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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Indoor Race

You asked me if I have joined any Mafia social club in KBU? Yeah, it's OUR Club. Yeah, the name of the club that I joined is "OUR Club". You don't come and ask me "Hey what's your club?" "Our Club." "Yeah, your club. "Our Club." I mean YOUR CLUB!!!" "Yeah!! It's OUR Club!!" $%^@#%^

Basically, OUR Club is a club that is specially formed for the JPA and YTM scholars to join which actually, you are forced to join automatically obtain its membership as soon as you stepped into here as either one of the above scholars. No interview, no sweat, no nothing, you're IN!!! Cool huh?

The purpose of this club is to strengthen the relationship between the members and hopefully we get to know each other well through the activities held.

And today, OUR Club has organized a game called "The Indoor Race"!!! It was the old-fashioned amazing race-like game where teams are needed to complete each mission in its station respectively. The BIG difference, they included Treasure Hunt inside the race!!! And the MUCH MUCH MORE BIG difference is, I'm now the one who participate not the organizers as I used to be like two years before as the President of our school Interact Club. Mannn... I missed being the participants!!

We were divided into 5 groups. We started off our 1st station which is "Charade". You know? Like one of the group member need to act(without voice) to give us the clue about something he/she heard from the facilitator's whisper. It was kinda easy and every group finished it in like 1 minute or something?

Then we made our way to the "Photo Guess". This is the point where all other groups were trailed by us far far away for we completed the mission FAST. QUICK. THUNDER-LIKE. I don't know why, we just led the hell out of them cause after we started our 3rd station's challenge for like 10 minutes, yet no shadows of other groups was to be seen.

Wait, am I boasting too much? Lalala~~

At the 3rd station, we are required to cut a piece of newspaper given and formed a PAPER RING which is BIG enough for you to propose to 1458306 of your girlfriends. Imagine, 12 people can fit in wor. Well of course, we don't use Big Show as our standard measurement. Then we need to fit ourselves inside the ring like sumbat sardine and walk around 50 metre around the compound without breaking the OH-SO-FRAGILE ring!! However, we managed to survived with a complete ring. Hurray~~!!!

Here goes the interesting one~

It's called the "Mumia Game" which is Mummy in English. Too common right the name? That's why I changed it!! It's sooo unsuitable for such a rocking game.

We are required to wrap one of our team member with rolls of tissue to become a Mummy. (see how UNGREEN we are!!) And the "Mummy" is required to walk under his/her teammates' direction/guidance to the designated point.

1st, we wrap the head.

Then, we wrap the body.

Lastly, we wrap the legs.

And finally, a MUMMY was created!!!


After successfully reincarnated a mummy, we made our way to the last quest, The Treasure Hunt. One word for this one, SWEAT!! We ran here ran there searching for hell-knows-where-is-it clues. And here, I shall tabik our girl teammates because they were so desperate and knowing that the clue is definitely located inside 1 of the KBU's 1378532 toilets, they broke into one of the boy's washroom!!! Their bravery paid off immediately when we finally found the god damn clue stick on the ceiling above the toilet.

KUDOS to the girls!!

Finally, we managed to secure our leading position all the way and won the game as the Champ!!

We are the Champion~

We are the Champion~

No time for loser~

Cause we are the cha cha cha cha cha cha.....

Actually, what we obtained throughout the treasure hunt is a serie of puzzle pieces. After all groups have completed the hunt and got their own puzzle pieces then we stick them together and we will have a complete puzzle!! So everyone is the winner!!

What a brilliant way to ignite a happy ending~ ^^

So much thanks I would like to express to our committees. Even though you all were elected by just 2 weeks but you guys managed to pull out such a wonderful activity. *thumbs ups*!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Day I Legalized...

Oyeah!! Ayrton finally got all the pictures done after burning one hell of midnight oil. Thx mate!! And hell he's already done blogging about my birthday but the birthday boy himself didn't even have it half way done!? How can this be happening!!

Alright, let's cut the crap.

The very day began with a beautiful saturday morning which I needed to wake up in a very fucking early time!! Like oh-my-god 7.30am as me, Ayrton and John plan to go WCG for pool at 10am. So I started off my journey of 19 LRT stations from Taman Bahagia to Wangsa Maju which caused me pain in the ass. And now I know why John hates to go Sunway Pyramid. He got acne on his ass.

Just kidding.

Then, when we reached our destination. We awkwardly found out that the pool centre only opens at 12.30pm. Dude, I just woke up for nothing? FML. After much much of blabbering to John for not reconfirming the operation hour of the pool centre, we made our way down to the WCG Internet cafe down there for some hardcore CS Source. By comparing it with CS 1.6, the former is like playing PS3 and the later is like the 1 we used to fuck those game tapes into the GOD-DAMN-BIG game console.

-Fast Forwarding-

At around 1.45pm, everyone was here at Sunway Pyramid's Redbox except for that motherfucker KJ who ffk. But I don't know whether it is just pure coincidence or what. There's a room I spotted which specially built for KJ,

We were to sing from the time we entered the room till 6pm. OMG imagine that!!! HANCUR your throat!!!

SO do you guys want pictures or you want me to explain to you on what the hell actually happened in that room for 4 hours chronologically!?!?

I prefer pictures.

The following photos are brought to you by the dedicated-extraordinary-super talented-mouth watering...ooops sorry.. ROCKING photographer, Mr. Ayrton!!!

You rawks!!!

John thought all the girls are his wives girlfriends. (as per request) XD

dude I'm eating!!

San, the supposingly surprise present from them which one of them spilled it out accidentally.XD

u guys noticed something different?

the three untold mystery wishes...

apesal ngan "...." kat atas kek tu!?!? ade cerita seterus ke!?

We guys are bored of old style normal posing, so we decided to be creative.

This is what happens when you accidentally sets your camera timer to 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds.

When we were posing, we saw a freaking long hair girl freaking crawled out from the TV.... do I look like an anaconda trying to devour an elephant or something?

You see, girls are complicated, they may took me as Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, Lee Hom... but guys are a lot simpler, they just took me as Megan Fox.

After our 4 hours of Sing-a-thon, we went to Wong Kok to try out its ULTIMATE SUPER DUPER ULTRA BIG MILK TEA!!!

Nobody touches my milk tea!!

And to our surprise, the karaoke room we entered just now is No.55 and the table we were sitting right now is also No.55 and my IC number has 55 too!! Creepy huh?

the mysterious number on that day.

The very cute piggy birthday card and Nike tee I received from my beloved friends on that day.

Around 9.30pm, we said goodbye to each other and so it marked the end of one of my most fantastic day ever!!

Really really thanks to all of you that have came to celebrate my birthday with me and also to those who can't make it to the party but your wishes, I will definitely treasure them deep inside my heart~

Friends Forever~

Hush!! A stunning weekend indeed!!

Today, I woke up at freaking 6.30am in the morning in the WEEKEND!! Of course, its for the trip to explore the MOTHER-nature.

After meeting up with my seniors, Wei Song and Nicholas, off we go to the gathering point. It is called Bandar Utama Connexion House, a house that is sponsored by a church to hold their correspond activities.

Oh, it seems like we 3 were among the earliest birds to arrive there. But we didn't have worms to eat. Of course, we won't wanna try it out.

As time passed, we saw more and more participants arriving. From Americans to Iranians, Turkish to Chinese. (Here refer to those from China) Lots lots of people. Altogether there were 61 participants.

There are like 3 cars and a bus fetching all the people.

We 3 sit on Mr. Philip's car who was the organizer of this trip. Dude, he is the most skillful driver I've ever seen till now. He eat nasi lemak while driving!! OMFG!!! Well, because we have no time to stop and have our breakfast. We eat on car!!

Imagine I was sitting beside him and when the car went slightly senget he will quickly adjust the steering. I was soooo freaked out that I kept my fucking eyes on the road ALL THE TIME while he was eating, hoping to "foresee" potential danger before he does and warn him. But all was fine. He managed to finish his breakfast safely and we managed to arrived safely at our 1st destination, Tempurung Cave.

So now, I'm resting up and let the pictures do the work.

Wei Song, Nicholas and JJ.

Did you find that Nicholas looks almost the same as Ayrton?

Me with Brandon from US.

Layten posing with his two torch lights. This dude is LMAO. You know what he said about his torchlight? "The torchlight was awesome!! It is waterproof, it is magnetised but it just won't light!"

The entrance stickers featuring 2 crazy dudes.

Tickets for your "Girlfriend"?

Alright, let's rock n roll baybeh!!

My camera doesn't seems to be working well in caves. No frequency? lol. So expect less pictures of stones and rocks "posing". Well, all the stone wall looks almost the same lah the texture, so it will be quite boring if you keep looking at those boredom stones right? And I don't know why but my phone camera works better than my digital camera inside the cave. WTF?

A stone wall that looks like SKULL. Eeee~~


Well, there's no NATURAL stuff that actually caught our attention throughout the cave except for some of these MAN-MADE "artifacts",

I'm here! I'm here!! I'M HEREEEEEEEEE!!!

Wei Song and Ayrton Nicholas posing.

The freaking 1243532 steps that kill me.

My new shoes!!!

Gua Tempurung, I have conquered you!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!

Unfortunately, we didn't went for the wet trip which is a lot lot more interesting and challenging part. (As heard from Wei Song since he went for that before and also from googled images) So basically, I just feel like I'm paying RM9 to do some steps walking exercise. Except that it was in a cave.

Ohya, in the cave when those Chineses speaks Mandarin with their own slang, ShirSherRouHaorRang&$@#^*, I thought I was in China.

After sweating much, we sit for another hour journey to the hot spring at Sungai Klah.

Before going to the hot spring, we stopped at the food stall nearby to have our lunch. After lunch, we carried out some sort of activities. Since it was a church-based trip, so we'll have some singing session and share things about God.

LL, Laura with Wilson during the singing session. Wilson is her bf.

NOOOOOOOOOOO~!!! (followed by heartbreak sound) *piang!*piang!*

She's a mixed and I wonder why 11 out of 10 mixed girls are LL. Now that puts up a driving force for me to fly to Australia!!!

Hannah sharing her thought about God.

We took off again at around 3 something then we finally arrived the hot spring 10 minutes later.

We were devastated when we found out that the cool spring was under renovation and we only have the HOT HOT pool. So basically, it's all about HOT and HOT in there. Nothing more else but HOT itself.

Actually, I don't quite enjoy the hot spring. I mean its already hot at Malaysia, and you are sinking yourself into a hot pool. Plus it was too shallow, I can't even swim properly down there. Totally not COOL. No wonder there's was so little visitors compared to when the cool spring is available.(according to Wei Song)

And there's even a place where you can boil eggs!!

They even got "Menu" for you!!

Nearby the egg cooking area, there's a section which let you to sink your feet down into the steaming water to feel the fucking heat.


Just kidding.

But trust me. You will feel like the steaming water is burning every inches hair of feet especially the area at the water level. You need to immerse you feet in one shot so that you won't feel unnecessary heat and as long as you stop moving your feet while inside the water, the burning feeling will be decrease over time. You may wanna try bringing your MP3 player along so that your feeling towards the heat is distracted.

My leg.

My leg. After.

The picha of the day.

So, there goes the end of our 1 day exciting trip. It's worth it even though we didn't get our chance to go for the wet trip inside the cave and there's no cool spring to cool down the hustles of our lives. I took it as an opportunity to widen my horizon and finds that the world's so freaking big!! There are lots of lots of places waiting for us to explore!!

Tolerate no empty weekend!!


p/s: Phew~~~Finally finished blogging about this trip. Uploading photos on this fucking line kills me. It's 1am now. Got to sleep right now cause tomorrow, we are going to SUNWAY!!! Yee~ haa!!