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Sunday, August 31, 2008


this was how my weekly chores looks like.. maannn.. just scheduled it today cause it was really troublesome to remember all these works 1 by 1.. better leave some space for history memorizing.. it would be much better..

well,time to load my brains with lots of HISTORY... again...

gosh.. 2 weeks to go..

till then..

hmm.. after the election of Permatang Pauh,the crucial turning point for the country to be exact.. has finally chosen its fittest man to have his comfortable seat in the Parliment..the country folks started to prepare themselves for the 51th Independence Day.. which is today.. since its already past midnight(but i dint saw of any sign of fireworks been launched here, in kt..) >.<

i really believe that what our PM said was true..

well.. lets hope the govman can do something.. something really great.. something what they had promised us.. for Malaysia... as a better home to live...

happy 51th birthday, Malaysia~~!!

home sweet home~~

Monday, August 25, 2008

Trial Starts

trial starts.. n my streamyx has downed for 2 weeks.. many websites couldn't be reached.. especially friendster..damn!! cant grab all the photos taken during the interact dinner, neither can i upload mine.. ><

luckily, i still can blogging...if not.. *awwww*

3 weeks of exam to go.. *awwwwww*

1 down..LOTS more to go~ *awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*

Saturday, August 23, 2008


a wonderful night..

Interact Club Installation Night 07/08

3 times i attended.. and this time was the most meaningful...

thank you to my parents, who taught me on how to be a successful leader.

thank you to my principal, who taught me that following the school rules is the 1st step to achieve your goals.

thank you to PP Scott, who taught me that it is a must to investigate thoroughly before making any judgment.

thank you to PP Lau, who always help me and the club in dealing difficult situations.

thank you to all Rotarian, who always give their full support in our club's activities.

thank you to Mdm. Irham n Mr. Suhaili, who always give me their useful advices and guidance when facing obstacles.

thank you to my director buddies, who always standing right beside me as the strongest support.

thank you to all the interactors, who always give their full participation and passion to the club.

and finally,

thank you to Interact Club for giving me an opportunity to take the post of President that changed my life to a better.

don't forget.. Service Above Self..

as the title stated.. today was my 1st time driving a car.. n its KANCIL!!! Malaysia Official Car for Learning... and Kancil is abit compact for me who have long lengs.. =.= hmmm.. when will it be that everyone would like to go BITARA and see rows of FERRARI cars waiting for them.. how about hundreds year after?? hmmm.. maybe not.. ><

who the hell invented manual car?? maaannn... he or she should invent a automatic car straight he or she dint think about us who always forced to treat people a cup of offee.. sugar perhaps? anyhow, we must thank him or her who invented cars which aid us in our long journey of life~~

all that i can say that,it was always totally different from just learning it theoretically than PRACTICALLY.. it was an amazing experience indeed.

1 down.. 2 more to go till i get my L~!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

swallowed by exam...

as you can see.. the safety zone(green area) had gone.. now it is already in the 1st quarter of the caution zone(yellow area)..

exam mood is swallowing me day by day~

holidays are no more holidays.. >.<

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Golden Pressured

Malaysia's Hero, Lee Chong Wei.

China's Raging Dragon, Lin Dan.

not in his best form.

in his superb form.

one word, GODLIKE.

the 1 and only Olympic silver medal for Malaysia.

abit depressed now..

lee chong wei lost to lin dan..

as you all can see, chong wei definitely not in his best form as he does during semi finals against lee better description.. a roaring tiger in semi finals, a tamed tiger in finals.

maybe he was carrying the heaviest pressure in his life at that moment.. maaannn... can you imagine how big is that pressure as all the malaysians are putting their last hope on you?? UNWEIGHTABLE...

however, chong wei really did an excellent job for smashing into the finals.. although he lost in the competition, he won something..

he made us proud~!! Malaysia are truly proud of him.. thats what he won, i think..

perhaps..another 4 year??

that time,he would be turning 30 >.<

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Last Hope

tats him!! the last hope for the Malaysians to touch their first Olympic Gold Medal, Lee Chong Wei.

he had made it all through the Final which he will play against the world No.1, Lin Dan.

well, best wishes to him!! Make us proud!!

guys, remember what we played in our drama not long ago?? in conjunction of the Bulan Kemanusiaan.. about the Olympic Badminton Final is Lee Chong Wei versus Lin Dan and Chong Wei won!!

hope that the result came out will be the same as in the drama.. ^^ that would be a miracle coincidence.. hope it really happens~

Thursday, August 14, 2008

almost famous, or already?

maaann.. never thought that my blog would become an information center for the 'hunters' in our school..

maybe i should sign a contract with them.. so that my pocket would be thick enough to handle my cost in canteen which occupied with "reasonable price" food..

first, posting those photos are just for the sake of fun n humor.. nothing else.. however, it draws unwanted attention.. results.. mass phone elimination..

seems like my blog is getting famous n famous as time passes.. and i think i need to make a little adjustment and apply some SAFETY measurements when i am blogging in the future..

GOSH.. things are getting tougher now..

oh ya.. if anyone of the school authorities really drop by n check out my blog ACCIDENTALLY, please help to solve the open burning problems.. thanks!

JAS?? is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea~

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

>.< or ^^

woots!! just check the freshly baked National Service name list for the year 2009 via sms..

' PLKN: Maaf! (my ic. no.) tidak terpilih menyertai PLKN Siri 6/2009.'

hmmmm... when i received this msg.. kinda happy because i wont get my hair shaved to bold and will have 3 months free to rot myself out ^^~~ but a lil bit of dissapointed as i wont get a chance to touch AKs and learn to be a more discipline boy(im NAUGHTY~~), furthermore widen my horizon.. ><

chosen also like that.. not been selected also like that..

well, >.< or ^^? its up to you~ how will you think?

im equal~ XP

Monday, August 11, 2008


holy crap~!!

the think i hate the most.. open burning..

it just happened in my school recently.. f**k those school worker.. i dunno why.. but i think open burning is their CULTURE.. or to be exact, HERITAGE!!

imagine you are having tuition in school at your nappy time... and the tuition which did not make any sense.. wasting time to be exact.. and SOMEONE JUST F**KING BURN ALL THE RUBBISH!!! since our class situated right above the burning area.. crap!! we saved other class from having breathing problem..

now i think that the school authority really need to do something about it.. which is far more important than holding those tuition that seems 'USEFUL' and shaving other people's hair..

damn!! this school is not GREEN... its HOT!! maybe the name, SMK Chung Hwa Burning would suit this school much better.. ^^

peace yo~

Friday, August 8, 2008



what a beautiful day~~ lets give it a kiss.. MUACKS!!! <3

concerning this lucky day, i wishes all my buddees, all the best in every aspects and most important, do well in SPM~!! XD

well.. just watched the Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony..


its was speechless... if the tickets for entering the stadium n watch the ceremony is 1000 bucks.. it is DEFINITELY DAMN WORTH!! you are like watching a movie directed by the of course, 张艺谋 the man behind all the dramatic scenes.. my highest respect to him!!

here, i would like to wish all the best to Beijing 2008 Olympic.. hope everything went fine and smooth as planned.. n also good luck to all Malaysia's athletes.. you guys are the proud of Malaysia.. grab a gold n 1 million bucks is all yours..$$$$$

maaann.. tats more than enough to have you retired from sports.. ^^

nowadays.. our school din have spot check.. except for hairs.. which is likely known as HAIR-CHECK.. ^^

with mobile phones during school time.. maannnn.. time flies~~

lets see what i got here..

what u looking at??

another phone bringer.. just ignore the heaven at the back.. A A A A A A A!!!

don't mess with me, or i will let you eat this!!! ignore the As at the back again.. (how come my class has so many As on the wall??)

tired of school life?? have a quick massage~~

aahhh.. school was damn boring... everybody was paktor-ing.. left me alone..><.. SLEEP!!

OMG!! i saw some angels in my dream~~ all leng leng 1.. snaky seng was sleeping n i caught him~ XP

life in school was terrible.. you just had to have your meal under the table..

nowadays, statistics shows that total amount of teenagers committing suicide had increased tremendously.. and it nearly happened right in front of my innocent eyes.. >.<


Olympic, here i come!!! expecting the opening ceremony~~

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Camp = No camp

for the past 3 days including today.. me n my friends went for a camp held in school SS.. in the beginning we all thought it would like Elite Camp which we involved before during Form 3.. which was a useful camp..


for ur info, we stayed in a dorm..

- bathrooms without PROPER doors.. only with some MOBILE doors which we need to set it up to fill up the actually door position.. some of my friends who are extremely lazy to wait for their turns ( there are only 3 mobile doors im supposed), they bath naked~ salute to them cause beautifying the scenery of the those damn bathrooms~!!

- a camp without a camp commander.. results, we have no idea of when actually is the time to eat.. where to go when it is a 'Riadah' slot... where is the morning call that the authority promised to give us.. what to do for the non-muslims when all the muslims are praying.. where to put those heavy luggage when we wanna say goodbye to the camp.. IT IS TOTALLY ON YOUR OWN OF HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SPEND YOUR TIME DURING THAT CAMP.. 2 words, no system..

- come for skema only.. some teacher are good, some are so so~~ they come in the class then distribute the module set to us.. then ask us to do.. then discuss.. and lastly... they giv us skema for each subject.. i think my class is luckier than my other friends'.. im supposed~~

- got a teacher.. i duno why.. but actually it was a joke that made him looks stupid.. he cant really diferentiate btwn KANCIL n MERCEDES BENZ.. he was driving kancil at that time, then he ask my friend: "eh, naik mercedes saya la" then VROOOOOM away leaving my friend speechless.. maybe he is indulged with our MB's mercedes issues.. dont turn around n stab us lar.. cause if we stab back you, we are just the same as you.. you are nasty.. and we dont have time to mess with a nasty person.. (only for those who know about the actual incident... neninenipupu~~)

in conclusion,

satu kem yang amat menyedihkan.. menghabiskan 3 hari dgn sia sia.. kem tak macam kem.. datang ambil skema je..

Peace yo~!