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Monday, June 30, 2008


throat not feeling well n running nose at the moment..

i passed my audition today... what i can say is... lucky.. gosh.. ying just saved my out of my hell for competing in duet category...

without even a singing competition experience.. i got myself involved in this so called.. CHWS idol.. kinda nice thing to try out.. damn.. for the group category.. along with KJ, beanie n eugene.. we made our first effort at the eleventh hour.. we totally forgot about this competition for a month before the May holiday which we planned to train ourself during that time.. result... we had a bad performance for that.. which consume us a whole day of practising.. but i think we somehow gain some experience..

we finally got some idea about what Audition actually is..

is that u wont gonna missed this part..

"Tink tink tink!! Next!!"

Thursday, June 26, 2008


constructing a herb garden??

here i want to share one simple thing.. "SAYING IS WAY TOO EASY THAN DOING IT"

in the beginning.. we plan to construct a beautiful herb garden.. imagine.. few pots of herbs.. a wooden gate surrounding them.. a signboard.. an information board for every herb.. a pebble path!! gosh.. it is the best garden we had ever built.. in our dream..><

n guess wad.. it actually came out like this..





maaan.. now i am supposedly inside binwei's house..

thx to KJ n eugene.. i am now inside my own house.. damn!! i had pack up all stuff to stay overnight at beanie's house as plan by him.. but hell he dint tell me that the purpose of staying in his house tonight is to STUDY!! gosh.. maybe i missed out some of his words this morning..><

well.. KJ put us aeroplane.. eugene? he havent asked his mum permission yet.. damn!! n for the worst is that i thought that going there is to have fun.. who the hell gonna think that it is a study group.. man o boy... my mood of going there spoilt.. another not very well planned act.. blame no one~ @.@

talk about our sales during sports day?? it sucks!!

1st.. suis of SCIENCE LAB supplied no electric!! we stucked about 1 n a half hrs without cooking.. damn!! but thank god.. somebody came n fixed it.. if not.. &^##*@&#*&@

2nd.. we planned so hard.. n guess how much we earn.. around 100 bucks... WTH!! 5 hrs of sales for only 100 bucks!! it really pissing me off.. not a good sales.. act of lowering the price of sales items...definitely NOT a good idea~

3rd.. actually we supposed to decide the new B.O.D in our last meeting.. damn.. thx to this sales.. we used up most of the time discussing it.. and now!! the new B.O.D is a mess.. some agree this, some agree that... we are now actually discussing it through the air(SMS).. maaaan.. gonna broke out like this..

next is the "love the environment" campaign,

damn!! nobody f**king participate in the poster drawing competition we held.. wasting 6 trophies that we ordered.. its 0 participants!! and!! our class became the ONLY class that participate in the Paper Collecting Competition and no doubt.. we won the competition without beating any class.. can u imagine that!?!? maaaaan.. what the hell is going on with this school!!

these few days.. it was totally MESS!! gonna cleaned it up quick before it mess me out!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

my early Ass-signment..

bah.. always wandering around hearing everyone complain about their assignment which also popularly known as Ass-signment.. kinda rock name we have here..

my assignment??maaaannn... it took me 4 MONTHS to complete it.. maybe i was abit lazy with it.. so 4 months for me is consider as normal i think..XP

u really cant believe which teacher am i gonna work with for this assignment.. the hellman.. or to be exact the artist from hell.. not going to mention his name here though cause i dun wan my head to b chopped off.. eeuuuu~

in the beginning, meeting him was the worst nightmare.. i mean.. how can u tolerate a teacher with an unexpected temper.. sometimes he can give out the funniest joke that will make Happy Tree Friends look serious.. and sometimes he can scold u till u become a tiny little ant and he is the huge elephants ready to stomp the hell of u.. damn!! how many more hellman do we have in this planet!! gosh..

well.. i tolerate it.. maaann.. since when i can have this kind of tolerance.. thanks to him.. actually.. he is a nice teacher too.. many times he had help me without me noticing.. it really surprised me lots every time he aid me unexpectedly..

and now... i have successfully made it till here.. i hereby would like to record thousands of appreciation to him and also to my another 2 art class teachers(which are far more normal than him).. thanks!

sharing my triumph with u,

Front cover.

OMG!! My precious biodata!!

this is how thick it was.. maaaann...imagine how long i had spent for it..

this is the actual design of my batik.. just ignore those words..XP

TA-MAT!! The End!!

some piece of Hitsugaya.. gosh...ying really went crazy over this little guy.. XD

Ass-signment closed!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Round Table

feeling asleep.. forcing myself to write on.. way too exited i guess..

The Round Table.. gathering all the 9 Knights(directors.. hehe) to discuss matters crucial to the club.. the LAST one!

attending the last Board Of Directors meeting.. i was expecting to have a nice n quiet meeting since it was the last already.. but.. our original characteristic... damn!! once again decline us for doing so.. ==

this meeting is the most crucial for the club's future.. which means, the following action is going to affect the whole club... maaaaannnn.. the power is in our hand~~ hmmmm...gotta use them wisely huh..

voting starts.. all the Knights are choosing the best man to succeed the 9 Knights of the Round Table for the incoming season.. moments of peace i demand so badly.. arrived..

counting the votes.. mannnn.. this is the time... nervous can be used to describe everyone's feeling at that time i guess..

and finally the last meeting close it curtains after the final decision been made n agreed by all the Knights.. GOSH!! i am now actually half released.. its still half.. since i still have AGM to prepare.. n some tiny mini event to carry out.. bah.. just two weeks left right now.. until i can get myself fully released.. till then..

farewell to the Round Table..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

sense of relieve..

sigh.. just manage to hold the essay competition successfully today after delaying it for the hell 3 days.. gosh..

now i know.. even a small little event can go to so much of brain torturing problem.. maaann... just every time a thing went so smoothly even i cant believe myself it really happened.. its like a dream for me to run a thing so smoothly..

and every time it will be a huge relieve after a hell problem solved.. that feels so good every time.. wont go bored with it.. that's why i need to enjoy..

for that relieve...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


maaannn.. wad a day...

the principal just decline my request for using the meeting room for essay writing competition.. for this hell reason: "u cant hold activities during P&P period(during class), class is very important n useful" bah.. did the P&P period actually useful?? i can give you a "HELL NO!!"i bet my essay writing competition n poster drawing competition way more useful n can even dig up precious talents!!i wonder how many times i have seen so many competition had held during P&P period.. when the hell did this goddamn law come out!? plus our school now is damn busy with the sport day... saringan here n there.. cant even find a empty slot for me squeeze in my competition.. ><

arrggh.. i tot he congrats me for holding the campaign during the assembly.. maann.. people change and forget so he is blocking my activities with that goddamn reason.. sucks!! it looks the same as the situation when the government who had stated not long ago that the price of oil will rise in August.. and guess wad.. the next day, our PM pop up suddenly n announce that the price of oil rises after 12am on tat day which put all citizen in a TOTAL CHAOS!!

now i am the 1 who is really in the chaos.. gonna find someday to hold this competition n get this job done! tmr i gonna go n meet him again n fight for this.. i tolerate no more for this hell reason.. wish me luck~

Friday, June 13, 2008

forced to enjoy

the following 3 weeks will be the busiest time of my life..

i am now crowded with campaigns, sales... gosh.. space for a short breathe was gone without noticed.. theses are the last climax in my term of president.. so many activities n problems i had gone through.. sometimes easy sometimes hell.. thx to all these obstacles.. i sometimes got fed up even over a small tiny problems pop out suddenly.. i wonder how many times had i ady told myself to enjoy all these.. forced to enjoy to be exact.. it is because except enjoy, do i have any option left facing all these hells? NO..

forcing out a big smile when tons of things are going against you.. DAMN!! it was the toughest thing to learn more then jz saying it..

taking this post its like big turning of my life.. turning of vision, horizon n most is my emotion.. inside my heart was the struggle of controlling my next emotion.. pressing it to be exact.. i am completely released when i have the time to do so.. shouting here n there, making fun, joking.. mannn... are these the ways for me to release pressure?? guess so..

i am always worrying this n that about the incoming activities.. but i always tell myself to be calm n solve things 1 by 1.. rushing could not be avoid though.. things get easy when u really face it.. really..


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a late holiday..

yesterday, whole citizen of Terengganu was waiting MB to announces holiday for today.. since TRG get champion in overall result in SUKMA 2008.. craving history.. damn!

wait wait wait.. wait till 10.30pm lidat.. "dengan ini, saya mengistiharkan bla bla bla bla bla... CUTI SATU HARI!!" WOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! after the official announcement been made, i immediately msg all my ganggies abt today's plan is ON!! holycrap!! guess wad.. i spent abt rm3+ jz only messaging.. ><

around 7.30am, kheng tat, my another ibai fren.. come n fetch me, vien n charles to happyland.. gosh.. we reli nid to wake up sooo damn early in order to taste its CURRY ME!! bt still worth it lar.. not bad.. haha.. eddy n vincent join us later on.. n then we go fetch sharon from her kai ma's hse after eating... kheng tat even went wrong way to her original hse.. wasting some PETROL along with eugene!! =.=

YEAH!! ITS THE GAME OF LIFE THAT I HAV BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG~~ finally, we play this game at sharon hse.. i was leading all the way.. the game reached climax when i was abt to 'retired'.. every1 was aiming at my LIFE cards.. DAMN!! 2 of my 250k life cards gone lidat.. zzz.. LUCKILY, i still manage to win at the 1st place with 1.82 million as my result.. pheeewww~~ then, vien says she get 2.3 million last time as champion.. last time?? who cares!?!? wahahahaaha~~

then we went our way to badminton at grammar school.. i was so shock when i saw so many gals ady occupy 2 courts we booked.. no choice, hav to book another court..TT eugene was so cute when he is playing without shoes.. hahaha.. bt he gets scolded by the stupiak malay ah sam (nobody really knows what actually she is talking) bla bla bla.. and the way viking play badminton is the funniest thing ever happen in earth.. me n khang straight tobi n laugh on the floor when he do the action.. WTF!! salute to the VIKINGS!!

after enuff of sweating for 2 hrs... stomach making noise ady.. me ,charles n kheng tat went to chuan kee for our lunch! MJ, MS n RC join us later on.. after eating n say goodbye, kheng tat fetch me back to home..thx yo!! hahaha..

now i am hoping for another holiday gok.. although the 1st semester holiday jz ended nt long ago.. cant helped it.. >.<

spending time with friends.. invaluable..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rise n Fall

its true!!

the price of petrol had rises start from today!!

n NATURALLY every single thing will rise up the price...since they say tat everything is related to petrol.. blablablablabla....but only 1 thing no up.. GAJI!!

tats y BN falls~~ n more reason behind it yet to b discovered..


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

maids n works...

my eyes r closing.. heavy.. today was pack with lots of programs..

mural, meeting, art class, soccer.. EXHAUSTED!

its been a month since my maid left our home.. well, contract ends!! starting to live life without maid anymore... n today was the 1st time i nid to change my bedsheets myself.. gosh.. it was so tiring even jz changing tat god damn bedsheets.. huh.. while mopping n cleaning the cars r now becoming my good friends.. mannnnnn...

houseworks started to occupy my life much more now... >.<

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

thank you...

still rmb the last time u say 'thank you' to own family members?

sometimes i forgot, sometimes i rmb.. it had to b one of our family practice.. well, theres still a hole of mistake... we mostly never miss a chance to say thank you to our own friends.. but how many times do we actually had miss the opportunity of saying these words to our family member..esp to our parents.. nt saying that we din love them.. but just tat these simple words can only really express our appreciate to them FULLY..

let them know that u really really appreciate wad they had done.. dun b selfish.. let these words come out of ur mouth without hesitation..

a piece of my own feeling.. peace~

Sunday, June 1, 2008

McD, Zies n Vios..

me, eddy, ying n vien went to the complex agn to c SUKMA.. we saw DANIEL BEGO.. bt at 1st we tot he was daniel's brother... OMG!! he was a like a superstar after he won the competition while breaking a new national record.. so many light r flashing towards him.. our girl classmate totally went crazy over him mannn.. >< too bad eddy went back early to Ajil le.. wan do guai zhai..haha..

after that, we went to mcd by eric's car.. teacher chik ajok us to mcd eat cz she is leaving at tat night.. another teacher which is her good fren oso come n join us.. tat teacher's son so naughty lar.. especially the fatty..looks like eugene in small size.. hahahaha... eugene's future successor.. we took many pics with teacher chik.. she looks thinner duh.. hehe.. at around 8.45pm, we say goodbye to our teacher n then drove off to Zies!

orhhh.. zies agn... li khang join us nt long after we reached.. do wad? yamcha lor.. c eric n li khang cockling enuff ady le... non-stop laughing... i even met chinsing, chunbin,junrong n karchun at zies.. i tink we oso will be the same as them after we graduate.. nth to do.. everyday yamcha here, yamcha ther.. haha..

10.30pm lidat.. everybody was tired le.. laugh till bolak liao... we went back to our home.. me,vien n charles decided to sit in li khang's newly arrived vios.. leaving eric n esther behind play puzzle.. walau!! the vios new till plastic havent tear out.. n onli travelled for 40km nia total... haha.. my Ibai Driver, li khang saved the day!! everytime went out, got him i straight lega cz gt car to go back home.. nonid mahuan parents...

well, till then..

today, i woke up early jz to go 'support' our TRG team at the aquatic complex there.. i went to calwin hse fetched by my mom..waiting for him to style his hair lar.. 5 minits ar nid to set up his hair..zzz.. and then i sit his car n go fetch vien n eddy.. we decided to hav our breakfast at the happyland which moved to Buddhist temple nt long ago..

wad a coincidence, we met calwin's dad at ther.. his dad so wei3 da4 giv his car to son drive while ride his son's bike to work. haha.. n yet so good he even belanja us makan neh...

around 9, we arrived at out destination.. the complex actually more spacious than it looks at from the outside.. woah... after seeing the pool, so eager to jump into it n start swimming.. hehe.. the competition ady started.. onto to swimmers.. got muscle man la, very man de gal la, six packs la.. all kuat kuat 1.. bt as i can c.. our TRG team d.. so so lor... ><

it was so damn hot inside the complex.. i even wearing a long sleeves shirt.. gosh!! actually we r told to stay until 11, bt it was too HOT n SIEN... better watch at home thru TV la really.. so we lied to our teacher said we have tt at that time.. then quickly piu away.. pheeeww...

in the evening later still hav to come here agn.. my god!!