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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Annoying Cursing Rubbish

have you guys ever met these kind of msg or email?


familiar right?

sincerely, you guys did forward it, right huh? if you did, you sucks!! you have just increased our world's rubbish!!and just because you don't wanna get cursed so you just simply spread the "curse" to other people even to your own friends only to save your ass?? nice "responsibility" you have there.. PHAK!!!but for those who ignored and deleted it, you guys are environment friendly because you just save up some phaking rubbish from spreading around the world... and you know how your friend would felt when they received such kind of cursing mails..

OK.. what i want to say is if you really want to wish all people around you and want to spread your bless around the world.. please.. i mean PLEASE!! don't ever phaking curse your recipient like the above at the end of your msg or email.. if they really want to spread it, they will!! what for you forced them to spread with some of your bullshit CURSE?? remember? forcing brings no happiness.. and the mail they spreaded will not bring along their blessing too.. do keep that in mind..

how about an example?


isin't that SWEET~~? ^^

and for those who started these PHAKING chain mail stuff.. you can continue with your work because you are going to hell anyway..

woots!! last night was another gathering at Eddy's house.. too bad it would be our last gathering before SPM ends..

and its for the Trio-Birthies of 6th October : Eddy, Lynn and Leon.. Happy very very early birthday to you 3!!!

events during the gathering were more or less the same as stated in my previous post.. except there was no thunderstorm, no ice wars and insufficient of "clubbing"!!! maaan.. just 30 minutes which was only half from last time.. awwww.. ke si~

however, i manage to discover the most stunning game i have seen before..

please welcome..

DEVIL MAY CRY 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLYSHIT!! the graphic was so damn cool and smooth looking... you can watch as your character smashing those jerks with KICKASS style.. trust me, you will be addicted to it just by the 1st time you start playing it.. proof? ask Calwin.. he skipped ah nui just because of this!!! god~

a must play game.. splendid!!

anyway.. i cant have myself stuck on it for now.. as i still have a phaker SPM to deal with..

44 days to go~
eric's birthday

eddy, lynn and leon birthdayssss


Thursday, September 25, 2008


this stupid fax machine have trouble me lots..

first, i wanted to photocopy some documents and i was too lazy to went out for the real XEROX.. so i decided to copy them using the fax machine in my home.. since there were only few pages need to be done..

know what? fax machine is better to be stay as a FAX machine.. using it as photocopy machine is a bad bad bad idea..

  • 1st, it is 500% phaking slower!! than a XEROX... you can watch as the paper load in and load out till your eyes can close... =="
  • 2nd, you risk yourself of getting PAPER JAMMED!!! and i met it this time!!
  • 3rd, the document you copied out might not be nice and tidy as the original 1.. means "senget zhebi lah"~

hmmm.. maybe it is my fax machine that sucks so badly.. because it was already 4 years, at least..

how bout yours??

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jumper (Malaysia Edition)

have u guys ever heard of Jumper this movie? well, it actually happens in our country.

Jumpers are those who have the special ability to teleport from one place to another.. some sort of time travel.. and yet!! some froggy politicians actually possess this superpower... or maybe not.. better say as because for some personal gain.. they have this phaking power SUDDENLY!

OK.. i rather watch this FREE breathtaking politic drama than spending some shit money to subscribe Astro On Demand.. well,HK's drama are definitely not my cup of tea..

the drama have reached its climax!! the jumpers had made their move.. the purpose of jump?? well, of course is to topple the current government..

hey!! wads the purpose of General Election?? citizen choose you as their representative!! and now you phaking jump here jump there murdering our trust!! people give you some shit money you jump.. people talk cock awhile you jump.. motherphaker you so suka jump.. go do frog lar.. what for sitting inside that phaking leaking building, bullshitting about this and that..

wan do government, please lah, through the right way.. sick of this country.. all phaking dirty tactics would be used just to gain those phaking power..

a wise man once said," when the power of love overcome the love of power, the world will know its peace."

wan win?? win through election lah.. phak those frogs!!

"ello!! although im a frog, but i loves to sing~ politics are hell. oh btw, dun phak me!! im a male frog!! not saiful!!"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trial: Aftermath

trial passed.

chaos came.

5 Alpha of 2008, the class which craved a lot of history.. have done it again..

been tagged as the class of cheating.. for the 1st time in the history, it tagged on the 1st class, the class that was supposed to be an elite class which taught by elite teacher(no offense k) as promised by the school authority last year.(if all of you dint forget) nuff said! lets get into the point, shall we?

eddy n sharon were right.. for 100%.. that no one really cares about how much how many good deeds one had done.. but with a single mistake? thats it!! YOU ARE GONE!!!

it is true that our attitude that have caused so many problems.. and we really apologized for that.. but can i ask YOU some favor?

could you please stop gossiping about our class's bad?

why don't you look into our problem and help us sort it out? rather than just criticizing based on what you see.

why wouldn't you listen to our suggestion? its not like you are always on the right side.

why wouldn't you notice our good?

are we so bad that even OSAMA can hire us as his guru?


it is part of our growing stage..

and we wont slacked out our teenage life just like that..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

fun programS after trial, TAKE 2

yesterday, Eric threw another hot damn party in his house located at the far far far, AJIL~

after spending some 'boringful' 30 minutes of traveling... we finally arrived at the party venue.. where you can see a BIG signboard saying "AJIL JAYA bla bla bla" going to his house was pretty easy as it is straight all the way.. no "konalepeh" was needed..

entering the venue.. 3 words " HOLY PHAKING BIG!!!" got a living room with karaoke system, a bar corner, an Osim I-Gallop, an outdoor kitchen and another PHAKING BIG empty space where a basketball competition could possibly be held on it.. enough of intro.. lets get into the PARTY!!

first, the THUNDERSTORM had come to wish Eric a "storming" birthday.. hehe.. and 2 times black out somemore.. >.<

Sharon, vivien and esther. If you "accidentally" bring these girls to your house and let them sing some K.. you know what would happen??

You most likely wont have a chance to sing the song you chose.. trust me, i am one of the victim.. when they are singing at around 5.45pm.. i went there and pick a song then i ask them to call me when my song arrived..

after a while i go and check.. still not my turn... after eat till full le.. then i go n check again.. STILL!! not my turn and its already 6.30pm!!! awwwww... they already PHAKING chose 15+ songs i think.. DAMN!!

party was never been called as a party if there are no climax moment.. and no doubt, its another CLUBBING again!!! experience the clubbing system of Eric house.. wohooo!!!! hardcore dancing we had... till minton's disco lamp spoilt.. AGAIN~~ everyone was damn high like SPM was over... and yet no one would care about exam when they were having fun.. trust me.. it would be a moodkiller if someone speaks about exam during party.. >.<

we had Mango Delight as birthday cakes.. and we managed to see a "18sx" moment.. pheeeeewit!! after taking some pics, we been "chase out" by eric..haha.. as it is already 10.30pm.. no good to stay late cause it is at Ajil..

Eric house was half demolished i think after we had a crazy party over his house... bwahahahaaha... and yet we will come to "ruin" you house again after 80 days i guess.. when SPM is OFFICIALLY over..

once again.. happy belated birthday to Eric!!

guys!!! time to retrive back you study mood already after so much of crazy parties~~^^


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Breaking the Attitiude

here i come again..

talking about exam.. HUH!! the students in this school.. most probably all are Anti-Exam.. but not "TAK NAK", im supposed.. especially RETEST!! the one that is going against the attitude of us..

however, some how... some how.. some one had broke the attitude.. result?? bla bla bla.. (you know i know lah..) all that i can say is..



its not like you done anything wrong.. just that sometimes going against the attitude might put yourself in a hot soup.. ya know..

talk no more, let us together anticipate the result of RETEST..

shall we??

hello there.. its been awhile since i last update... bah... trial had kept me too busy and yet retest some more.. gosh!!!

yesterday was eugene's birthday.. we all went to uncle Ng to celebrate... 2 tables.. 20 person.. no jokes.. our presence made the restaurant loaded with laughter.. and yet we insist of going for second round.. to the secret recipe!!! a shop famous for its FINE QUALITY CAKES~ again.. our sounds.. i think that when we went out from that shop, those customers sure critic us kao kao ar.. you really cant doubt our laughter cause we have both world top laughter, Sharon n Welly AT THE SAME TIME!!! man o boy~

next station, we went to minton house.. for what?? sure is singing K lar.. we even "clubing" right inside his house with bundles of club hitz.. totally mad!!! for eddy, he only lost his lens after dancing that he managed to find them back.. but for vien.. sad case.. her toenail broke... OUCH!!! thats pain.. hope you recover soon~~ ^^

maannn.. is just like SPM already over... damn!! maybe we were too stressed for the trials.. and some how.. its time for us to relax abit~~ ABIT?? gotta find back the study mood soon~ >.<

tmr we will be going to Ajil for ERIC!!!

here we go again~~~

Thursday, September 4, 2008

embarrassed for mistaken

what a day...

our add-maths paper today nearly canceled.. as potential 'kebocoran" are suspected.. the teacher announced that the paper cancel immediately just as the potential "kebocoran" been suspected..

the papers starts at 8.30am.. its already 8.35am.. bahhh.. no hope for the exam to be ON..

however... a mountain of papers arrived not long after we lost our hope..

the exam is ON again~~!! ^^

that is not the main part of the story though..

the funny parts comes now..

when school was out.. as usual i walk towards the outside of the school.. i saw a Waja which i MISTAKEN as my mom's car.. i forgot that she wont be fetching me today but it was my bro who is gonna fetch me.. so there would be no Waja for me at that moment.. but i dunno why..maybe that time my mind was fully occupied with something... i totally dint notice the car number plate.. without any thoughts, i opened the door.. and saw a man inside whom i swear that he is gonna be terrified of what is going to happen next..

that man glance at me... "......................."

i stared at him... "..................."

"ooops.. sry.. recognize wrong car..>.<" i quickly closed the door... moved away as fast as i could without looking back at that car...

sat down and wait for the "real" transport that would fetch me back home..

gosh!!! so damn embarrassing maaaaaannnnn...>.<

what a day...