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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sarawak Trip 2010 Part 1

Hey hey hey!! It's been a while. Really a while since the last update. Been super lazy these days after finishing my AUSMAT course in KBU college.

FYI, I went to Kuching to visit my college friend, Raphael, on the end of November, along with 7 other coursemates!

This is Raphael. Hardcore gamer, bright student. Rare.

It was a 7 days trip. It seems very long right? But I think the duration was just fine. We manage to visit all the interesting places and try all the tasty food in Kuching, and still got time to play PS2 and watch CSI in Raphael's home. =D

I will separate the trip into 2 parts because I think it would be damn long and tiring to read all the stuff in one shot. *grasp for air*

Alright here we go!

On the first day evening, we were brought to the Friendship Gardern.

this is the place where the people will have line dancing session.

like what we saw in 宫心计(a famous HK drama)? lol

statue of Laksamana Cheng Ho.

altar. I guess.

On the second day morning, our stomachs were honorably treated with the super famous, duper saliva dropping Sarawak's own specialty, the Great Kolo Mee!!

On that night, once again we were treated with amazingly tasty seafood~

the middle 1 is fried oyster which I think it was very special (the way it was being fried)


After that, we went to stroll along the waterfront, sight seeing the night view~

this is the new DUN(Dewan Undangan Negeri) building.

On the third day, we went to have Sarawak's laksa for our breakfast.

the soup was nice!! *slurrrp*

Okay, Kuchingites are famous for their cat-lover natural traits. no? I don't know whether or not this is related to the likeliness of the name of place with cat. But, I can assure you the people there love cat very very much, until they even build a museum for cat.

Welcome to cat musuem.

Yes. It is CAT musuem. So expect the following photos are all cat. Don't worry cat haters, they are not real, nor they are fossils. So relax~

they even have tombstone for cats!!

show me the moneh~!!

tiger is under cat family, if you don't know.

one of the stunning picture. got Captain Jack Sparrow feel.

they even exhibit cat food. WAO.

After the meow musuem, we went to the state library to study see its beautiful interior architecture.

Next stop, we went to Muara Tebas. There stood the Heng Hua temple.

According to Raphael's dad, the temple was built to protect the fisherman.

Temple viewed from the dock.

the blessed "fishermen" who are fishing flight tickets to study abroad. xD

On that night, we went to try the beef noodle.

Sarawak is indeed has a lot of different types of noodle.

the special 4 layer tea. only available in Sarawak! =D

alright, let's take a break. to be continue on the next post, so stay tuned!