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Friday, July 30, 2010

My 19th Birthday Celebration

I believe many of us did celebrate birthday when we were young. We have birthday parties like every month! And I miss the hug from A&W's bear. We have the most innocent smile that time...

and still continuing now! =)

Many years had passed, and now we are students from different colleges or universities. Some even studying abroad. We have piles of assignment and revision to keep up with. Most of us sacrificed a lot to keep pace with the never ending chores. Time for friends.

It's not that we do not appreciate friendship but sometimes it is just too costly for us to attend a gathering and fore-go our obligation. Ya, as we grew up, we have more and more obligations.

So I thought that celebrating birthday with my friends would be a good opportunity to gather up all of them and have some crazy fun.

It turned out to be a success. Well, that's why I've been celebrating my birthday since the day I know whenever I celebrate it, I will be getting mountains of present cherished by my friends.

Furthermore, I might be flying to Australia next year so this year is a must!

the pic also explain why it is a MUST!! XD

If you know me well, I'm that kind of person who enjoy watching people having fun, smiling, laughing out loud and just having a great time!

and also finishing up the food! XP

So maybe that's why I always host gathering.

Last year they bought me a Nike tee. This year they bought me a Nike shoes.

I was in cloud nine.

But the real thing that made me felt blissful is, having you all as my buddies~

My first wish, I wishes all my family members and friends healthy always~

My second wish, I wishes all of us who are taking AUSMAT this year can fly!!

And they say you should keep your third wish secret. Soooo... ahaha~~

Best wishes!!

photo credits to Calwin.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 1Year!

Hohoho!! It's been A MONTH since I last updated my blog. This is the longest time ever I partially abandoned my blog. Sorry guys. Life's been busy. With homework and World Cup to chase and attend madly fun outings with friends, I have no idea when can I have a moment of chilax to sit down and write something.

Was filling application forms for universities in Australia. Damn, the process of filling in the form is no way easier than sitting for exams. I kid you not.

Well, its been a year I had came here to study. From a blur blur college 1st timer, to now officially been granted the title "Senior". And it's time to apply for university already!!

Time flies waaaay too FAST!

I never imagined how I'd get along so well with my seniors.

They are the one who paint my last year with colorful memories.

Their presence had transformed this unfamiliar place into a joyful home.

It is very grateful to have them as my seniors and also my friends.

And now, all of them are at different places around the globe, striving hard to achieve their own respective goals. Best of luck!

Its been a year. Our batch had of course, formed a much closer bond among ourselves.

Through group assignments, gatherings, trips, we got to know each other better.

From hi-and-bye friends,

to crazily-bonded buddies.

To me, friendship is like a snowball. It only gets larger and larger.

Across different races and skin colors...

we craft friendship.

Happy 1Year! =)