and phone them, telling them that I'm going to visit them. "Really? Ok, we are going back from kampung the day after tomorrow, so on that day when you wanna come, just give me a call, alright?" Appointment was being made.

And so, that day arrived. Everything was really not what I thought it would end up like. We chat like everything, from their current number of students to their very very very old Pentium 3 computer, from why the hell I choose Architecture to they advising me to drink green tea because of eating outside food so frequent, which I now started to practice it! XD

Me with my art teachers and their daughter. =) (taken in Dec 2008)

They said, "It is really a jodoh that we actually develop teacher-student relationship for more than 9 years." "Most students, however, come and go~" I pretty much like the jodoh part, or I should refer it as a 'bless'? Is like you manage to keep this relationship for that long, and you are ready to develop it into greater stage of relationship, so why are you stopping or ignoring it?

During the whole visit, they said, "So sad, that the shop down there haven't officially open, if not we can continue chatting (that time I had to go back to have lunch with my family). Next time when you come back, the shop opened and we could spent more time talking bout lives."

Things are not always turn out the way you thought it would be, without actually doing it. And you never realised that even the smallest action of yours can bring a huge impact to others. We are talking about being grateful to our teachers. The hands that push us up till the top. Take a break from your hasty life, go and visit your teachers who you feel that you are really in debt of gratitude towards them.

Those big smiles on their faces will touch you deep into your heart, forever. =)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bits of My Chinese New Year 2010

When you start sucking ang pau, you tend to be lazy(to blog).

But when you start losing money gambling, you begin to work again (earn more realistic achievement XD).

It's been a week since I came back home to celebrate Chinese New Year. It also called the money sucking festival, for unmarried people like me. =) (one hell of bloody advantage you lost at the moment you sign your marriage contract)

A GREAT SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT! (no more after married!!) XD

Anyway, talk about open house. Mannn.. I really wish I could divide myself into 3 or 4 JJs. Some of my friends, they do open house on the same day, same time I do. So, in the end, I couldn't make it to those houses. Really sorry guys! I may have sucked some of your potential guests to my house =X

Btw, no pics from my house. (our very own photographer, Ton ge came late to my house.)

Celebrating new year with your birthday at the same time is called double happiness. Not the McD's double prosperity burger that would make you fat, literally.

Esther's birthday fall on 2nd day of CNY.

We thought of buying Secret Recipe cake on the very last moment and it turned to be sold out or booked by other people. So, we went to Parkroyal Hotel to buy. Not much option to choose from. We bought sponge cake and thought it would suck compared to Secret Recipe. Our mind has been set that Secret Recipe's cake is the best, well at least in KT. However, the cake turned out to be a great satisfaction.

And why the hell are we talking cake instead of chinese new year...


I got bored of playing cards. Yeah, you put RM100 on each bet, that's why you didn't fall asleep playing 'deng'. Lazy to describe, kindly contact me if you are interested. =)

In this new year, I learn how to play mahjong, in the very basic way. Thanks to khye vern, my sifu (left side in the above pic) lol. Kinda fun because you need to think more with your almost unused brain.

Chinese New Year without fireworks!? NO WAAAAY!!

At KJ's house, we had our chance to experience the powerful impact of fireworks in close distance (near death distance?)

Low's family with their very own 'RPG Launcher'.

I fucking missed this as I was fetching Vien from the airport. We could only see it far far away from our car along our way back to KJ's house. FML.

However, KJ never disappoint me, or should I say his dad. After the fireworks, his dad brought out another couple of 'rockets' to be fired up into the dark sky. Immediately, I volunteered myself to be the one who would lit up the rockets. I didn't sign any 'death agreement'. lol.

There goes my 1st time experience of letting off fireworks.

Picture lies. I came back in one piece. =)

And then we head to the ultimate finale. The Circle of Death/Doom/Disaster/Drunk whatever you called it, just drink that damn Carlsberg! (you should know how deadly this game is if you read "My Christmas Eve Celebration")




Look, you don't take pictures with beer can, cause people will think that you are an alcoholic.

We posed with the Carlsbergsssss.

During this whole week of Chinese New Year, our friend, Beanie had found his true love......

on a little girl.

She must have been attracted by his 'signature mole'. Anyway, let us mourn for 1 minute. XD

There goes a week full of red packets, cards, fireworks and Carlsbergs. There's always an ending of every holiday(except that you are retired?), its good to come back home once in a while and have a lil care free life. =)

Going back to college life on tomorrow's evening. Haven't even pack yet. And I bet you know what am I going to say again~

I will miss my sweetest, warmest and spacious double bed!!! XD

Photo credits to Ayrton.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year! RAWRRR!!

Last week, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my friends for some CNY shopping spree. Its been a very long long time since the last time I really concentrate on shopping when going to shopping mall as most of time I was just window shopping and the main intention of going the complex was to check out the latest Hollywood movies.

Watched Universal Soldier. Was laughing my ass off when the part which Van Damn Damme moving around stabbing the terrorists and the terrorists screamed in their most pathetic way they could. Total IMBA(abbreviation for 'imbalance' in game) character.

Anyway, that day, I told myself that I must buy a pair shoes and a pair of jeans.

I bought my new jeans from ROMP again as its pattern won't be too dull nor smell 'seafood'. Perfect for me.

For shoes, at first I was planning to buy another one that cost around RM80 like the one I'm wearing now. As for me, I have a mind that says 'can wear can ady, nonid Nike Adidas one.' This statement directly blew off right after I saw her~

Hahaha...The story goes like that~

I went to Al-ikhsan to window shop some Nike. Then I saw her. Sitting still, trying to portray her best to the people around her. It was love at first sight. I walked in front and say hi to her. She didn't reply, instead I saw something like a necklace hanging around her saying, "199". And I was stupid to ask her, "RM199 per night?". She wasn't embarrassed but kindly replied, "Nope, its for your whole life."

I overjoyed. Then I asked for her name. She blushed and said, "Its Santa, Santa Cruise~" What a nice name~

Santa Cruise~

Ahhh... so that's a little love story from me. XD

My flight is on 8pm tonight. Gosh.. think have to go the airport at 5.30pm, most probably there would be a huge congestion. Gotta do some final packing and off I go to GANU HOK KITE!!!

And before I forgot,

Happy Chinese New Year! Wishes everyone here a prosperous year~!!

(tiger year XD)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Filming Expedition

Oyeah! It's the 3 days 2 nights trip to one of my group member, Meng Min's house in Kajang to do some filming for my EALD(English as Additional Language and Dialect) coursework. We depart from our college after evening class and reached her house at night. Yeah, its a girl's house!! And me and Dao Zhen are staying overnight together with 2 other girls of my group!! GG. We sleep in different room of course. duh~

Luckily, her bro drives a Pajero to fetch us because we have 5 of us and luckily, it happens that all of us are stickmen and stickwomen.

We didn't start our shooting straight away on first night. Instead, we practiced for the tomorrow's scene. Bloody.. I think I'm born to rock in comedy, I just suck in acting when I need to be serious - side effect of watching too much Taiwan entertainment shows. Miraculously, I didn't NG laughing like what I expected to be throughout the whole shooting. XP

We woke up at 4am in the next morning FML.

There's a scene that we need to capture sunrise and it's on the hilltop too. It's a 30-minutes ride away. We arrived there at 5 something and hell it's already full of people! What's more shocking is that, me as the director *ehem*, didn't even know that we have to climb the hill for about 25 minutes in order to reach the spot that we are going to shoot. Oh god~ It was actually a palm tree estate where we started our journey and then up the hill following the track which previous hikers opened few years back then(I think so lah)

Before climbing, we only have a cup of Milo.

But what I saw in the ads about Milo is that after you drink a cup of Milo, you will have the energy for the whole morning. I seriously doubt it.But after all, it's an ads.

The first thing we did when we arrived at the spot was, we panted like hell. I was like,"wtf!? are we coming here for extreme sports or filming actually?" And there are actually 3 stages of hilltop to go! But since we have found a good spot where not many people would linger on, we decided to stay at the spot. XD

So, we finally began our shooting, after panting for like 10 minutes. There's a serious problem when you wanna film something at the hilltop, the blaardy freaking wind who travels for 100+ miles per hour but receive no summon from the traffic police without paying duit kopi. The sound of the raging wind just overlap all our voice and all we could hear in the video taken was "Fuuuu~!! Fuu~ Fuuuu!!"

To solve this problem, We planned to record our sound in a closed room and then replace the sound of the video later on. And hopefully, it works.

Another problem is, the camera's battery life. Our whole filming process was constrained by the limited battery, like 120 minutes? We can't afford to sacrifice too many time on one scene as we might not have enough battery to shoot the remaining scenes and I swear to god that I would never climb this hill again for the 2nd time just to shoot a few scenes. Nooo way~

So basically, we were racing against the weather(wind), the time(before sunrise's scene and when sunrise) and the battery life. =X

Another thing about low budget film like us, lol, is that we don't have professional lighting system and some bunch of cameras. Camera problem can't be solved - no money, no extra camera. But we do manage to solve the lighting problem when shooting in dark places. All you need is some high volt (like 6V) flashlights and you are good to go. Of course the effect won't be like what you see in Hollywood films but what could you expect from a low budget educational movie. LOL

All in all, this 3 days 2 nights trip really gave all of us a good experience, I'm pretty sure. Knowing that, what you could imagine is not necessary what you could carry out, especially when you have limited resources, tools and experiences. I thought that I could film out what I expected it to be. It's so hard to actually realize it rather than just imagine how the whole scene should be going. So silly of me... There are soooo many unexpected problems which may arise throughout the whole shooting. Till now, I finally understand how hard it is to make a successful film and the obstacles the whole crew might experience.

Here are some photos taken through out the whole trip,

Fify, the little cute dog that always wanted to participate in our film. XD

Breadman, who dies with honour after 'sacrificing' himself as one of our crops.

'The Inspired' crews up the hilltop!! From left, behind row: Me and Dao Zhen.
From left, front row: Meng Min, Winjing and Li Chi

At last, the breaking dawn~

Last but not least, I would like to thank Meng Min and her family members especially her parents who spend their time bringing us out to various kind of places to eat and her bro who is kindly enough to fetch all of us and letting me and Dao Zhen to sleep in his room temporarily. Thanks! =)

Many scenes left to go! Wish us luck~