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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Be Responsible For What Your Took

I'm BACK!!!

REALLY lah!!!

really sorry to have you guys waited for a whole week without a fucking update.. well basically biology and physics really got me puking and i can't spend my time blogging while my mind was mixed with all those scientific terms.. later you will see many stupid scientific terms in my blog.. you want? sure don't want right?

now here's the real deal..

i know some of you are actually jumping around shouting "Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka!!!" at the moment.. cause you dint take Account subject.. relax~ i won't fire my gun towards you but to those who simply take Account and fucking failed it, YOU are my meal today!!

well, i noticed some people... i don't know what they are thinking actually.. lemmi ask you a question.. "Is it heavy to take 11 subjects?" (for science stream student) don't tell me it ain't heavy.. you can ask Calwin to confirm this fact.. he fucking dropped Account and is currently party-ing i guess(his reason: "If i sit under the fan in class, maybe i can take Account..", FUCK!).. and some people already have 11 subjects as the basic, took Account as an extra subject..

it is good to take an extra subject as you might get an extra A for that.. and since you have already taken this subject, you sure will work hard for it right? cause it was your decision to carry an extra load and you should responsible for it..

but some people, you know? they are fucked up... its not like they can't do well in the subject they took... in fact they are so lazy to bother it like the extra subject they took is non of their business... so these people actually took an extra subject so that they could get an extra failed subject? i really don't know..

what i know is my advice to these people are too late..they can't bother to change their irresponsible attitude.. fucker took an extra subject and fucking failed it.. you won't gain anything but a laugh stock for your friends who are wiser to think that failing an extra subject is much much worse than failing a basic subject...


Morale of this post:

Be responsible for what you took.. it maybe an extra success or an extra load...

or even worse, a "F"...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Election Comedy

ok, today's post would a politic-related entry.. bah.. just a lil bit related lah...

nice looking ya~

fine.. US finally got its first black president, Barack Obama!!! who is from the minorities..

know what? Malaysia wants to follow their step too.. to choose a leader by looking at his/her ability not their skin colour.. UEK!! whole Malaysia talk about this just after Obama was elected as the US President...

well.. that's still a LONG LONG WAAAAAAY to go i guess~

but fear not.. now lemme introduce you some future leaders.. who are ready to OWN Malaysia and make it a better place to live in..


Name : Tor Jiajun
Party : Pakatan Joker
Specials : Likes to joke
Manifesto : "Change the Malaysia Motto from 'Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu' to 'Why So Serious?' MUAHAHHAHAHAH!!!"

Name : Ayrton Phua Wei Zhou
Party : Kesatuan Kamera
Specials : Photo Maniac
Manifesto : "Price of all cameras will be

Name : Lee Calwin
Party : Kuasa Cermin
Specials : Can't live without mirror
Manifesto : "Those who destroy mirror will be detained under ISA!!! WOW!!"

Name : Esther Ng Feng Ying
Party : Angkatan Wanita Dok Sedar
Specials : Intelligence is my wealth
Manifesto : "All exam will be abolished!!! Save the trees, dude!!!"

Name : Cheah Wing Seng
Party : Barisan Niaseng
Specials : Famous in Snake-ing
Manifesto : "Each man can marry up to 5 women!!! The same goes to the women too!!! SEXAY!!!"

Name : Eddy Goh Tik Earn
Party : Persatuan Gergasi
Specials : Universe Appetite
Manifesto : "All ministers must be taller than 180cm!!!!BOOYEAH!!!"

Name : Low Khong Jiun
Party : Perikatan Ferrari
Specials : Ferrari Dreamer
Manifesto : "0% import tax on all sport cars!!! YEEEHAAA!!!"

Name : Steven Tan
Party : Kelab Futsal
Specials : Goal Machine
Manifesto : "Hosting World Cup in MALAYSIA!!! YAHOOOO!!!"

Now, its time for you to vote!!!


anyway, just for laughs...


Tuesday, November 18, 2008



i was gotcha'd by Eddy and Stevie 2 days ago.. when i cursed Friendster.. oops!

i know words are not enough to feed you guys' hunger.. so i have prepared some 'evidence' for you all to enjoy as i brings you back to the 'crime' scene..

basically, these 2 naughty fellas impose themselves as "Friendster Team" to prank me.. here goes the beginning of the 'crime'..

the 1st comment from 'Friendster Team' was actually from Steven saying,

"Your friends list may be inaccurately displayed. Please be assured your friends list will be accurate soon." <--- total lifting from Friendster web.. =.=

i was shocked when i saw this comment cause i already posted the entry cursing about Friendster.. FUCK!! i quickly amended my entry because they already gave me a "notice", it would be bad to continue cursing them like hell.. so i changed my cursing to a more 'gentle' 1~

at that time, i was wondering, "WTF!?!? How did Friendster know my blog address?(My only answer is - I left my blog address in the shout out in my friendster profile (link)) And why the hell will them notify me through my blog!?"

but it was all too late.. just after i amended my entry and re-posted it.. i was warned by 'Friendster Team' who was played by Eddy.. =.=

notice the 2nd comment,

"You should not blame Friendster in your blog. This act will fine you RM1,000 according to terms and condition. Please behave." <--- I fucking dint notice the word 'RM'

and notice the following comment by Eddy(in his true form),

"JJ, you are in a hot soup" <--- Ya,I fucking know... just that i don't know that you are pranking me only..

you know what? I immediately delete all my curses about Friendster.. walau eh.. damn scared you know.. and there was no more comment from 'Friendster Team' that night.. do suspense meh? FUCK!

the next day, Ceddy told me that it was a prank.. what an outstanding law student i can say.. he pointed out all the leakage of the prank and even gave me some basic law education.. thx man! and maybe i was a bit dizzy that night so i was easily shocked and din't notice much of the leakage..

then i checked back my cbox..

notice the IP address circled? it was from the same IP address!! which means it was from the same source.. you are impossible to share the same IP address if you are connecting from different source.. that was the biggest leakage that i was sooo careless for not checking out my cbox to confirm.. damnit!

ohya.. please take note on what Stevie said at the top part in the above picture.. it was one of the leakage too.. damnit again!

and it was all revealed..

what a prank i got from you two.. better don't try it again for another time.. cause that will be the end of you two..


lastly, i would like to thank that two naughty friends for giving me a hardcore 'lesson'.

and i shall repay you two with my middle finger,



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prism T-Back

This post was last amended on 17 Nov 2008, 1.50pm.

OK, now to the main point of today's post,

during middle of the year, we have been given MOUNTAINS OF THESE BOOKS!!! to be exact, its all around Terengganu (i have no idea how much of trees have been chopped down for this)

it goes by the name, Prism T!!!

WATCH OUT! Its been distributed by JPNT!!!

AND! Its been labeled "TERBILANG"!!

I really doubt them for calling themselves TERBILANG. Here, i greatly objects this label. Of course i don't simply objects things without reasons. Want reasons? Read on!

Reason no.1,

Some of the books were fucking screwed. The arrangement between the sets of question was awful. For example, here set 1 paper 1 paper 2 then suddenly jump to set 2 paper 2.. then fly to set 3 paper 1 but paper 2 was skipped and straight to paper 3..

Starting to feel dizzy le right? Yeap! It was more like treasure hunting than doing exercise.. and its FUCKDUP!!!

Reason no.2,

these two fellas wasted..

inside these two books, all the questions were asked in Bahasa Melayu.. =.=

and some even worse! the questions were OK, were English-ed.. but the marking scheme provided were in Bahasa Melayu!!!

DUDE! How am I supposed to do? I have been taught using English in Science subjects for 5 years and now you want me to learn back Bahasa Melayu!?!? I'm not a professional translator by the way.. again its FUCKDUP!!!

Reason No.3,

among all the above crimes, the following one might be detained under ISA..


HOLY &#*@$!

I found this fucking error in the marking scheme!!! Its in Chemistry Module 2. How are you gonna explain this, JPNT?

but somehow, i have to admit that some of the books were helpful but some were totally FUCKDUP!!!

don't say I criticize too much about it. Hey! You gave the students the wrong directions, how can you expect them to pass their exam with flying colours? Right?

Its better to double check on what you guys are going to print out. Make sure all the trees you have chopped down weren't WASTED!

Friday, November 14, 2008

When Text Book Comes ALIVE!


I'm BACK!!

undergoing the 1st break of SPM makes me feel a lil bit lazy to start back my engine.. DAMN!! and now I'm still fucking blogging..

but fear not! no exam can stop JJ from entertaining you guys.. cause the History Paper which appears to be one of the toughest enemy has been fucking DEFEATED by all of us!! cheers~

lately, i came across Eddy's blog (link) who showed his great sympathy towards the books which have been "BURNT" or "THROWN".. and it is unbelievable to see how a human can act so kind towards the dead thing (because BOOKS got no live!)

for that, i create a story of "When Text Book Comes Alive".

The story goes by a boy who was frustrated that he failed his History paper during the trials. One day, when the school was out, that boy as usual walking his way back to home. On his journey, he stepped on a thing which suddenly made a screeching sound, "AWWWW!!!" The boy was shocked, he then looked down and saw a book which he thought that it was thing that he stepped on just now. But he wondered how did it made such sound. He picked up the book then the book suddenly said, "I will help you, my friend." He was like wtf!

After the miracle incident, they both became friends! The book taught him how to fucking master the stupid History and in return, the boy treated the book some getah, lada hitam, gambir, padi huma, bijih timah, rempah, kopi and tembakau. (There's a reason why the book likes to eat these strange stuff.)

The SPM finally arrived. During the History paper, the boy was like in GOD form. His mind was fully packed with all the points. Results, he managed to complete it in 20 minutes. After handing over the answer sheet, he jumped and shouted like mad. His classmates were wondering what have happened to him.

When he reached home, the book came out and greet him with a smile on its face.

The books said, "How was it going my friend?"

The boy said, "It was damn fine!"

The book was touched.

The boy thanked the book and said, "Thank you for all the help you gave me."

The book started to cry in tears.

"You may leave now." the boy said.

"What!?" the book was shocked.

"For I don't need you anymore, it is a waste to continue feeding a white elephant. So, you may leave now." the boy answered.

The book was still in shock by the sudden act of the boy. The book in tears quickly pack up its luggage and ran out of the house.

Before leaving, the book gave the boy a middle finger and said,


History finished,

Books gone,



This story is fully copyrighted and distributed by JJ. Any suspected piracy act will be caught in 1 second.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Monday, November 10, 2008



The time has come to an end and the battle will begins shortly.

















My best wishes to all SPM candidates especially to all my beloved buddess~


Together we shall engage the most challenging three weeks of our life.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laughing Is The BEST Medicine

OK, i know that SPM is keeping you guys down these days... but can you fucking laugh? (click here to find out more why you need to fucking laugh)

you are just so damn lucky to visit my blog during this critical time where every second counts like hell... know why? cause today Mr. JJ is going to share a video clip which you can exercise your mouth muscle and also to testify your humor level!!

watch as Eason laughs... our "No.1 Ranking Laughter" Welly can be easily beaten by his laughter... don't believe it? WATCH IT!!!


beat me if you can still remain calm(by not moving a single muscle of your mouth) at 1.15 , 3.07 and 3.16..

you can try to watch the video again and again.. and see how far can you to tolerate his laughter..

however, i strongly advise you to watch the video and LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! don't keep it inside, NO GOOD!! and be surprised that your mouth cramps!!

just kidding..



booyeah!!! finally got my blog template changed.. i dumped the old 1 cause it really bores me up.. anyway, hope you enjoy reading my blog with the all new template..

feeling refreshing? of course!! cause i'm gonna feed your eyes with something GREAT!!!

ever dream of seeing a Ferrari car moving on the road? NOT Formula One k!? okay, maybe you are staying in other place which are far moderner than here.. so seeing a Ferrari or whatever sport car is your daily encounters...



having a chance to see a Ferrari car passing in front of you eyes when you are driving probably will cause you to meet an accident because your damn eyes won't move away from staring the Ferrari..

however, i was excluded.. ^^ and i managed to record down the stunning action of Ferrari in KT!!!

here's the proof!!

(Click here if the video doesn't work)

i bet that KJ will shout like mad when he sees this post, "WTF MAAAN!!! Now I can't be the first person in KT to own a Ferrari car.. DAMNIT!!!"

oh ya!! i hope that there are local reporters who spotted that Ferrari car and take down a photo of it, so that Kuala Terengganu could earn an honorable place in EAST COAST EDITION..


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OMG!! I'm graduated!?!?

*last photo update was on 5 Nov 2008, 8.30pm.

yup!! Mr. Tor Jiajun.

"For your information, you are fucking graduated from Sekolah Menengah Chung Hwa Wei Sin!!! Congraluaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation!!!"

Here's the Certificate Cover that worth RM20!!! i can still smell gum odor when i received it.. >.<

OMG!!! its empty!!! =.=

i have passed Graduation Season 1, that is during kindergarten.. LOL!!

then Season 2, primary school.. AHA!! as a 12 years old mama boy~ >.<

and now for Season 3..

this is how i looked before putting on that damn graduation robe which cost me rm10 for rental... =.=

Name : Tor Jiajun
Class : 5 Alpha

TADAAA!!!! JJ featuring the fucking green robe!!! GO GREEN y'all~!!!

when i saw all the students put on their graduation robe and walking around the venue.. i was like, " WTF!?!? am I inside one of the scene of Harry Potter? Coooo ool~~" and for that, Terengganu Equestrian Resort "turned out to be" the Hogwart School of Wizardry.. ZAM ZAM ALAKAZAM!!!

ok.. back to reality..

i reached there at 7am, damn early!! we queue up for 1 hour.. of cours e for the VIP!!!! and i really amazed that the VIP managed to give his speech for 45 minutes causing some students to undergo hibernation.. *snorrrr* but he is good, he can say "Gong Xi!! Xie Xie Da Jia!!" in his very own Chinese slang.. *clapssss*

guys, remember anything?

YES!!! its the NASI LEMAK RM15!!!!

and guess what, it turned out to be nasi minyak.. haizzzz.. kena scammed again... but like it or not.. you still have to put them inside your BIGGGG mouth ca use it worth RM15 you know?? crazy meh no eat!! and you will have to put in AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!! like those ahsam who go others people's open house eat and TAPAO.. FUCK!!! for those who are diet-ing, you are crazy to diet today..

thank god, that nobody cried today.. fuck lah.. everybody was alrea dy dehydrated by the chaos brought by SPM, where got water left to cry wor.. DAMN!! FYI, its 5 days left.. din't have the mood like what graduates supposed to have.. i think maybe the real mood will come 4 years after..

just ignore it for the time being.. and let us see some awesome photos taken by Ayrton!!!

This is what happen when you are queuing up for 1 hour..

OK, since we are waiting for the VIP... let's take some pictures!!

ooi!! ask you all to take picture not stand there do nothing!!! DAMN!!

aha!! that's much better!!



please vote your dream girl below :

"can i surrender my vote?" =.=

inside the Hogwart School of Wizardry, oops!! its TER.. ^^

did you girls know that you are actually holding an empty certificate cover? I bet you know!!

I TOLD YA!!! SEE!?!?

what are you waiting for? clap your hands like mad lahh!!!
*FYI, her is the no.1 in academic from primary school till secondary school. That's why you need to CLAP!!!

The rockest class ever in the history!!!


till then.. Graduation Season 3 ends!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Know Your Enemy , SPM Style

i now presenting you the last piece of cake..



entering the last 10 day before SPM, what kind of feeling did you have?

as a remembrance for this GREAT day, i have something interesting to share about...

nahh.. i won't talk about those exam "feeling".. i want to talk about our ENEMY!!!!

as the Chinese old saying goes, " If you can understand yourself and your enemy well, the victory is yours" (direct translated!)

So, if we can know our enemy well there wouldn't be much problem for us to win this battle.

please refer to here to have a brief view of the so called battle. ^^

here it goes,


Albert Einstein
Strength : Additional Mathematics
Special Ability : Chronosphere - able to manipulate the time dimension

Strength : Modern Mathematics
Special Ability : Math Eye - able to measure any object that can be seen with naked eyes without any instrument

Strength : Biology
Special Ability : Overgrowth - able to manipulate the growth rate of organism

Robert Boyle
Strength : Chemistry
Special Ability : The Alchemist - able to create any kind of potion

Isaac Newton
Strength : Physics
Special Ability : Anti Gravity - able to levitate and walk in air

Geoffrey Chaucer
Strength : English Language
Special Ability : The Poet - able to compose flawless poems anytime, anywhere

Lu Xun
Strength : Chinese Language
Special Ability : The Translator - able to perfectly translate traditional Chinese into modern Chinese

Strength : Malay Language
Special Ability : The Composer - able to compose essay without grammatical error

Strength : Moral Education
Special Ability : Purification - able to purify one's mind

Luca Pacioli
Strength : Accounting
Special Ability : Gold Rush - able to alter the economy

Strength : History
Special Ability : Reverse Telepathy - able to read through one's past just by looking at that person





Strictly no offense to all the genius mentioned above. Just a small joke to make you guys laugh during this critical moment. ^^