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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sem Break Doings

Now how the hell had I spent my super-duper-short 1 week semester break.

For the 1st time, I couldn't find any kaki in my hometown! Everyone's break at different time. Throughout the whole week I only had the chance to meet up with brader KJ.

along with his Nilai's friends.

The only thing you need to do when you meet up with this guy is to bullshit with him, non-stop. I seriously miss the time we crapping together and in the end we laughed our arses off every time.

Went out to have lunch with my art teachers for the 1st time. Got myself a fresh haircut and straightened it as always. Ah Sam, the barber started to talk about life philosophies but still sing classic songs in between.

Went to makan all the food that I missed so much in KT and rode my bicycle while enjoying the raging wind (bike ride at Pulau Ketam was never close to satisfaction).

Luckily, I got myself Dragon Age: Origins to kill some time.

It was very addictive. There's no doubt the best RPG to date!

Then my dad bought a 3 in 1 HP Deskjet which includes scanner, printer and photocopy. An idea arose. I went to find the photo albums and dig out all the childhood pictures of me and my friends. Scan and post them on Facebook!

It was very funny and meaningful to look at ourselves when we are at different stage of life. The childhood life that has no worries, no hassle, so innocent~

There goes my semester break with perhaps much productive than I thought. At least, I did something that can only be done in my hometown (uploading childhood pictures).

Next break should be the Hari Raya Break. I suppose that during that time more kaki will be available here. Please~ XD

How I wish my holiday would be longer, say 2 weeks. But then, staying in comfort zone for too long isn't always good(I can now feel Sloth is engulfing me. lol). So I guess a week break is just enough to unwind myself and at the same time recharge my energy for upcoming battles.

Flight's on tomorrow morning. Hope it would be a great semester! =)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Alright! This is IT!!

The film my group had been working for around 2 months! It was under the assessment of EALD subject (English as Additional Language and Dialect). Well, this film was actually premiered on 25th of March in our class. (the date of premiere thanks to Khee Young)

Anyway, due to the content of the film might violate copyright thingy (I added in 20th Century Fox opening), I couldn't post it on Youtube to share with all of you.

But now, you guys got lucky! I have re-edited century fox that part and successfully uploaded it on Youtube! Unfortunately, Sony BMG Entertainment had came and claimed that the songs I used in the film violate their copyrights and its blocked in Germany! (I thought should be in Japan, since Sony's a Japanese company. no? )So, for those of you, my seniors who wanted to watch but are in Germany, get your visas and travel to Spain or something ok? =)



It's all together 28 minutes. I divided it into 3 parts. (10min max video in Youtube)

Hope you guys enjoy it for I couldn't cut my freaking long hair just to finish filming this whole movie! XD

Comments are very welcome!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One day trip to Pulau Ketam

This is the continuation of my previous post. After finished my Mid-Term, my cousin, Joey brought me along with his girlfriend, Evon to Pulau Ketam. We had to travel to Port Klang to board the ferry to the island.

The journey to Pulau Ketam took us around 35 minutes and some unexpected scene happened while on our way to the island.

A police patrol ship blocked our ferry. Then the polices came inside the ferry and request every passengers to show their IC. Very fortunately, I brought my IC (always inside my wallet). Later, I learned that many illegal immigrants use this water way to seludup or zhao lou (runaway in Cantonese). The scene is very similar to what happened in ID 精英 (a TVB Drama). lol

"blek! we got bring IC~"

We stomped on the land of crab at around 11.30am.

see, the pavement road there is narrow and bicycles are the only transportation allowed on the island apart from your own feet. There are bicycles to rent however, at the rate of RM5.

Things to do in Pulau Ketam:

i) Taste exotic seafood.

ii) Crabs are finger lickin' good.

iii) Prawns Pwnage

iv) Oysters Overwhelming

Gathering of all seafood. Squid and lobster missing in action though.

We ordered fried oyster and also fried lala from Sungei Wang Pulau Ketam. Although they taste good, I don't recommend stuffin your stomach with them as you might puke the next time you saw them(oyster and lala). I mean, you already feel sick when you are surrounded by lala at Sungei Wang. You get the idea. The same applies to eating.

Having our stomach occupied made us lazy to walk.

Did I mentioned to you that you can only ride bicycle on the island? Yesh! We went and rent bicycle. Unfortunately, Joey doesn't know how to cycle, Evon's wearing skirt that day, and so I'm the only person who can ride one.

Initially, Joey and Evon planned to take turns sitting behind while I cycle. But, due to my inexperience of fetching people with bicycle, I couldn't fetch anyone of them. The bicycle would just lose control the moment I started to ride. I ended up cycling myself while they chasing behind like crazy enjoying their two-ppl-world behind.

转角遇到爱 Season 2 @ Pulau Ketam. Now Showing.

After that, we went to visit the fish farm.

one-hand DSLR shooting. ;)

At the fish farm, the tour guide explained to us different species of fish, how their eating habits, how the fish farm works, how to deal with fish plague and so on. New knowledge coming in~

Fishville, no?

Fish Cage.

This is a fish chalet where the tourists can enjoy night fishing and stay overnight on the floating houses. You might wake up in the next morning finding yourself in the middle of Atlantic Ocean.

Just kidding.

lying down on a hammock, enjoying sea breeze~ LIFE.

Don't know since when the fish farm had became a place for modeling. XD

they say posing a flying stance at fish farm will grant you a flight ticket to Australia.

While on our way back to the island, our boat stopped by to fill petrol. And this is the 1st time I saw a floating petrol station.


Dunno what company it is, but seeing the walls are painted cyan, I assume that it is Petronas. lol. We even saw a guy smoking at there for god sake.

There marks the end of a very tiring but eyes opening trip. 2 islands in a month! (Pulau Tioman last March)

Well, let's end this entry with a very kaolat picture.

get it? nehmind if you dunno Hokkien. XP

Have a nice day!!

all photos credits to Joey.

can't say we finished it actually, there are oral test waiting for us this coming week. God bless us!

Anyway, we ASSUME that we have already finished the ATA (Australian Tertiary Admission exam, which is our finals). We went to student house and celebrated Kenny's birthday in Poseidon's style.

These are the Wrath of Poseidon. (to make lousy water balloons sounds terrifying)

Poseidon's mazhai. (in Cantonese means servants)

Kenny, showered with LOVE, literally.


even Arsenal fan is joining us.

pails are never enough. We got pipe!!

someone broke his leg after being splashed with water. You know I kid you.

there is, really, a major disadvantage of being short.

look, one thing about playing water is, there is nothing called Time-out.

while everyone is taking a break,

this is me.

Stark's latest defense system, Red-Hot-ex-wife Umbrella.

its nice to have so many servants washing your hair.

sharing scandals. LOL!

in the end, we have to clean the "War Zone" with water, again.

What a blast we had! Can imagine how tension we were during the Mid-Term Exams. Seriously, we are celebrating like we had finished our finals. And I can't imagine what we will do after finals. Roasting CAS calculators?

Anyway, my celebration didn't stop there. Remember my cousin bro, Joey? It's been awhile we met. He picked me up and went for badminton.

At night, he took me with his gf, Vonyi and went to the most expensive steak house I've ever step my feet onto. The name is Jake's Charbroiled Steak. Even our ex-Prime Minister, Tun. Dr. Mahathir went there before!!

And I ordered chicken chop instead. lol. But it was NICE~!!

Later on midnight, we went to watch Ip Man 2.

I'mma tell you, that this movie is a total AWESOMENESS!!

With that, I would like to end this entry with a golden line from Ip Man in the movie:

“ 分胜负重要? 还是和家人吃饭重要?”


Translation :

"Settling the score important? Or having meal with family important?"

Happy Mother's Day!!

All water splashing photos credits to Weinee.