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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Weird Course Invitation

good morning everyone!!!

early in the morning, i was shocked to find out that i have a letter for me...well, its been a LOOOONG time since i got a LETTER...

i opened the letter and was shocked again because i was invited to attend a course offered by Institusi Kemahiran Showme.. WHAT!?!? why i haven't heard it before.. look how funny its name.. SHOWME, LOL!!!

to be exact, it is called Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) course... here's the letter:

notice the course they offered me...

WTF!?!? does this certificate even exist? and do i look like a hand phone repairman?

look what they offer in order to get my ass into their institution VERY EARLY,

using prepaid to hook me up?? nice try~

anyway, thanks for sending me this letter so that i got something to blog about during this rainy morning~

well, the rain god has just came back from his long long holiday i guess.. cheers!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Turning Point

*eyes blinking*

I'm graduated from the art class!!!! Guess what, i started my art class since i was 9 years old.. OMG!!!

back then, i was just a little kid..

my mom asked me to join an art class opened recently nearby my old house... in the beginning, i refused to go cause i was a lazy bug who don't want to have another extra tuition.. but after a LOTS LOTS LOTS of pursuing from my parents.. i decided to go for a try...

FYI, the art class only have around 15 students in the beginning and as time passed... the number grew into a HUGE number!!! i think it's around 150++ students currently... the location of the art class changed many times too as the number of student multiplied, there's not enough space to handle so much of people (now, it's 25 students per class)

during the process of learning arts, many times i have the urge to quit cause i afraid when i further my studies to SPM level, i might not have enough time to spend for art class... however, my art teachers(got 2) always encourage me to continue learning arts and even encourage me to take Art subject... they promised to help me out facing the Art subject... so, i guessed it wasn't a big deal to continue my art learning...

......and i was RIGHT!!!

when doing my Art Project, they really helped me A LOTS!!! if it weren't them to help me, i guess i really don't have time to deal with the fucking MUST-TAKE subjects(eg: Biology and History)

i forgot since when i started to have indulged in arts and graphics... like been injected a needle called "Creative"... i started to enjoy wild imagination in my mind... i like almost everything in video games and always dreamed of making video games with groups of professional games designers...

i think i was fated to bond a connection with games... HOLYSHIT!!!

thanks to my parents who sent me to the Art Class digging out my interest in art and thanks to my art teachers for all the effort they have given to teach me from the BASIC to the ADVANCED...

me taking picture with my art teachers and their daughter, she's cute isn't? XD

FYI, the trophy i was holding in that picture is "The Outstanding Student Award".. i was awarded this trophy because i already learnt for 8 years!!!! (1999-2008) LOL!!! and today was the last class i attended... maannnn.. it's like i was given an award which those famous old actors/actress used to get one.. i think it is called "Life-Long Achievements Award" , GOSH!!! i felt sooo old =.=

hmm... maybe the decision of attending art class when i was 8 that time have became the turning point of my life...


it seems like this was the 1st EMO post since a months!!! hehe.. hope you guys enjoy the EMO-JJ and good night!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Perfect Memories II - The Introduction

is finally RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!

here's the 1st chapter, The Introduction,

Next chapter of Perfect Memories II is coming soon, so stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

KL Trip 2008 - The Trip of Scam, Part 5

WARNING: Please read PART 1(link), PART 2(link), PART 3(link) and PART 4(link) 1st before continue reading this post.

Click the links above to avoid spoilers.


OMG!!! its the last part already!!!!

look, our main objective of going to KL during these weirdo date (middle of December, WTF!?!?) is to go to KLIA to send Eddy, Beanie and Niaseng off to Italy... however our objective didn't complete..

before going to KL, we only planned about going to KLIA BUT we din't plan about HOW to go to KLIA... this was where the chaos arrived.. now, on the 6th day, following the plan we are going to KLIA... going to is a bit difficult, we need to sit train to KL Sentral, then take bus or KLIA transit, bla bla bla... although it was a tough task for us but we will sure go one because we came here with an aim!!!(sounds like doing mission, =.=)

however, their flight will be taking off at 2AM!!! which means we maybe staying at KLIA until at least past 12am... and so the problem arose... look, there's no LRT service after 11pm, taxi fee is 50% more!!! and because we didn't know much about the exact transport, route and time(when is the last one) we are going to take to get our asses out from KLIA, we chose not to take risk cause if something went wrong, we might sleep beside the highway!!! LOL!!! therefore, we canceled our idea of going there instead we use 3G to communicate with them.... how sad we are... really sorry lah, guys.. hope you 3 understand what the fuck is blocking us to KLIA...

on the day 7, its time to say goodbye to 1408... and really thanks to Calwin's mom, she was like our temporary mother during our KL Trip.. haha.. TEH-BOH everyday, blur~

before we went to bus station, we went to the Indian Stall nearby for some Rong Chen(Roti Canai) and guess what i saw in the toilet..

even toilet also have ahlong ads!!!!

and now the FINAL SCAM EVENT!!!!!

we need to take LRT from Bandar Tasik Selatan to PWTC and then walk to the bus station...

Calwin, Yu Khien, Charles and Dordai took the 1st taxi and reached the station 1st leaving me, Eugene and Leonny behind... and when the 3 of us reached the station, bought the ticket and walked to the platform.. we didn't see the 4(they fucking took the train already), so i phoned them and fucking scold them for not waiting us.. DIU!!! guess what? they paid their price immediately... not accident lar, choi~ read on lah!!

-you need to take train which travels to Sentul Timur(EAST END) in order to reach PWTC...

when the 3 of us reached PWTC and were surprised that the 4 dudes haven't arrived yet!! it seems that they got their asses on the wrong train(which goes the Sri Petaling, WEST END).. BWAHAHHAHAHHA!!!! they even wanna lie us that their train got stuck in traffic jam, FUCK yourself lah!! haha.. see? that's what you get when you dint wait for your friends instead rushing into a wrong train... so, that 4 guys were SCAMMED for a wrong way trip!!!

let's check out their wrong way trip below,

they sit from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Sri Petaling then back to Bandar Tasik Selatan again and baru continue their "correct" way journey... PWNED!!!

by ending our KL Trip 08, i would like to say goodbye to some thing..

goodbye Bandar Tasik Selatan(this word was used everyday during the trip)!!!

goodbye Kampung Cheras Baru( Calwin's house, this word was used ALOT ALOT ALOT everyday during the trip)

lastly, goodbye to all motherfucker taxi drivers who try to scam us everyday!!!!

here are some photos taken during the trip back to KT,


bored of gold man?

L = Legs
O = Open
V = Very
E = Easily

-quoted from Felicia's blog. (link)

and now, i shall present you the Picture of the Trip!!!

grab some tissue, your nose might bleed...


victim's face was censored to make sure it didn't drop her "market"...

wait a minute.... did her "market" ever rise before?



end of my KL Trip 2008 aka The Trip of Scam.. hope you guys enjoy following this drama-like trip... wahahahhahahaha!!!

my head is going to explode for blogging everyday.. time to have some mind rest..

wait, wait, wait... tomorrow Christmas!?!? Awwwwww~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

KL Trip 2008 - The Trip of Scam, Part 4

WARNING: Please read PART1(link), PART2(link) and PART3(link) 1st before continue reading this post.

Click the link above to avoid spoilers.


on the 4th day, we went to Sungai Wang.. yeap! The RIVER OF GOLD where you can witness somebody pee-ing into the "river",

after shopping, we went to Alor Street (recommended by Dordai) to have our dinner, he really knows what to recommend..

along the way to Alor Street, we saw a gold man, not ironman though... posing to earn some ringgit $$$



reached Alor Street,

the food there were cheap and as you walked along the street thinking which stall you wanna pay a visit, you are always been bugged by these," Lengzai, gei2 do1 ko3 yan2? li1 bin3 cho2 la1.. ngoi1 siek3 mat4 dou1 yao2"(read in cantonese) NON STOP!!!! and all i can do is just smiled at them in a embarassing way... >.< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">leh..

not to forget, Alor Street are full with sex tape stall too!! so watch out!!! *evil grin*

we have these for our supper... it reminds me of Ceddy's blog, he blogged about the donuts here before maaan!!! (link)


now here's a scam event,

on the 5th day, we planned to go Sunway Pyramid to meet eddy and also the girls.. here's how exactly the original plan the girls told us at the night before that day.. they suggested us to take taxi to Bandar Tasik Selatan then take LRT to Kelana Jaya then take bus to Sunway Pyramid.. they will meet us at there WITH eddy (my thought is eddy will join us in shopping), the plan seems easy huh? well, it LOOKS easy on the outside...

we started our journey at 2pm(start from taking taxi to the station), and guess what time we reached Sunway Pyramid?


you know why?

because we sit for 19 STATIONS!!!!!!!!! FUCK x 19!!!

notice how we went our "train-way" to Kelana Jaya from Bandar Tasik Selatan...


and you know what, when we finally finally finally reached Sunway Pyramid, we phoned the girls and they said they were currently at Eric's house enjoying..


so where's the initial plan?

fucked till Holland looooooooooor.. 6th SCAM..

thanks to them, we found a damn Chinese restaurant..

we ordered its popular, Shanghai xiao3 long2 bao1...

Holyshit!! it was the tastiest xiao3 long2 bao1 i have ever eat!!!! the fillings were juicy, and when i chewed it, OMG!!!

the price of tasting these kind of exotic cuisine? RM200.10(include tax and service charge) its around RM30 per person(we got 7 people) but it still worth it maaaannn!!!

after eating, its time for us to go back...

wait a minute....


the next update will be the final part of KL Trip 2008, so stay tuned!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

KL Trip 2008 - The Trip of Scam, Part 3

WARNING : Please read PART 1 (link) and PART 2 (link) 1st before continue reading this post.

Click the link above to avoid spoilers.


want me to tell you who are the Scammer of the trip?

its the TAXI DRIVER!!!!

ok, I'm not pointing my fingers to those who are decent and carry out their job with full responsibility and HONESTY!!! but there are just some assholes who put that fucking "TAXI BERMETER" thingy on top of his fucking cab and when I ask him, "Going Meter?", then he open his shitty mouth says, "Nope." and offers me a motherfucking price.. these are the assholes who dirty the name of cab service in KL..

got 1 time, when we held down a taxi and asked him to send us back to our house(the price is rm7,50), he offers us RM30, leimahfuck!!! of course, we slammed his fucking door... he deserved it!!

here's the 4th scam event, me, charles, eugene and yu khien held down a cab.. that time, in front of that cab already sit a girl(i think is the driver's daughter) and charles in rush, forgot to ask going meter or what.. the driver says,"4 orang? boleh boleh!! masuk masuk!!" then we went inside.. during the journey, the driver asked us where are we from(beware!! this is a trick they used to cheat you if they know you are not locals) and after some time, charles asked me to check the meter.. FUCK!!! the meter dint move!!! at that time, we knew already.. we would be SCAMMED for sure!!! and we were right, when we reach our house, the driver says, " RM5 seorang." Diu lor... 5x4= rm20 (actual is rm7.50), bobien, it was our mistake... end of 4th SCAM!!!

3rd day of the trip, we went to Times Square... to sing K!!!

here are some photos taken inside the KTV(my 1st time experience)

Change another post leh beanie.. sien ah~~

"I'm going to Italy~~ LyLyLyLyLyyyyyy~~"

esther thought she was in Japan (notice how she sit)

you know when you are holding the mic all day long, you feel syok right? but there are somebody who cant find their song or din't have chance to sing or din't even want to sing but STILL inside the room, its a pity to see them lying on the sofa... just like these 2 dudes...

and REMEMBER!!!! you are going to KTV to sing K, not to eat their food!!! seriously, the food there sucks badly and luckily they were all FOC(student privileges RULEZ!!!) except one type of food which nice and of course caused us big time wallet bleeding... you know what food it is?


motherfucker each small plate of nuts/snacks cost rm9!!!! and look at the service charge, it can buy you 24 plates of Nasi Lemak... HOLYSHIT!!!! no wonder the snacks so tasty... that company earn like siao maaaaannn by pricing the snacks like that!!! because all of us felt been scammed(they told us that they informed us already about the price of the fucking nuts in the beginning, but none of us got that info =.=) so this event is considered as a scam!!! it was the 5th!!!

MOOOOOOORE in upcoming post!!! maaannn~ there just too many stuff to write about!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

KL Trip 2008 - The Trip of Scam, Part 2

WARNING: Make sure you have read Part 1 (link) already before continue reading this post.

Click the link above to avoid spoilers.


So after the 2nd Scam, me and beanie were bored so we left the groups.. we went to visit the Cosmic Bowl, it was my 1st time to enter such a fantastic Bowling Alley, here's a photo of it:

i love the theme of the Cosmic Bowl: neon colored bowling ball, the song played were all techno with some disco spotlight shining around.. these make me wondered, "Am i inside a disco or what?"

before we came out from Mid Valley, we took an idiotic photo in public,

FYI, before we went to Mid Valley, we watched a psycho film in Calwin's house, 1408 (link).. we were shocked when we came back from Mid Valley and saw the house plate number of Calwin's house showing,

in that condominium, 14th floor was represented as 13A.. so it appears that we are going to stay in 1408 for a week!!! EEEeeeeee~

enough of that spooky crap, and guess how we spend our time when we were rotting inside the house not going anywhere.. of course playing PS2 lar!! and you most likely couldn't find a moment when there are nobody playing PSP in the house(except the charging time of PSP, fucking PSP having so tiny battery capacity)

the following conversation happens all the time when GUYS are playing video games,

thanks to Calwin's mom for bringing PS2, of course she got work to do at KL lah(she came by flight)... and not to forget she always bancuh TEH-BOH for us every morning and even buy some breakfast(actually not counted as breakfast already, cause many of us woke up at 12pm =.=)

ah! TEH-BOH, our daily morning tea~

i know what are you thinking right now "Where the hell is the scam event?"

relax~ its coming..

back track a bit, before we went to KL, we already planned which place to go 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, bla bla bla.... and by following the exact plan, we will be going to Genting HIGHland on the 2nd day which is 8th Dec.. BUT!!! on 7th, Calwin told us that if we are going to Genting at 8th Dec, we might deal with fucking long queue for every game we played cause that day appears to be a public holiday.. so we changed our plan, we are going to Sunway Pyramid!! indirectly, we are SCAMMED by ourselves as we didn't follow the initial plan(we didn't go to Genting Highland as planned) TUTT!!

and here's an interesting conversation between Beanie and Dordai(Da Chuan's nick) when we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid:

Beanie : Eh, jom we go ice skating at Sunway. Never try before, plus want go Italy liao.

Dordai : How many times you skated before? (He seems to ignore the 2nd sentence from Beanie)

Beanie : 1st time..

Dordai : 1st time ah? Then you press against the wall can le lah tomorrow..

Beanie : Cheebye! Dordai you lansi wor... how many times you skated already?

Dordai : Two times liao...

Beanie : Cheh! Two times want lansi liao.. Tomorrow I sapu you kao kao baru know..

Dordai : Lai lar~

so we are anticipating about tomorrow's ice skating, the clash between that 2 fucking dudes.. HOWEVER, when we told the girls that we are going to Sunway instead of Genting using Calwin's reason.. the girl disagreed, well, they agreeded not to go Genting, but declined the Sunway plan because they said they are going to Sunway at 11th Dec together with Eddy and of course with us..and suggested that we go to Pavilion tomorrow..

so what we did? we followed the girls and we missed the clash of the DUDES.. Awwwww~~ and beanie was bugging non-stop for he can't challenge ice skating with dordai anymore... poor dude..

the next day, when me , calwin, charles and beanie took a cab to Pavilion, the taxi driver asked us whether can stop at Times Square(he wants to avoid fucking traffic jam).. we nodded.. that taxi driver was a rocking guy, along the way sending us to our destination, he keep on cursing the government... and we laughed every time he gave some foul words(the way he pronounce "dai3 chun1 doi3" was CLASSIC!!!) because of raining that time, the 4 of us have to rush against the downpour and luckily calwin knew where the hell is Pavilion, keeping us from going wrong way.. and finally we reached there with sweat and wet.. FUCK!!

now i truly admit that going to Pavilion was a bad idea for student like us... because! almost all the goods there start counting from 3 digit(the price) so we spent our time watching 2 action pack blockbuster movie continuously..

before we went inside the cinema, we filled our empty stomach in...

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng~

delicious cuisine with expenlicious price too~ by having our lunch, we missed about 10 minutes of the opening scene of our 1st movie... =.=

here goes the 1st one, the Transporter 3!!!

aftershock from the previous movie adding up with the incoming film, Quantum of Solace,

that's it!! my eyes can't handle anymore film.. wanna burst already after watching 2 action movie sekaligus... hinzzz~ anyway, thumbs up to both films, not a money wasting movie like Quarantine which you buy ticket to scare the shit out of yourself.. WTF~!!

finally, we bought our dinner which sounds more like supper here,

lastly, i would like to end today's post by sharing a funny scene,

this happened when we were at the LRT Station at Bukit Bintang, our destination is to BANDAR TASIK SELATAN(Read these 3 words with high speed) and now see how our beanie boy pronounce these 3 words,

Beanie : (In front of the ticket counter,speaking very fast) Bandar Tasik Selotong...


stay tuned for moooooore SCAMMING~~~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

KL Trip 2008 - The Trip of Scam, Part 1

that's right!!! you are on the right spot!!!

now' I'm gonna blog about what the hell is going out during my 1 week of vanishing at KL.. wanna know why was it called Trip of Scam? READ ON MANNN!!!

this would be a long long post, because look, i stuff all the event happened in a whole week inside a single post... so be prepared to be information OVERLOADED!!

buddies involved in the trip: JJ, Calwin, Yu Khien, Charles, Da Chuan, Leon, Beanie, Niaseng, Eugene and for the girls, Esther, Lynn, Vien, YanXin and Sin Mun.

on the very 1st day, which was the departing day, a scam event already happened, DAMN!! here's how it exactly happened:

the bus supposed to be depart at 10pm but its already 10.45pm and the bus haven't arrived yet... so Charles decided to go to the bus company counter for more "info"(you will know why i put apostrophe on it later on), the person in charge of the counter said the bus was at Batu Buruk at that time, if that so, the bus should be arrived in 10 minutes.. but we keep on waiting till about 11.20pm and Charles went to ask again and you know what the person said? He said the bus was at Kuala Ibai at that time.

FYI, all buses that travel back to Ku
ala Terengganu will definitely passed through Kuala Ibai 1st and then only it passed through Batu Buruk. So, from what the person said just now was fucking TOTALLY OPPOSITE!!! what the hell would cause the bus to move in opposite direction? well, luckily that damn bus arrived at 12am.. Zzzz.. if not, that motherfucker who don't even know how to trick people would be cursed by us for eternity... and that was the 1st SCAM!!!

we arrived KL at 8am... and you know what? the girls said they wanted to go Mid Valley at 11am... the boys reaction, "WTF!?" and you know what happened next, of course we continue our sleep at Calwin house... we finally moved our asses to Mid Valley at 1pm... here, i wont blog about shopping cause it is boring... and you are right! the 2nd SCAM was on its way...

it all started when the girls went crazy over Twilight(of course thanks to the handsome actor), so we decided to watch "Twilight" with them... at that time, they were at the different floor from us shopping like mad.. and we were "in charge" of buying tickets... SO, the POWER was in OUR HAND!!! MUAHAHAHHAHA!!! and you definitely know what will happen next... we fucking bought the horror movie ticket titled Quarantine... and for sure, we lied to the girls that we bought Twilight.. all of them were so happy and we were MUCH MORE HAPPY!!! till, the movie finally started... in the beginning, Esther have already felt something wrong with the movie played and she went like,"WTF is this!?!?"(link) and of course nobody cares about her reaction.. XP

the intro of the movie was damn boring for about 20 minutes until the zombie-like creature finally appeared!! the girls shouted like lan you know.. all covered their face with whatever they have in their hand... don't say the girls, i also got scared too... diu, watching the zombie suddenly popped out and all i can say is, the girls were SCREWED and so did us!! after came out from the cinema, i still have the aftershock feeling that screwed out my shopping mood... and that was SHIT!!!

now that was the 2nd SCAM!!! A terrifying one!!!

well, my head might burst if i continue to blog now... hintz~

more interesting stuff will be updated ASAP... FYI, the scamming spree haven't end yet!! muahahhaha!!

stay tuned for the upcoming post!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to Speak in MANGLISH

just now in the car i came across some funny jokes through radio station, yeap! Its the new morning crew!!! they were talking about what is the difference between the pure ENGLISH and the made in Malaysia, MANGLISH..

here's the conversation(quoted from the morning crew, changed a bit because i forgot about the whole sentences but the main point is there!!)

here it goes, in pure ENGLISH!!

one day, you are inside a parking lot and a guy suddenly popped out and said, "I'm sorry sir, could you please reverse you vehicle? So that to increase the distance between your vehicle and my vehicle? I appreciate your help." And you will go like, "WHAT!?!?"

now time to use MANGLISH,

that guy would say, "Eh bro, gostun abit boleh?"

now that's simple!! simple!! SIMPLE!!

and here's another one, in pure ENGLISH!!

when I saw a beautiful girl in a shopping mall, I said "Oh my god! Look at her! She was so gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, wonderful looking and almost perfect! She was the most gorgeous girl i have ever seen in my entire life!"

to say it in MANGLISH,

"Hey bro! That girl chun mannnnn!!!"

well, hope you guys understand what i'm talking about and have a nice day~ ^^

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


ya, i finally got my computer back and guess what, the RAM degraded from 768mb to 512 mb and the technician said maybe my CPU was old so the chip couldn't plugged in properly.. FUCK! tomorrow need to send back to the shop because i don't want to risk my computer's life by repairing it myself..

next fucking thing is, i couldn't install Windows Live Messenger as it came out an error saying that i don't have Windows Installer 3.1, WTF is that? result, i got to use the old and boring Windows Messenger for the time being, suck out big time!

worst of all,
i lost my video project!! actually, before reformatting the whole computer, i transfer all the video project data to an external hard disk.. and today when i install back Adobe Premiere Pro(video editing program), i couldn't open the old files.. it says the files appear to be damaged.. FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! how the hell will they corrupted? eaten by which motherfucker? all my hard work, GONE!!! DAMNIT!! now i am soooooooooo down...

my apologize 1st to all my friends, " Guys, guess that you all will need to wait much more longer to watch the video i made." I'm sure that Eddy would be very sad hearing this fucking sad news..

in a conclusion, today was a FUCK DUP day!!!

even i got my computer back...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Missing My Computer MUCH MUCH!!

Sorry guys!!! i just came back from KL 2 days ago... i know i know, some of you are cursing me for not updating my blog for such a long time.. well, maybe not cursing, mumbling? haha~


I'm fucking missing my computer MUCH MUCH MUCH now!! damnit!!

i was planning to send my computer to the PC shop to cure it(total spoiled, everyday hang) before going to KL for a week and i guess my computer would be recovered at time when i came back from KL.. however, i miscalculated LOTS!!

i asked my bro to send the computer to PC shop at 7th Dec(i went to KL at 6th Dec), he forgot(well,maybe he need to transfer some stuff 1st).. OK.. then 8th n 9th Dec were Hari Haji, shop closed.. suay onot? damn! he finally got my computer sent at 11th Dec(i don't know what happened on10th Dec, never ask =X) 12th Dec was Friday, shop closed again.. and today my bro just received phone call from the technician saying that they just have free time to fix my computer yesterday.. FUCKSHIT!!

well, don't know whats the causes.. i got an uncomfortable feeling when using other people computer (currently, I'm using my bro's computer) feeling like very unfamiliar... very strange... i think some kind of bond has been established between my computer and me.. fantasy huh?

maybe i should learn how to reformat my computer myself someday.. saves time saves money!! like what Stevie said..

alright, i know you guys are waiting for my post about KL trip.. it would be done if i got my computer as planned.. cause i need to edit some photos taken..

want a sneak peek about the upcoming post? all i can say is,

its a TRIP OF SCAM!!

stay tuned~